Dear Katie Couric: Stop Blazing a Trail to Nowhere for Women

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In this corner, the Perky One exemplifying female success February 2010:
Today, three weeks shy of 53, Couric looks tomboy terrific, that barely-made-up face betraying zero surgical workmanship, the fabled legs making those giant strides for women in black leather riding boots.

image courtesy Harper's Bazaar

And in the other corner, Sarah Palin February 2010:
Beyond what her Fox-watchers and Facebookers can see, Ms. Palin is quietly assembling the infrastructure of an expanding political operation.

In the Harper’s interview noted above, Couric bragged that her Palin interview was the crown jewel of her career. Writer Phoebe Eaton gushed over Couric “peeling Sarah Palin like a raw carrot” during a “devastating” interview “which some believe” to have decided the election.
No word on who those some people are.
A year later, Couric is desperately trying to insist she’s not the one who killed CBS News:
[Perky] used to bother me because I thought there was a sexist undertone to that word. It meant shallow and cute, but not somebody who had any depth. It did become a pejorative word, but listen, it’s better than “bitchy.”
Some humble advice for Ms. Couric – maybe people thought you were shallow and cute because you dressed up like a Barbie doll in your office. And maybe women didn’t watch your news cast because they don’t need to watch you “peeling” another woman like a Mean Girl on the high school cheerleading squad.
Girls reading this, behold the true face of progressive feminism. Photograph yourself in a miniskirt and then whine because people see you as a woman in a miniskirt. Brag about the way you pwned another girl and then pout when people call you a bully. Insist on bringing a “new format” to your job to make things more girly, and then when your butt lands in last place, blame it on something else.
Sarah Palin got no gushy layout in Harper’s to show off her figure. She got no one like Phoebe Eaton fawning over her smarts. She was ridiculed, attacked, dismissed, and called a bad mother. And one year later, she’s the one who survived.
Put down the copy of Vogue and pay attention to what really influential women are doing.

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0 responses to “Dear Katie Couric: Stop Blazing a Trail to Nowhere for Women

  1. lowtechgrannie

    Great post, Candance! She can take her annoying voice and traveling colonoscopy show down the road!

  2. I stopped buying Vogue over a year ago when every month the praises of MOO increased. That said, I graduated from school with someone who is famous for her painted china patterns, tiles, bakeware, etc. Seems she went to New York several years ago to do work incorporating her tile designs when Couric’s kitchen was being redone. I heard by word-of-mouth that she was an A-1 impossible bitch and extremely cheap on top of that!

  3. Thank God it looks like Katie Carwreck is retiring! How anyone who is paid $1,000,000/month could garner the repute she has was always beyond me. She is/was a beacon in this world of misinformation we live in. Good riddance!

  4. never could stand Katie…adios!

  5. Katie Couric personifies insipid, tremendously overpaid, and untalented.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  6. Bye, bye Perky, goodbye.
    And good riddance.


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