Defenders of Baltimore Race Riots

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Using the death-in-police-custody of 25-year-old career criminal Freddie Gray as their excuse, and given permission to “purge” by their mayor, Blacks in Baltimore, Maryland, rioted, burned, and looted.
By Tuesday, April 28, 2015, this is the wreckage they left:

  • 15 buildings burnt down and countless others damaged and looted.
  • 144 cars burnt.
  • At least 15 police officers were injured.
  • Some 200 people were arrested.
  • Businesses, including black-owned businesses, were looted. Business owners fled for their lives, while looters just took what they wanted, including drugs from pharmacies. One shop-owner said he called police 50 times, but no one came. (Daily Mail)

Here’s a heartbreaking pic of the barely literate message penned by a black store-owner to the looters:
Baltimore riots destroyed black-owned store
These are the defenders of the Baltimore race rioters/burners/looters:

1. Morehouse College professor Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill
Hill said on CNN, April 27, 2015, “There shouldn’t be calm tonight,” responding to cries for peace coming from the Baltimore government, police, and even Gray’s own family. “I think there can be resistance to oppression and when resistance occurs, you can’t circumscribe resistance.” Hill said he’s “not calling these people rioters. I’m calling these uprisings. The city is not burning because of these protesters. The city is burning because the police killed Freddie Gray.” (Source: Unfiltered Patriot)

2. Dara Lind at

Dara Lind
Lind said, “When nonviolence begins halfway through the war with the aggressor calling time out, it exposes itself as a ruse. When nonviolence is preached by the representatives of the state, while the state doles out heaps of violence to its citizens, it reveals itself to be a con.” (Source: Unfiltered Patriot)

3. CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin

On April 28, speaking to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland), Brooke Baldwin blamed military veterans who, returning home from war, become police officers to “do battle” in their communities. In her words: “All of these young people, and I love our nation’s veterans, but some of them are coming back from war, they don’t know the communities and they’re ready to do battle.” says that “after a series of excuses,” Baldwin eventually apologized.
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0 responses to “Defenders of Baltimore Race Riots

  1. As to the ” barely literate ” pic …I guess it’s o.k. to burn down ” whities ” business instead of his ………Only problem with that is neither store owner had a damn thing to do with Freddie’s demise !

  2. Brooke Baldwin, veterans returning from the mid-East are in no way the problem. This tells me how much you care for our veterans. See if you can find some believable narration involving financial support for the implementation of the program to destroy the United States. Look into training of personnel, in the military and other agencies, with the primary objective of subjecting our populace to UN/NWO/IMF tyranny. Next you know, a candidate may seek to make belief in certain Christian principles illegal while ignoring Islamic threats and killings. What? There already is such a candidate? Supported by CNN?

  3. This black entitlement now goes so far as allowing them to “purge”? What the Hell kind of a country are we becoming. These are not two years olds throwing temper tantrums when something does not go right, they’re supposed to be adults with impulse control and hopefully an ounce of common sense. Perhaps “whitey” should “purge” and pass laws severely restricting entitlements by voting in a president and congress members who will help him do so. To say this has gotten out of control is a HUGE understatement! It’s disgusting to watch these people who have lived off of free everything loot, burn and generally vandalize the businesses of hard working Americans and then have their bad behavior given a label to make it more palatable to the news viewing public.

    • I thought about that. Would it be too cruel to say that people on entitlements caught looting, burning etc. should be cut off immediately? If they are physically fit enough to vandalize, throw brick bats at police officers etc., are they not able to get out and work for a living?

      • Great idea evh!! It’s true, if they’re capable of all that physical activity then they’re capable of running a #2 shovel or picking trash along the roads, etc..

  4. Summer’s coming, and it promises to be a long hot one, so I expect we’ll see more of this in several cities. I don’t think the parts pf NYC, Philadelphia, LA, etc. that were burned years ago have ever rebuilt. Anyone know?

  5. Marc Lamont Hill, an educator or a moron. I suspect each of these characters would like a memorial to that madwoman Winnie Mandela.

  6. If Brooke really believes that this is due to veterans coming home from war “ready to do battle”, then why isn’t this going on in cities all over the country? Especially around the years 1991 and 2010?

    • The blaming of veterans and the painting of them as psychos is an Obama plan carried out with precise obedience by the media, nightly. It’s disgusting, untrue and shifts the focus from the true perpetrators, the Democratic party’s entitlement people/voters

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  8. Marc Hill is just a lost cause. As far as the dingbat from CNN–people need to wage a campaign of writing and/or calling to complain about having Brooke Baldwin removed from the airwaves. As far as Dara Lind is concerned, after reading her comments (which make little sense) I think we can assume she fried her brains on drugs. I am outraged at the mayor of Baltimore; the fact that she literally gave permission for people to do their own thing, and it resulted in burning and looting qualified her to be, not only recalled from office, but to be brought up on charges for her part in this fiasco. If she is truly not smart enough to edit the words that come out of her mouth–then she is not smart enough to govern a city; particularly a city that has the kinds of problems that Baltimore has!

  9. People need to understand that education is a breeding ground for trouble-making (as well as peculiarly strange mental illness). College professors and high school teachers (teachers across the whole spectrum) are an odd lot. The government wants it this way.
    I have known of communists, criminals and gang members in education. I have also witnessed a number of teachers who were practitioners of witchcraft. (Not Santaria, but of the Kabbalah variety). In a nutshell, here’s the reason school is trouble: These professors and teachers CRAVE seeing other people act out their shows. It proves their pet theories to them. The system CRAVES this because it can manipulate teachers to meet their ends, as needs be.
    It’s the same in government, the same in the corporate boardroom, the same in the Federal Reserve and Wall Street, the same in the media. Henry Makow NAILED IT: Society is SATANICALLY POSSESSED.

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  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. Mayor Stephanie’s encouraging comments to behave violently and destructively carry with it blood which she now has on her hands for making such a dangerous and absolutely idiotic statement. Horrible and demonic!

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