Dealing with a dolphin’s urges: “It was very precious, gentle”


Daily Mirror: A woman who had sex with a dolphin as part of a scientific study has spoken out for the first time.

During the swinging 60s, animal researcher Margaret Howe Lovatt was part of a Nasa-funded experiment on the US Virgin Islands to teach the intelligent sea creatures how to speak English.

In 1963 she helped turn a house into a domestic dolphinarium by flooding it with knee-deep water, where researchers could study the animals from their home.

It was there she met Peter, an adolescent dolphin she described as ‘sexually coming of age‘. As the two bonded, their relationship soon progressed to a more physical level.

Margaret said: “Peter liked to be… with me. He would rub himself on my knee, my foot or my hand and I allowed that. I wasn’t uncomfortable – as long as it wasn’t too rough. In the beginning I would put him on the elevator and say you go play with the girls for a day.”

It was just easier to incorporate that and let it happen, it was very precious and very gentle, Peter was right there, he knew that I was right there.”

Margaret claims this became a regular part of her studies, as she tried to teach Peter to speak English. She added: “It was sexual on his part – it was not sexual on mine, sensuous perhaps. It would just become part of what was going on like an itch, just get rid of that we’ll scratch and we would be done and move on. I was there to get to know Peter, that was part of Peter.”

But what started with Sixties idealism would spiral into the darkness of the decade. The experiment would end in tragedy, and for years after there would be rumours of the dolphins suffering drug abuse with LSD tests and scandal over the nature of Margaret’s relationship with Peter.

Margaret said: “I’ve had a good bunch of letters from people asking if they could interview me, but I’ve not done any of it.”

A new BBC documentary The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins will be screened at the Sheffield Documentary Festival on Wednesday, June 11, before making its way to BBC4 on Tuesday, June 17.


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Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
6 years ago

Because of LSD-druggieJohn Lilly and Hollywood’s Flipper, we have a too-idealized image of dolphins. Dolphins are smart, with an ability to comprehend symbols in experimental settings which rivals that of the great apes or animal-language prodigies such as Alex, the African Grey parrot who learned more than 100 English word. Like elephants and magpies, dolphins can recognize themselves in mirrors, suggesting some form of self-awareness. Species such as bottlenose dolphins live in complex societies, with changing alliances and friendships as intricate as anything in chimpanzee or even human society. But dolphins are not geniuses. Many of Lilly’s more extravagant claims… Read more »

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu
6 years ago

All I can say is . . . that woman is a flippin looney! God gave us dominion over all the animals. I highly doubt that He had in mind sexual liaisons between humans and animals. She defiled that creature (and herself) by allowing sexuality to become part of their relationship. It is of interest that in the Old Testament, God commanded that those humans who participated in bestiality were to be put to death, and sadly enough–the animal was also to be destroyed. There are limits as to behavior between humans and animals; with all of her learning, it… Read more »

6 years ago

This “zinger” showing up presently is apologetics for bestiality, near as I can tell, why they timed it for release now though, I don’t know. However of all animals relations are sought with, dolphins are typically viewed as the “least objectionable” by many, unfortunately. Likely due to the new ager’s nigh worship of the poor creature, conveying it as some sort of alien perfect creature mankind should emulate.

Steven Broiles
6 years ago

This is disgusting news, but it has to be posted. Listen: We Christians—our entire Civilization—has been under attack in the sexual area since Freud and Kinsey. These degenerates will STOP. AT. NOTHING.
Be Forewarned: They are COMING. AFTER. OUR. CHILDREN. The UN has its Rights of the Child Treaty in its bag of tricks. Google it. Read about it. Because God IS NOT going to apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah.


Society continues to tumble…

6 years ago

I’ve lived too long!

6 years ago

More of our bizarro world….