Declassified CIA document on pyramids in Cydonia, Mars

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Cydonia is a region in the northern hemisphere of the planet Mars that has attracted both scientific and popular interest because it contains the “Face on Mars” feature. Some planetologists believe that the northern plains may once have been ocean beds and that Cydonia may once have been a coastal zone.
The Viking 1 and Viking 2 orbiters first took images, 18 in total, of the Cydonia region. In one of the images (035A72) taken by Viking 1 on July 25, 1976, a 1.2-miles long mesa, situated at 40.75° north latitude and 9.46° west longitude, had the appearance of a humanoid face. Viking chief scientist Gerry Soffen dismissed the “face on Mars” as a “trick of light and shadow”. However, a second image, 070A13, also shows the “face”, although it was acquired 35 Viking orbits later at a different sun-angle from the 035A72 image. This latter discovery was made independently by Vincent DiPietro and Gregory Molenaar, two computer engineers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.
Some commentators, most notably Richard C. Hoagland, believe the “face on Mars” and other features, such as apparent pyramids, to be parts of a ruined city — evidence of a long-lost Martian civilization.

Face on Mars

More than 20 years after the Viking 1 images were taken, new and better-resolution images of the Cydonia region were taken by a succession of spacecraft, including NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor (1997–2006) and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (2006-), and the European Space Agency’s Mars Express probe (2003-).
According to NASA, the higher-resolution images show that the face isn’t a face at all, but just a blurry mound — “a natural looking Martian hill whose illusory face-like appearance depends on the viewing angle and angle of illumination“. Below is a higher-resolution of the “face on Mars” taken by the Mars Express in 2006, accompanied by NASA’s sardonic and quite patronizing text:

“Wouldn’t it be fun if clouds were turtles? Wouldn’t it be fun if the laundry on the bedroom chair was a friendly monster? Wouldn’t it be fun if rock mesas on Mars were faces or interplanetary monuments? Clouds, though, are small water droplets, floating on air. Laundry is cotton, wool, or plastic, woven into garments. Famous Martian rock mesas known by names like the Face on Mars appear quite natural when seen more clearly, as the above recently-released digital-perspective image shows. Is reality boring?
Nobody knows how clouds make lightning. Nobody knows the geological history of Mars. Nobody knows why the laundry on the bedroom chair smells like root beer. Understanding reality brings more questions. Mystery and adventure are never far behind. Perhaps fun and discovery are just beginning.”

Higher-resolution image of “face on Mars” taken by Mars Express in 2006

Since it was originally first imaged, the “face” has been accepted by scientists as an optical illusion, an example of the psychological phenomenon of pareidolia — the human propensity to see discernible objects in random patterns and shapes.
The original Viking 1 images of Cydonia show not only “the face,” but also what appeared to be pyramids (see below).

Intriguingly, a recently discovered declassified CIA document chronicles just that — pyramids on Mars, and more.
The document “Mars Exploration” is dated May 22, 1984, and consists of the transcript of an interview conducted that day by a CIA monitor with a remote viewer (RV).

Note: In remote viewing, the remote reviewer is asked to give information about an unseen and distant object, event, person or location, which the remote reviewer purportedly can access by using extrasensory perception (ESP). In 1975, the U.S. government sponsored the $20 million Stargate Project research, in an attempt to determine any potential military application of psychic phenomena, including remote viewing. In 1995, the CIA hired the American Institutes for Research (AIR) to perform a retrospective evaluation of the results generated by the Stargate Project. The AIR determined that remote viewing experiments lacked proper controls and replicability, and there is no scientific evidence that remote viewing exists. The program was terminated that same year because it failed to produce any actionable intelligence information.

Immediately before the CIA interview, the remote viewer (RV) was given a sealed envelope containing a 3×5 card on which was written the following information:

  • The planet Mars
  • Time of interest approximately 1 million years B.C.

