Deceptions of the sleazoid Swamp Donkey

Swamp Donkey –  Individual who is part of the Democrat party or allied with the Democrat party that deceives the citizens of America for personal gain.   A Swamp Donkey works against the will of the people, the government, the President. They think they are above the law.  They lack honor, integrity, and loyalty.  Public opinion indicates that they are responsible for many False Flag events.     Synonymous with  rats on a sinking ship,  traitor, periplaneta americana, deep state, globalist, Cabol, Illuminate, sell out, stooge, puppet, bottom feeders.”  Wikipedia
*A Wikipedia editor removed this entry claiming ” Attack Page”.  Wikipedia is a poor source being that the controlling editors lean politically left.  As a editor at Wikipedia I have challenged  it’s removal.  Although it’s an uphill battle, I still spend time trying to “balance” the level of political bias on wikipedia.  I encourage others to get involved.

All of us have seen Trump say “Drain the swamp” on at least 1 occasion.  Some call it the “deep state”.  “It” is a network of many individuals.  People that think they are above the law.  They are everywhere. Technically, they are not limited to the USA.  They are “Globalists” and are a danger to humanity.  In the USA, they run deep in American politics. These are the people that are destroying America.  Trump’s “swamp”. I call them “Swamp donkeys”.
Being a capitalist, I’m always happy to see people find success and make money. 
Please take a moment and read the following headlines. You will notice that each story reveals a company or Individual that has managed to find success, opportunity for financial gain or actual financial gain during the pandemic. Besides money, they all have one thing  in common.
*(These are just a few examples that support the article.  Click on individual headlines to go to read full articles)  
April 13, 2020, 3:40 AM “Jeffrey Katzenberg brings DreamWorks, Disney experience to hot new app Quibi.”
“Now, Jeffrey Katzenberg is a week into his new mobile streaming app called Quibi, which saw 300,000 subscribers on its launch day and 830,000 subscribers in just three days.”
April 5, 2020, 10:00am EDT Quibi is coming, with the worst-or maybe best timing
..    “The novelty was short form video for people as they waited for coffee or the bus. The space Quibi intended to seize was the lost minutes in the day — the ones big streamers aren’t competing for. But the COVID-19 pandemic has changed Quibi’s plans as it launches on Monday, April 6th. The question was whether Hollywood icon Jeffrey Katzenberg and Silicon Valley giant Meg Whitman* could make a streaming service designed to be enjoyed on the go.”
*Meg Whitman was/is a republican that voted for Clinton in 2016.  She is a “never Trumper”.
“Now Quibi has to compete on the couch.”
“It’s another obstacle in Quibi’s attempt to break into an already oversaturated market. This is both the best and the worst time to be launching a streaming service. People are hungry for new entertainment as they’re ordered to stay indoors, and Quibi’s 90-day free trial makes downloading and checking out yet another app — another streaming service — less painful. Having daily episodes and videos is also an alluring offer compared to other streamers. Now is the perfect time to try to find an audience, demonstrating what Quibi has to offer.”

Feb 14, 2019, 08:00 ET  Phylagen Secures $14M to Bring Transparency to Global Supply Chains through Microbiome Analytics.”
 “Phylagen uses the environmental microbiome to provide unparalleled insights into global supply chains, enabling brands to trace their products’ origins to exact factories, farms or warehouses.”
” First application of Phylagen’s technology is a microbial forensics service to identify provenance for retail and apparel products.”
“New Series A financing led by Cultivian Sandbox, Breakout Ventures and Working Capital.”

“the San Francisco-based data analytics company building the world’s largest environmental microbiome database, today announced $14 million in Series A financing led by Cultivian Sandbox, Breakout Ventures and Working Capital. The funding will be used to expand Phylagen’s microbial forensics service and grow its microbiome database.”
“Phylagen has developed a microbiome analytics platform to provide unparalleled insights about global supply chains, empowering stakeholders to trace goods and materials to locations of origin such as exact factories, farms or warehouses. Each place and object on Earth has thousands of naturally-occurring invisible microbes, and the genetic information encoded in these microbes creates unique fingerprints for everything in the world, from food to textiles to counterfeit goods. Recent advances in bioinformatics and machine learning, combined with rapidly declining costs for DNA sequencing, have enabled Phylagen to digitize these microbial fingerprints and create a microbiome database that can be queried and probed for actionable insights for a wide variety of customers across numerous industries”

“Renaissance hedge fund reportedly having one of its best years ever”
  • “Renaissance Technologies’ Medallion hedge fund is reportedly up 24% this year through April 14, including fees.”
  • “Before the fees, Medallion was up about 39% for the year, the Wall Street Journal reported.”
  • “Much of the Medallion’s impressive year-to-date gain is thanks to a reported 9.9% gain in March, one of the worst months in modern financial history for the S&P 500.”

