Death Wish: Swedish government provides sniper training to Muslim migrants

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Since 2012, the Swedish government’s Migration Agency has provided training to Muslim “immigrant youths” to target shoot with sniper rifles — all in the name of teaching the Swedish language, as well as socializing and integrating the migrants into Swedish society.
Allehanda Media, headquartered in Västernorrland, Sweden, is the merger of two newspapers — Tidningen Ångermanland and Allehanda. With a staff of 94 employees, Allehanda Media had an annual revenue of $1,615,000 in 2008. Its web service is
Catherine Östholm reports for (Google translation) that the sniper training program began on a small scale in fall of 2012, then “exploded” in spring 2013. By then, more than 50 “immigrant youths” from all over the world, including Syria, Afghanistan, and Africa, were enrolled in the biathlon course in Sollefteå, in Sweden’s Ångermanland province.
Sollefteå, Sweden
Reporting from Hallstaberget shooting range, Östholm writes that one of the “immigrant youths” is Maria Ibrahim, who is loading her rifle as she lies down on the green rubber mat. She aims carefully at the “classical target of five black dots,” hitting all five, as “the white caps fall into place one by one.”
Maria Ibrahim learns how to shoot like a sniper in Sweden

Ibrahim says, “I think this is a good activity. It’s fun to learn how to shoot, and we have fun together. We laugh a lot. If this continues into the fall, I will certainly stay in the program!”

Birgit Höglin, an instructor, said that the immigrant youths “come from all over the world—Syria, Afghanistan, Africa, and South America.” Some are from war-torn areas; all are “interested and very talented.”
Höglin explains that the sniping course is offered as part of the language course at the local upper secondary school, but that the benefits of the course are “much more” than teaching the immigrant youths how to shoot.
Höglin says: “It’s much more than the sport itself. Here, the youths talk Swedish in other social contexts, meet new people, and hang out, learning new vocabulary. They learn about discipline and safety. It is a useful experience!”

H/t The New Observer and FOTM‘s Lana
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0 responses to “Death Wish: Swedish government provides sniper training to Muslim migrants

  1. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

  2. The government of Sweden is just a complicit in destroying their own people as the government of America. Evil and insanity are ruling. Wait until that sniper Muzzie takes a shot at one of the government folks who allowed them to be taught to shoot. Idiots.

  3. Oh, jeez… why not RPG-7s and making suicide vests, too?

  4. Give Birgit Hoglin a Nobel Peace Prize!
    I used to be amazed at written history in the Old Testament telling of total mental breakdowns of countries and armies that conducted themselves in complete madness leading to self destruction. It is taking place today.

  5. Wow!! It’s one thing to learn how to shoot a gun, but training to be a sniper??? Sniper training under the guise of learning Swedish.
    Anyone who believes that this is just innocent fun needs to get their head examined.
    There is a helluva a lot more going on with this.

  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Before you look down on the Swedes too much, know that there are many violent jihad training camps in the United States, and there have been for many years. With that, we have a President, media, and others mentally muddled who want to disarm the American public while hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Islamists who hate us are ushered in.

  7. swedes need a revolution in their government

    • On a scale of 1 to 10 as the worst case, I’s say this is about 15…. I can’t even believe this is real; I used to think Swedes ‘had it together,’ now it looks as if they want to collapse their society. Sorry, this is WAY too crazy for me, and I’m being polite, or I’d say it’s bat shit crazy!

      • The leaders of Western civilization are suffering from a fatal virus that afflicts the mind and spirit. Caught up in such arrogance with contempt for all others that they don’t see that the edge of the cliff will take everybody.

      • it is beyond ridiculous….
        the banks are pushing the swedes (really the eu) to commit national suicide
        “IMF urges Sweden to tackle hurdles to immigrants securing jobs”

      • Joseph . . . You do have a way with words! I really found this almost beyond what I was able to comprehend. Who would come up with a plan for entertaining young Muslims that would include training them to “shoot” anything, unless it was “shooting pool.” I really would like to know exactly who is responsible for this–then look into that person’s background. I am so flabbergasted I can hardly comprehend this. And really . . . how many of these particular young people really have a desire to learn Swedish, or to associate with the native population of Swedes. There must be something that the government officials are coming into contact with (tainted water, poisoned food, chemical sensitivity, etc.) that is causing this severe dementia to overtake them and affect their judgement. God Bless the poor Swedish population, if this is the best their elected government can do for them–they are truly doomed!
        P.S. Thank God my ancestors got out of there in the 1850’s and came to America–although we are not far behind them in going down the toilet.

  8. Netanyahu recommends avoiding purchase of Ikea products. One could add Volvos. No jobs, maybe they will go home (but not here).

  9. Absolute madness. Every time I hear of how crazy things have gotten, I hear something else that is much crazier. Oh Lord have mercy!

    • MAinMO . . . I totally agree! I keep thinking that the worst has happened–then the next shoe drops, and then another shoe drops, and yet another shoe drops (Must be some kind of a monster with multiple legs to be able to have so many shoes drop.) As much as I hate to say it, I suspect we will yet hear again of something worse than this happening. You are right in saying “Oh Lord have mercy!” That is the only thing that will save us now, either physically, or spiritually.

  10. Okay,now-is the behavior of the Leaders of our,and other Countries,Insanity,Stupidity,or just good ol’ Greed? Or are they doing these things under outside pressure,to keep their own heads outta the Guillotine? Things they’re doing just don’t make a drop of sense,but there HAS to be a reason for it…..

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  12. This is beyond stup|d! Beyond political correctness! This is simply beyond classification, inanity at its best or worst! Wait for the result! They don’t get it, do they, that Muslims do not play by the same principles of logic, compassion and charity most European and North American countries do; social rules are trumped by a sick belief in the only law (Sharia) they believe it. This is soooooooooo retarded it’s difficult to figure out what these people have in their heads? Straw? Sand? Maybe cowpoop?

    • “This is soooooooooo retarded it’s difficult to figure out what these people have in their heads? Straw? Sand? Maybe cowpoop?” Maybe, but I think it’s worse, much worse….

  13. I thought the US government was the most insane in the world, but the Swedes have just taken the lead.

    • Don’t worry , Barry will come up with something more inane that this . Valerie will pop something into that pea-brain………………………….
      This is the equal to giving a child molester a subscription to N.A.M.B.L.A…Or allowing it to be a Scout master .

    • I hear ya, but it’s only 70/30, as the Swedes have yet to start multiple major wars w/o just cause in the last fifty years, while the USSA’s gone hog crazy to support the Zionist agenda at breaking up the Mid-East. as if it wasn’t already bad enough!

  14. Well well well. The inmates are running the asylum. God Help the World.

  15. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. What has happened as described in this post is completely ridiculous and without any common sense.


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