The envelope remained sealed throughout the interview and was not opened until AFTER the interview, which means that the remote viewer did not know the subject and time about which he was asked to “view” were, respectively, Mars and 1 million years B.C.
Throughout the interview, the CIA monitor would verbally give the RV various geographic coordinates and ask what the RV “saw” at those coordinates, using the information (Mars; 1 million years B.C.) contained in the sealed, unopened envelope. This was what the RV said he “saw”:
(1) At 40.89° north and 9.55° west (recall that the geographic coordinates of Viking 1’s “face on Mars” are 40.75º north and 9.46º west, i.e., Cydonia):
The RV saw an oblique view of a very high, yellowish pyramid “sitting in a large depressed area,” and of “severe clouds” or dust storms — the “after effect of a major geologic problem”. So the CIA monitor instructs the RV to go back to the time indicated in the sealed envelope (1 million years B.C.), before the “major geologic problem”. The RV reports that “the mountains of dirt” disappeared. Instead of the (later) dust storms, he saw smooth “large flat surfaces” — huge “megalithic” “walls” — and ” a shadow” of “very tall” and thin people. The RV explains that by “shadow” he meant the people were “only a shadow” — “It’s as if they were there and they’re not there anymore”.
The CIA monitor tells the RV to go back to a time when the people “are there”. The RV reports that he sees “very large, thin and tall” people “wearing strange clothes”. The monitor then tells the RV to stay in the same time period, but move to a different physical space at a new set of geographic coordinates.
(2) At 46.45º north and 353.22° east: The RV saw “deep inside” a cavern or canyon, a “steep wall” that seems “to go on forever”, and “very large structures” “like a rabbit warren” of “really huge” “rooms”, with a “very high” ceiling and very wide walls.
(3) At 45.86º north and 354.1º east: The RV saw “the end of a very large road” and a very large Washington Monument-like obelisk.
(4) At 35.26º north and 213.24º east: The RV finds himself in the middle of “a very, very, very large” circular basin, ringed by very tall and ragged mountains.
(5) At 34.6º north and 213.09º east: The RV saw “a cluster of squares up and down” which seem connected, and “something very white or reflects light”.
(6) At 34.57 north and 212.22 east: The RV saw “a radiating pattern” of strange “intersecting” aqueducts.
(7) At 80º south and 64º east: The RV saw “huge” “pyramids” designed to be “like shelters from storms”. Inside the pyramids are “chambers” with no furnishings — “strictly functional” places for sleeping or “hibernation” from “savage storms” by very tall, very large, thin people dressed in “a real light silk” that’s not flowing but “cut to fit”. The people are “ancient” and are “dying” — “past their time or age”. They are “very philosophic about it,” “looking for a way to survive”. But “they just can’t seem to find their way out” and are “hanging on,” waiting for the return of a group of them who had gone to find a new place to live. But the “environment” on Mars is corrupt and “failing very rapidly”. Asked about the cause of the failing environment, the RV says he sees “a globe that goes through a comet’s tail” or a cosmic “river”.
The CIA monitor then instructs the RV to ask the Martian person “if he knows who you are and is there any way you can help him in his present predicament”. The RV replies that the Martian doesn’t know who the RV is, thinks the RV is a hallucination, and says “they must just wait”.
The RV says the Martians who went to find a better place left in a large “boat” with “round” “shiny metal” walls. The CIA monitor tells the RV to go with them on their journey and find out where they went. The RV gets the impression of a “very volatile” “really crazy place with volcanoes and gas pockets and strange plants” — “like going from the frying pan into the fire”.
At that point, the CIA monitor tells the RV to listen to the sound of his voice into present time, and ends the interview.
Here’s a YouTube video about the CIA “Mars Exploration” document:

Meanwhile, netcitizens have combed through the many images of Mars taken by satellites and discovered strange objects that don’t look natural, including:
(a) Bright lights on Mars:

(b) Vehicle tracks:

(c) A reflective rectangular object on the face of a rock:

(d) A Stonehedge-like rock formation:

(e) An obelisk (note the long shadow cast by the shiny square):

(f) Massive walls:

(g) Martian fungi that corroded the metal wheels of NASA’s Curiosity Rover:

(h) Animal-like fossils: a rodent, a lizard, a trilobite, and a bunny rabbit that moves and then disappears!:

Here’s the video from which I took the above screenshots (except the light and the rodent):