“Stryker creates COVID-19 emergency relief bed.”
“KALAMAZOO, MI (WKZO AM/FM) — Kalamazoo-based Stryker is creating a new low-cost medical bed due to the increase of COVID-19 patients. The medical technologies firm says their Emergency Relief Bed helps emergency responders and caregivers move and position patients more efficiently. They designed the product due to the high-demand for patient platforms and the ongoing need to quickly serve coronavirus patients.”
March 24, 2020  As hospitals prepare for COVID-19 patient surge, alternative sites offer space.”   
Hospitals in Michigan have been preparing for a surge of patients with the coronavirus requiring specialized care for the past several weeks, and experts say they have bed capacity after delaying elective procedures beginning last week.
But are they prepared for a surge of an expected nearly 16,000 additional COVID-19 patients by April 4? Those are the latest figures Michigan health officials are relying on to get an idea on how to plan for more beds and alternate care sites. The state has about 25,000 beds with an average of about 80 percent occupied.

Evercore Partners Stock Can Rise 25%.”
“On Wednesday, the New York City investment bank reported an 81% rise in quarterly earnings per share versus a year ago, lifting shares 2.6%. ” 
“The company was founded in 1995 by Roger Altman, who a year before resigned as deputy Treasury Secretary to the Clinton administration amid the Whitewater investigation.”


April 24, 2020, Partner WellSky International Provides Digital Support Services to the NHS During the COVID-19 outbreak.  
April 24, 2020   UAE labs get world’s first connected management system to accelerate COVID-19 testing.  
 April, 23, 2020, RxMx Builds Chameleon Technology Platform on InterSystems IRIS for Health to Accelerate the Safe Use of Medicines Globally.  
April 22, 2020  InterSystems IRIS® Data Platform Supports TenCent Cloud to Accelerate Application Deployment . 
March 24, 2020 InterSystems Releases New Version of InterSystems IRIS® Data Platform.

Something they all have in common is that each of them made 1 or more  “high dollar”donations to the Nancy Pelosi Victory Fund

I’m not talking about donations made 1 or 2 years ago. The donations occurred during the pandemic or a short time prior to the pandemic.  Taking into consideration the product/service being sold combined with timing and size of the donation could/might support the possibility of  the pandemic being  a planned  event.  I’m not saying these  people created the pandemic, but at a minimum, knew it was coming and had time to prepare.

While “non essential” businesses were shut down,  small businesses failing , people  being forced into unemployment, these individuals were banking off the pandemic and continue to do so..

Look at Stryker Corporation,  “Stryker creates COVID-19 emergency relief bed.”  John Stryker and Pat Stryker made donations to Pelosi before and during  the Pandemic. 2 each for a combined total of around $100,000,000.

Then we see“Renaissance hedge fund reportedly having one of its best years ever”.  Henry Laufer is a Director at Renaissance Technologies Corp.  He made donations prior and during the pandemic. 2 each for a combined total of $423,000.00. 

Below are more names directly associated with the headlines posted above. Each has made 1 or more “high dollar” donations to Pelosi’s victory fund.  Some have made additional donations to the DCCC  or another left leaning committee.

“What’s the big deal rich people make large donations?”  It wasn’t a big deal until I looked at their donation history.  I checked for trends, patterns.  I checked to see what the dollar amount each person donated each year on the average.  I wanted to see if these were one time donations.

In the graphic you can see the donation history of some of these individuals.  The timeline starts at 6/1/2016 and ends at 6/1/2020.

Things to keep in mind are,

  • Unable to locate complete donation history of some individuals.
  • Data for April, 2020 not available.
  • My focus was on the the names associated with the articles.  They turned out to be some the people who made  the largest donations to the Pelosi Victory Fund in the time frame specific.
  • The dates on  the graph timeline are the actual donations made to the Pelosi Victory Fund.  The rest of the timeline represents the total contributions recorded by those individuals in that time frame.
  • I did not label the dates where donations were made to the DCCC,  AB pact or other committee or individual.
  • Besure to compare day and month of donations  with  the same day and month for the years prior.  Did they donate the same anount the year prior?
  • Keep in mind of any event that may have happened prior or after a large donation was made.
  • Since large donations were made from different individuals around the same time periods it gives the appearance of “funding rounds” for investors.






Some will be saying “maybe somethings there, maybe not”.  Fair enough.  This brings us to the reason who I took the time to look at this information in the first place.

