"Decorations on the UMaine campus are therefore reflective of the diversity found in our community"

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WABI TV: It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when the halls are decked and trees are topped. But at the University of Maine, you’ll find only snowflakes, snow men and lights.
“I noticed that there is a lack of decorations around campus which kind of is unfortunate because it looks nice. It’s the season of greetings and everyone is festive,” says Senior, Matthew Tarsetti.
Just this week, wreaths, Christmas trees and Santas adorned the Memorial Union– now they’re gone. “Our trees had gotten taken down I know ATO was having a really nice event to raise food and coats,” says Alyson Binette a Sophomore.
Some UMaine staff got an email Monday expressly forbidding Christmas trees, wreaths, Christmas presents, Menorahs or candy canes to be used as decorations in any public areas. “It’s really disappointing, but I feel like it would have been good to benefit the community,” says Binette.
The University released a statement saying in part,
“…the university makes every effort to ensure that all members – students, employees, alumni and the public – feel included and welcome on campus. Decorations on the UMaine campus are therefore reflective of the diversity found in our community.”
But students say banning all decorations with a religious affiliation doesn’t promote diversity. “Embrace them all in a way that makes everyone feel included, recognized, but at the same time appreciated would be really cool,” says Senior, Ryan Walker. “I think we should celebrate cultures rather than try to hide them,” Tarsetti says.
Employees in the student bookstore say they were told not to use the phrase, “Merry Christmas.” “We sit here and we talk about how we’re a university that’s about welcoming all different types of people, all walks of life, we have all these different groups like the LGBT, we have up the flag for that…why can’t we support every religion and hang up decorations for every religion?,” says Graduate Student, Meghan Blackford.
Dan Demeritt is the spokesman for the University of Maine system. He called TV-5 early Thursday morning to say the email is a misrepresentation of school policy and a clarifying one will be sent out Thursday. Dermeritt says the Christmas spirit is “alive and welcome” at the University of Maine.
Demeritt also forwarded TV-5 an email from Connor Scott, identified as a brother of The Beta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega and University of Maine Board of Trustees Student Representative. It says, “the trees were taken down, as they are every other year, when the philanthropy ended. This year it was this past Sunday, the 7th. This is something that happens every year – though the dates may change a little year to year – and shouldn’t be a surprise to the campus.”
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0 responses to “"Decorations on the UMaine campus are therefore reflective of the diversity found in our community"

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Strength in diversity is a fallacy, a fantasy concocted for fools. It is a strategy for the one world government agenda.
    Racial preference is inherent in every race. Every culture resists outside influence out of pure survival instinct. Assimilation may readily occur on small scale, but enmasse it bodes disaster.Only by sharing the same beliefs can people co-exist. Even our Bible teaches us this in Exodus and the history of Israel, and the koran tells muslims to kill all non believers.
    I believe it is the goal of the one world government to cause such chaos then move in and for the worship of the anti-Christ on us all.

  2. Son of the Rabbit People

    If all we are celebrating is snow, winter, icy roads, and freezing to death, isn’t it a little early in the season? Shouldn’t that “holiday” be somewhere near the end of January?

  3. I speak from personal experience when I say that Maine has a deeply embedded infestation of socialist moonbats. They are as unreachable as the worst nuts in Cambridge or Berkeley. God rescue us from these tyrants.

  4. DCG, thank you for keeping us abreast of the goings on at the UMaine. I believe conscientious parents should make note of the lefties at this school and steer their college bound children in another direction.

  5. Every year the anti-Christmas jackasses try to make sure that everyone is as miserable as they are in their existence of nothingness and hopelessness. It’s time the Chrisitans, that greatly outnumber these fools, back their non- believing butts up against the wall and refuse to take down the signs of our faith. Why we bow to the few, the loud, the demented, is beyond me.

    • I believe it’s heavily tied into the Liberal/Socialist Moonbats Philosophy. Notice the political affiliation of all the “mucky-mucks” that decide to make their “institutions” do the PC dance at every opportunity.

  6. I can’t help but remember history. Wasn’t there a time when Christians had to practice in secret or risk death/persecution? To identify themselves to each other, they would draw the “fish symbol” in the dust……Maybe we’re heading there again. I don’t think we’re quite to the point where, like Anne Frank, where we have to find a secret annex in which to hide and “wait all the craziies and barbarians out.” But…I definitely think we are on the brink of “getting our fish on” to communicate in public with other Christians.

  7. What I don’t understand, is that an organization, even different Government Departments STILL have the blessing of “free speech” which is what they are expressing, when they use Christmas as a time of celebration. So the “would be Grinches” don’t actually have a “say” in Christmas. I know they have said in the past that public spaces can’t “expose” them to Christmas, but by definition of “public places” AND “free speech” they most certainly CAN.
    What I fear is the fact that our country is no longer free. Tyranny is reigning over us as heavy as led roofs with no walls. Our phone calls are all tapped and recorded (every single one of them), our emails are all free game for the NSA to pilfer and sort at their discretion, we live in a police state, where every single person is an enemy to the state, as so many are murdered for no reason, our medical system has been hijacked by the government which will be our ruin financially, and besides the fact that our politicians don’t listen to us, they don’t bother with following the law, and they claim themselves as being above the law.


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