See als0:


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35 responses to “Declassified CIA document on pyramids in Cydonia, Mars

  1. Mars has obviously had its day, I’ll go to Bermuda. (I don’t doubt the great possibility of previous life on Mars.

  2. Mars may once have been peopled by the gender fluid. Now its a wasteland. Next stop, Uranus.

  3. Good lord, you can even see faces in clouds. Please……

  4. All democrats come aboard! No first class cause you are all the same.

  5. There was a man named David Flynn, a devout Christian and absolute genius, that wrote a book entitled, “Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars”, that goes into this subject in depth, from a Christian perspective. David was lovingly called , “The Gentle Genius” because he was such a kind and humble man, even though he was so brilliant. He died pretty suddenly in 2012 from a brain tumor. He also wrote “Temple at the Center of Time”, another masterpiece. His twin brother, Mark Flynn, is also super smart intelligent and the website they started back in the 90s is here:
    They both did some amazing work on the crop circles phenomenon.

    • While these things are interesting, we should remember that there is but one God. In ancient times people mistakenly worshipped false gods. If we acknowledge and believe this, it doesn’t matter what one or another “god” is alleged to have said. Any teaching is either of the one true God or it isn’t.
      The Church does acknowledge entities that are not in harmony with God. While it may sound simplistic, it is quite accurate to say that that which is not of God is of Satan. The nature of the universe is such that there are no neutral positions.
      Each of us must understand this, make our choice and live by it. We cannot do that for anyone else but ourselves. While some of what is said about the mystery religions is true in the sense that it has been verified by Jesus Christ, the “whole” of them is not. One could say that the reason God sent his only begotten Son was precisely because people simply did not understand.
      So, when I run across something like this I know that there are no “other gods” in competition with the True God. Those who push those ideas clearly do not understand the nature of God.

      • You’re so right, God said he alone is God, and besides him there is no other. I don’t understand how ministers, who say they are Christian and, therefore, should preach the Gospel given in the Bible, will become mealy-mouthed when asked if Christians and Muslims worship the same God. I remember a huge push for “Chrislam” a few years back. There certainly is no scarcity of false teachers today, but there is a great famine of the true Word. It reminds me of Elijah’s admonishment of the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel back in the day.

  6. One more thing, Mark Flynn has authored a book also, “Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth” , which is very interesting. Here’s a sample of the subject matter.

  7. while fun to read..we know that only earth has humans..and God gave his ONLY son Jesus to die for us..if we only trust him to save us..any other claim of human like life isnt out there or it would discredit the bible and God..simple as that

  8. (Dr. E., I posted a reply here, by signing into Facebook, without signing into Word Press. Please let me know if your end got it. I am flabbergasted by this I.T. stuff!)

  9. My basic comment was this: From reading Lew some years back, I heard of the late Princeton Professor Immanuel Velikovsky, who opined that Chapter 10 of the Book of Joshua described a real geological, physical and historical event that caused the Israelites and Amonites in battle to notice and remark that the Sun and Moon seemed to have “stood still” for a period of time. He claimed he found corroboration for his theory from the hieroglyphs of the Egyptian pyramids and some archaeological remains of Ancient Babylon.
    He also claimed that the planets Venus and Mars had changed places in the solar system due to some cataclysmic event that caused the soldiers to notice and remark that time seemed to stand still, so to speak.
    We also know from geological discovery that the Deluge or Great Flood was no mere fairy tale, but a real historical and geological event that really happened, about 4,300 to 4,400 years ago, give or take. So given what we know, it seems to me that some great celestial event took place, a “Planet X” speeding on through our solar system, that caused these things to happen, and it most likely destroyed a planet between Mars and Jupiter, creating the asteroids we know today.
    At least the “face on Mars” does not resemble Ted Kennedy!

  10. NASA must be in dire need of funding…

  11. The “remote viewing” interview” sounds like the script to the movie “Stargate” with Kurt Russell. Never let good ideas go to waste…or some such saying.