In the graphic below you will see total receipts for the Pelosi Victory fund.   Coverage dates are 1/1/2019 to 3/31/2020.  Totals are $21,918,636.51.

  • A large portion of the Pelosi Victory Fund  donations get transferred to the DCCC.

Right below  the Pelopsi Victory Fund that you will see the totals for the DCCC.  Coverage dates are 1/1/2019 to 3/31/2020.  Totals are $168,441,532.90.

*Actual contributions are slightly lower on each but not enough to change the direction of the conversation.


Pelosi seems to be doing more than her share of raising money for the DCCC

The next image shows the totals for the DCCC for the last 3 years.


This next image shows the Pelosi Victory Fund for the last 3 years.

fin pelosi

Lets keep our focus on the Pelos Victory fund

Here are three screenshots of some of Pelosi’s disbursements.  1 of a page from the  “Nancy Pelosi Victory Fund” and  2 from pages from “Nancy Pelosi For Congress” committee.

Be sure to take note of what is circled in red.












A $27,441.36 American Express Card payment.  $16,000. catering.  Plus another $7,000 for catering  on the same day.  Maybe the $16,000 was her bar tab and the $7 000 was for the food?

$5000 donation to Chinatown Community Development Center.  More like a payoff.  Click here  to take a look at their financials.

To see more Pelosi disbursements click here and here.

Here are some more Pelosi Victory Fund high dollar donors that made 1 or more high dollar donations in the same time frame. There are several more I didn’t list.

Two additional noteworthy  Pelosi Victory Fund donors,

Iranian American Political Action Committee-Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans, October 28, 2019, $20,000
Paul Tagliabue, Senior of Council, COVINGTON & BURLING,  March 11, 2020, $35,500.00
“Covington & Burling LLP is an international law firm with offices in Beijing, Brussels, Frankfurt, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, New York, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, and Washington, DC.”
Former Flynn Defense Counsel Covington and Burling ‘just now found additional docs’ In Flynn File”

Something people do not know is that Flynn’s ex-counsel, Covington and Burling are on Joe Biden’s Payroll.

  • “Covington & Burling is former Vice President Joe Biden’s new law firm for his presidential campaign, with Covington partner Robert Lenhard, a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, to lead the work. Lenhard is one of several prominent Obama administration alums at the firm, also including former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. “(National Law Journal)





Final thoughts,

What have we learned?   We now may have some proof that while some of us were, losing our jobs,  losing our money in the stock market and hanging on to cash because the economy was failing, others may have know of the pandemic ahead of time and used that knowledge to profit off our hardships and misfortune. When the stock market is crashing  I would think that making political donations would be put on hold until the situation stabilized. In a failing economy it doesn’t make sense to just give money away to a politician.    We also have found proof that suggests Pelosi is all about “pay for play”.

The information presented here today does not necessarily prove any sort of crime has been committed. Nor is it 100% proof that the pandemic was planned and people new ahead of time.    At the same time it doesn’t make them innocent and in the clear.   From where I’m sitting they look guilty. 

Clearly, to be accurate, every donation, every disbursement  needs to be checked.  Something our tax dollars are supposed to cover. A recap on the Pelosi Victory Fund should be a good example of why.

  • From 2015 to 2016 she had 75  contribution entries. 
  • From 2017 to 2018 she had 285 entries. 
  • From 2019 to 2020 she had 861 entries.
  • Pelosi has pulled in $18,175,164.05 more in contributions then she did for the entire 2017-2018 cycle.
  • She pulled in $20,403,168.07 more than she did for the entire 2015-2016 cycle.

Not enough evidence to convict, but there is enough to investigate.  It’s not like Pelosi is running for President.  The dramatic increase in donations should be enough to consider an audit/investigation.

Lacking manpower, time and resources this work remains incomplete.  It should be enough to make my point. If I had the resources, time, and a organized team, I am confident that we would discover enough information to indict Pelosi. 

These people are very sloppy.  Surprisingly sloppy.   The evidence is there.  So much that I have to assume that the people we pay to regulate these matters are in the pockets of the Swamp.  So for now, the Swamp Donkey Queen  and her minions continue to destroy America. 

“The Swamp Donkey Queen with the help of her minions have been getting a free pass. This has to end, today.”

For more on “The Swamp”, be sure to read “Grifters all time greats”.  Preview after sources listed below.


Deplorable Patriot

Pelosi Victory Fund
 AB Pact
Nancy pelosi for congress
Pelosi disbursements PDF
DCCC disbursements

I brought up the use of UVC light to defeat Covid-19 long ago when the “pandemic” was in it’s early stages.  What many people do not know is that UVC light will kill most known  viruses on any surface.  It also will kill most parasites and harmful bacteria. That’s why it is used in many water treatment plants.  That’s why it is used in hospitals to sterilize equipment.

