Deconstructing Obama – Interview With Jack Cashill

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The inteview discusses Obama’s relationship to poet and Communist party member, Frank Marshall Davis, and the probability that Bill Ayers wrote “Dreams of My Father.”  This inteview also speculates on his birth in  ………..Seattle?

Jack Cashill will also be on an upcoming program on CSPAN Book TV.

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0 responses to “Deconstructing Obama – Interview With Jack Cashill

  1. Back in 2008, Cashill did a meticulous content analysis of Obama’s first biography, Dreams From My Father, and made a convincing case (complete with Ayers’ nautical references) that Bill Ayers actually wrote the book.
    If Obama was born in Seattle, that’s within the US of A, so why not come forth with the original long-form birth certificate? What. To conceal who his real bio dad is? Whatever. This fraud is a cypher wrapped in a riddle.

  2. I love that these books are coming out now and getting exposure on CSPAN just as the 2012 campaign is gearing up. It’s interesting that Obama was originally slated for the office of mayor of Chicago, the birthplace of the Communist Party of the United States.

  3. Just received my copy of this from Barnes & Noble. Sounds like I will enjoy the read!

  4. Doc’s Wife,
    I love to read your book review when you’ve finished it!


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