Death at Occupy Vancouver

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Occupy Vancouver protestors will not comply w/orders from fire department/Photo courtesy of CBC

Occupy Vancouver Death Confirmed

Via CBC News:  A woman taking part in the Occupy Vancouver protest at the city’s art gallery has died, Vancouver police have confirmed.  Police say a woman in her 20s was found unresponsive inside a tent at the encampment at about 4:30 p.m. PT Saturday. She was taken to hospital by ambulance, where she later died. Her name has not been released.
Police say the cause of death has not been determined, but there is no evidence to indicate the death is suspicious. Police would not confirm reports the woman died of a drug overdose.
A section of the tent city near the corner of Howe and Georgia streets had been roped off, and about a dozen police and fire officials were on scene, the CBC’s Chad Pawson reported from the scene on Saturday afternoon.  He reported about a dozen people were visibly upset, crying and hugging each other, and being very hostile towards the media.
Occupy Vancouver organizers would not release any information about the death. They said reporters were being kept away because someone had been injured, but denied anyone had died.
The death comes days after a protester was treated for a drug overdose on Thursday, and amid concern by Vancouver’s fire department about the conditions at the Occupy camp.
The protest movement has also become a key issue in the Nov. 19 civic election in Vancouver, with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson facing criticism for allowing the tent city to continue. On Friday, Robertson said authorities could be forced to remove occupiers and bring down the tent city, but said he is still hopeful a peaceful solution can be reached.
Hint Mayor: There is likely no peaceful resolution with those that purposely break the law.  It is your duty to ensure citizens abide by the law and if not, take appropriate measures.
And prayers for this young woman that died.  Whatever the cause of her death, I’m sure her parents, family and friends are just saddened.

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  1. What, do they need bubonic plague or a serial killer to take action to clear the park?

    • I think the local residents are probably demanding something be done (as they are at Zucotti Park in NYC).


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