Defeating the Evil Union Goons

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It’s patently obvious that after the most recent public union protests that the union goons are in the fight for the long haul. It’s not going to be easy to break their backs,but break them we must. The country no longer has the money to continue letting the unions use collective bargaining for their benefits and pensions.
These unions are strong and the have the backing of the leaderless moron in the White House and they continually display their willingness to use violence against those that oppose their agenda. If we are going to take them on we have to be strong as well and be willing to counter their violence with overwhelming force and unity.
We all know the violent history of unions and their mindset that what’s their’s is theirs and what’s our’s is also theirs. They look down their noses at non-union workers with contempt and have an air of superiority at us regular taxpaying joes.
Basically this is a fight of Good vs Evil and God helps those who help themselves, he has given us the knowledge to know the difference between right and wrong and God expects us to confront and defeat evil in our lives.
Tom in NC

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  1. ccccoooollll,//
    ive seen many of those bastards and i tell you what their complete goons////

  2. amen dude


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