Decorah Eagles – Live Webcam of 2 Baby Eagles in Nest

A unique experience, this live streaming webcam gives a unique view of a nesting eagle!   Really cool!   Bookmark and check it daily. 
The eggs  have hatched — there are two baby eagles in the nest! (there’s a brief commercial ad before the webcam kicks in)
The Raptor Resource Project brings you the Decorah Eagles from atop their tree at the fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa. The first time I watched this live webcam the Eagle was actually asleep as it was about 5 AM in Iowa.  I had never seen an Eagle sleeping so I was immediately hooked.  As I’m posting this the Eagle is sitting in it’s nest contently while it is snowing.  They refer to the webcam as the Decorah Eagles because the mother Eagle is sitting on several eggs which are scheduled to hatch sometime in April and the male Eagle will also appear to give the mother a break.
H/T to my best bud, Kelleigh!

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Just saw the momma feeding the babies – so cool!

barbara worth

one of the most beautiful prossess i’ve ever seen,the gentlness of the parents is a lesson for all.

Dr. Eowyn

Thanks for the link, LTG!
I love bird cams. For years, every spring I watched an eagle cam on the roof of the San Jose city government building, as well as an owl cam in the Northeast. Watching them lowers my blood pressure and restores peace to my mind and soul — if only for a few minutes….
You can watch the San Jose’s live falcon cam here:
The owl cam is no longer operative, but I highly recommend the excellent DVD the owl man made:

Rick G.
Rick G.

wow how cool to watch them grow up, hopefully they come back again next year.

Gail Hughes
Gail Hughes

I can see the Decorah Eagle on ustream from biggeekdad on my Windows 7 laptop but am unable to bring it up on my old XP desktop that does have Internet Explorer 8 on it. Any suggestions? My siste also has and XP and she is housebound with a terminal illness and I would like to help her see the eagles when she is able to get up for a couple hours. Any help can be sent to my email address below and would be much appreciated. I watch on my Windows 7 laptop all the time and watched them… Read more »