  12. The intelligence services can release any “classified document” and say whatever they want because who is going to know the difference and talk about it? We have to take what they say on FAITH. So, I call bullshyte.
    This is to prep humanity for the coming of the aliens, or the “alien invasion” or whatever the hell they’re going to call it. It’s called predictive programming. They’re going to push this alien garbage for many more years before they unveil anything. Be wary. Bill (Milton) Cooper was initially taken in, during his military days, by what were likely early versions of holograms. This was in the 1960s. You can imagine the type of technology that exists now. All of this tech is used against us, not for our benefit. Don’t ever think/trust for a moment that all this black budget money is going toward anything that will benefit regular folk. It’s to control and bamboozle regular folk.

  13. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    It deceived Presidents, how can anyone know what is going on?

  14. The CIA’s a William Casey, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false .” Ha ha.

    • That’s VERY profound. Properly understood, that is what they do. They keep the cattle under control so that their elite bosses can have their way with them. Most, if not all, of what is shown is an illusion.

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  16. Studied paleontology in graduate school after earning a degree in
    earth science. Pseudomorphs abound in rock outcrops and
    even in sediment. For example, I found and still have a detailed
    mold of what appears to be a human foot print in 35-million-year-old sedimentary rock.
    No rabbits on Mars. Virtually no air.

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  18. “The AIR determined that remote viewing experiments lacked proper controls and replicability, and there is no scientific evidence that remote viewing exists. The program was terminated that same year because it failed to produce any actionable intelligence information.”

  19. Fantastic article. THANK YOU!

  20. Whatever happened to those Van Allen Belts???
    And how do we know that all the “photos” are Mars landscape(s)?
    Couldn’t these be the old Apollo moon movie sets or old “Capricorn One” sets? Stanley Kubrick left a few clues…

  21. I have always felt it would be pretty arrogant of us to think we are the only beings that has ever been in this universe.
    Loved the article, better than anything else out there.

  22. AL GORE is preparing an expedition to explore Mars, Oh no, not with taxpayers money! Too bad I won’t b around for the parade when he……….comes back?

    • I think he should go straight to Uranus. He would have a better chance of finding sympathetic beings there.

  23. As others have implied, anything we get from the CIA must be taken with two shakers of salt.
    And from what we apparently know about space and the atmosphere of other planets, if there really is any life there, it would not at all be similar to the forms of life here on Earth. So, no rodents, lizards, etc.
    To me, none of those objects in the photos (assuming they are genuine photos of the Mars landscape, which is a huge assumption) look like pyramids or the sculpture of a face.
    Also, many believe that Uncle Scam in conjunction with other evil governments will eventually fake an alien landing. It’s also imagined that the Biblical beast and/or false prophet may actually appear to us as alien beings.
    Either way, I have been studying Ufology since 5th grade and eventually became 100% convinced that ALL OF IT is a demonic deception. There are no interplanetary visitors, only interdimensional visitors. And those that pretend to pilot ships are demons invading our physical realm, as they have been doing since about the beginning of time.
    We need to be watchful and careful not to fall for the Great Deception that Jesus Christ forewarned us about.
    ~ D-FensDogG
    (link:] Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

    • I suspect that accounts for most, if not all of it. We are surrounded by a world that should inspire awe. We don’t need to look beyond until we better understand what’s in front of us. We don’t.
      Just because we don’t usually SEE something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The thing that keeps us ignorant is our arrogant assumption that we know things.

    • Yes, I believe these so-called alien beings are actually fallen beings who will invade this world during the Great Deception. They will be so convincing that most every person on earth will be deceived; all except those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. I’m sure glad mine is there! 😇

  24. While on the subject of anomalous beings, I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the Black-Eyed Kids phenomenon. Could they possibly be products of genetic tampering?

    • I’m not familiar enough with that to comment. I have little doubt that they are conducting experiments. I take no pleasure in the knowledge that the world is full of evil. It is something that one must Coe to grips with.
      While there are “degrees”, fundamentally there are those striving to live in accordance with God’s will and those that aren’t. It isn’t a contest. The more we know the better able we are to protect ourselves and our loved ones.
      All of these selfish, life-destroying practices are easy to identify. You know you’re on the right track when they fill you with revulsion.


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