“How does it kill a virus like Covid-19, technically it’s not alive, it’s not a living organism?”  UV radiation kills by modifying the genetic material. The DNA and RNA.  Covid-19 is a RNA virus. 

The best wavelength for inactivation is 260nm.  UVC is 200nm to 320nm .

UVC can also be used to kill  cancer as well as many other things.  For kills that require more precision  just use a UVC laser.

It’s not like this technology is a secret.  Anyone can buy UVC bulbs of UVC sterilization units. A person just needs to be careful because the light can, and will cause blindness if their eyes are exposed to the UVC rays. Too much exposure to living tissue can bed equally as harmful.  How much exposure I’m not sure of.  Just play it safe, educate yourself on proper use and  proper protection. Don’t go building a “death ray ” and kill yourself.

For surface sterilization UVC light gets a A+.  On humans more research should be done on how application and exposure times.  I’ve been experimenting with it for years.  Myself as the test subject.   I’ve seen success but I’m not an “Expert” in this field.  From what I have learned  I am comfortable and confident enough to say “UVC light can “kill” and be used “cure” Covid-19.  Now someone with more “talent” than I can use -this information to save the world.

*Sars-cov-2 causes Covid19.  To simplify, I use Covid19 for both.

With that being said, a person can’t help but wonder how it is that a “nobody”, like myself,   knows about the potential UVC has at inactivating viruses and the “experts”  on Trump’s Covid-19 do not.  At least that’s the impression I got when Trump asked Dr. Birx about it.  The condescending look on her face, with the reply she gave Trump  also appeared that she wasn’t interested in what Trump had  asked.  It gave me the impression that she thought  he was a bumbling idiot.   Maybe it’s just me.  I’m not the biggest fan of the”experts”.

I’ve spent some time in the past  providing some key points along with some hidden truths behind Covid19 and the pandemic.  I’ve also spent some time pointing out a few examples of how the pandemic is being exploited, politicians involved and more. More often than not, any analysis or speculation I have made  in regards to Covid19 turned out to be true.   Simply because I source factual information.

I think I can explain what is going on with Dr. Birx  It’s the same reason behind the shutdown. The exploitation of the covid19.  The negative impact on the US economy.  The reason why some peoples  rights are being violated because of a power hungry governor or city mayor.   The reason why the mortality rate for Covid19 is wrong as well as the actual number of infected cases are different than what we are being told.  The reason why we are being told to wear masks, gloves or shelter in place.    The reason why the “experts” should be accountable for any decision made by Trump based on their advice.   The reason why Trump must quit following the advice of the so called “experts”.  The reason why Trump needs to dump them.

But first we should watch this video.  It shows a different point of view on Dr. Fauci. A side the MSM will not show you. Personally I’ve seen Dr Fauci stand at the podium at the White House with every president since Ronald Reagan.  Each time he was pushing “treatment” instead of cures..  Dr. Fauci is perhaps one of the biggest “grifters” and “pharma front men” that we have ever witnessed.


to be continued……






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2 months ago

Excellent work!

Unfortunately, this does not surprise me nor shock me. This is how the game works for the sleazy in DC. Infuriating.

And I’m not going to hold my breath that anything will happen to any of ’em. Sigh…

2 months ago

Forward this post to everyone and strongly emphasize them to watch the ENTIRE video with the very brave Dr Judy Mikovits PHD. It explains everything about the dangers of vaccines, government corruption, the very evil Dr. Fauci and the spiderweb of accomplices.

Thank you, Deplorable Patriot, for a very informative post.

Dr. Eowyn
2 months ago

Excellent, DP. Thank you for your research.
The info. on UVC is fascinating….

Lou Minati
Lou Minati
2 months ago

I’ve long maintained that if President Trump had declared Dunkin’, Starbucks, Cumberland Farms, and ALL coffee shops to be “non-essential”, this shutdown would have been over nationwide about a month ago.

2 months ago

I don’t mind saying it – this was planned and it’s a scam! I have thought that from the moment the hysteria started. My question is, how does the genie get put back in the bottle? President Trump keeps saying the light at the end of the tunnel is very bright and we are going to recover very quickly when everything reopens. So I’m praying he knows something BIG that we don’t. In the meantime, politicians continue to hold American citizens hostage. On the other hand, there was an article from late March, the day the stimulus package was passed.… Read more »

2 months ago

I’ve also read someone calling it a “plandemic”. Oh and I hate automatic spellchecking.