Deadly Weather Kills Crops, Livestock; Food Prices Set to Rise

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This spring has brought destructive weather to the east coast and southern plains, which farmers predict will kill off crops at a time when the global food supply can least afford it.

Houston’s local affiliate KHOU has the details on crop failure:

Crops such as corn, cotton, grain sorghum, rice and wheat have been affected, Mowery said, and so have cattle ranchers.
“Hay is starting to get hard to find,” said Dean Colley, of Lazy L Longhorns, a cattle grower near Austin.
The drought has burned the grass ranchers use to feed cattle and that, some worry, will lead to higher beef prices.
“I suspect you’re going to see meat prices rise dramatically in the short term,” said Mike Young, of Callahan’s General Store in Austin.

Making matters worse is an outbreak of wildfires, forcing Texans to abandon their ranches and forcing the state to spend precious water on firefighting.
And in the midatlantic, the Charlotte Observer reports on crops, livestock, and equipment destroyed by tornados:

Throughout the eastern part of the state, Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler saw “unbelievable” damage to crops and farms during an aerial tour, said Brian Long, a department spokesman.

Couple this with Reuter’s new report on inflation, and you’ve got a double whammy to drive up prices this summer.
I’m not a food storage fanatic, but it might be time to make a few contingency plans for this summer.

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  1. I would agree to stock up. Been doing it for years since a major earthquake here in WA ST. Better safe than sorry…


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