Dear Bill Gates: Open your home to refugees or shut up!

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Bill Gates told the the BBC that the United States “should set a better example” by taking in more refugees. He said his home country “had the capacity” to follow the examples of Germany and Sweden, who were “to be congratulated.” GAG. Read all the details here.
I doubt the victims of the New Year gang assaults carried out by refugees in Cologne, Germany share the same sentiment as Gates. And I’m guessing neither do the victims of sexual harassment by refugees at the We Are Stockholm youth festival in Sweden.
Course Mr. Gates hasn’t opened up his home to refugees like Fat Boy offered. And he has the capacity to shelter refugees. Gate’s home is an astounding 66,000 square feet. Plenty of room for some refugees there, wouldn’t you agree?
bill gates home
Hey Bill: Just be sure that any refugees you invite into your home receive the proper training so they won’t rape your wife or children.
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0 responses to “Dear Bill Gates: Open your home to refugees or shut up!

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  2. Is it real hard to install linux?

  3. maybe he should “congratulate” all the women and children who have been raped as well.

  4. Youtube conference on vaccines shows you, Bill Gates, saying depopulation can be done thru vaccines. You are just another terrorist.

    • weezy . . . you have hit it straight on! “He is just another terrorist.” Can you imagine some young woman who allows herself to be immunized, only to find out that the repercussion is that she is forever sterile! He is another one that Hell will welcome with open arms. Let’s hope that it is sooner rather than later.

  5. And why should the refugees have to live in Bill Gates home and not have the right to have a house themselves?
    Stupid comment!

    • Since when is having a house a “right”?
      Gates is entitled to tell us taxpayers to support millions of refugees even when we are $18 TRILLION in the hole. And he’s entitled to be blind to the number of sexual attacks that refugees have committed against women all throughout Europe.
      And I’m entitled to tell him to put his home where his mouth is, even if you think it’s stupid. First Amendment….that’s my right.

      • DCG
        Really having a roof is not basic human rights in a rich country according to you!
        Your level of IQ is pretty impressive!
        What is an American? A red skin man?
        With your IP address in the US a country that was taken when you massacred the red skin you are not in a better place to talk.
        Fight behind a keyboard lol very funny

        • As you originally stated, “have the right to a house”. Now you want to play semantics? Last time I looked, a “right” to a house in not outlined in the Constitution. Of course we all need shelter. And Bill Gates has plenty of that to share with others.
          Try to stick to the topic of Bill Gates, the refugees raping your women, and the notion that we should use our tax dollars that we don’t have. We aren’t rich…we are $18 TRILLION in the hole.

        • what you deem “rights” are the product of your communist indoctrination in the infiltrated schools of Amerika…you should take the refugees’ place cuz we don’t need you here

    • Why don’t you, Kevin Toumi, with an IP address in Wakefield, UK, mind your own business and stop telling Americans what we should or should not do. Yours indeed is a most stupid comment!

    • kevin,
      you live in the uk where your culture has been overtaken and women and children are being prostituted and raped in the name of political correction by muslims while the british men look the other way. And yet, you still think to tell us that refugees who come to the usa have a “right” to a house?
      Just because you’ve given up your manhood to muhammud doesn’t mean the usa will….real citizens will fight to save our country.
      And I’ll say it again, manhood has left the building.

    • Start building houses for them, moron.

  6. Bill Gates is living proof that one can be a billionaire and still be an idiot. Bill Gates is Nietzsche’s slave morality personified: Always ready, willing and able to arrange the chores and dirty work of others, without getting his hands dirty himself. And he doesn’t view eugenic extinction as a grotesque moral evil because, like Nietzsche, he is convinced he is so “wise.”

  7. As one who performs designed building construction for a living and has a very strong history in landscape design, his home grounds look to be a complete mess. To get some idea of how sprawling a mess this is, an acre is about 44,000 square feet, so we’re talking here about a building that is 1 1/2 acres in size.

  8. Well, I am going to say it. That is one ugly house. I guess money doesn’t buy you class or common sense.
    With all his money he could create a safe area in an Arab country for all his little muzzie friends and they could live happily with people of like minds.
    There is more than enough male invaders to take their countries back, but that is not their objective. They want to destroy and take what others have worked for. They are too dumb to realize, they get rid of us, who will support them, because you have never witnessed one working.
    Bill needs to clean his house first before he preaches to others. Never been a fan.

  9. gates is a eugenicist who wants to kill off 85% of the population. why do i give a fuck what that asshole has to say? yeah, like he’s going to let refugees into his house.


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