'Deadbeat dad' who owes support for at least 25 children is wanted in ANOTHER state on payments

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A model father...

A model father…

Daily Mail: A man dubbed ‘deadbeat dad’ for owing child support on 25 children to 15 different women is now wanted in another state for owing money on three more kids he fathered.
Terry Tyrone Turnage was wanted two years ago in Memphis, Tennessee, because he owed thousands in back child support for the care of dozens of children.
Turnage, believed to be in his late thirties, has popped up again in Forrest City, Arkansas, where he owes money to at least two women, and probably a third, for children they claim were fathered by him.
The exact number of children he has fathered and the exact number of women involved remains unclear.
Paula Stewart, 22, who has a two-year-old son by Turnage, told WREG this week: ‘Everybody tells me, ”What you doing talking to him?” ”’How you didn’t know he had all these kids?” Uh duh, I’ve been in school. I wasn’t out like that.’
A second woman, Miesha Davis, found out the father of her son was ‘famous’ after a conversation with the child support office. She believed that her little boy was number 26 and that Turnage had a child by another woman between her and Miss Stewart.
Turnage is known in Forrest City as a club owner who drives expensive cars and has the nickname TYB, which reportedly stands for ‘Take Your B*****’. He recently threw a 700-person birthday party over two days at his club where he boasted about spending hundreds of dollars on top-shelf champagne.
Both Miss Stewart and Miss Davis went to the club event saying that they just went ‘to have a good time’ and not to see Turnage.
During a recent child support hearing in Forrest City, Turnage did not show up for his appointment.
In 2012, a girlfriend, who had spent nearly eight years with Turnage, said her ‘knees buckled’ when a prosecutor at family court told her that the father of her child had 20 other children. ‘During the whole relationship, I only knew of four children,’ Latoya Shields told WREG in 2012. ‘At that time, three years ago, my child was the 21st child. Yeah, that would be overwhelming for anybody.’
In May 2012, Turnage filed a petition at Shelby County Juvenile Court to lower his child support payments for the mothers of his children – but never turned up to the hearing.
Miss Shields said the dad has shown little interest in his daughter. ‘She calls him and it’s a “hi” and “bye, see you later” type of situation,’ she said. Miss Shields has only ever received checks from him between $6 and $9 dollars. He was ordered by a judge to pay her $259 dollars a month.
A phone number linked to Turnage was disconnected on Thursday when called by MailOnline.
Guess Turnage missed the sex ed class during his education.

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0 responses to “'Deadbeat dad' who owes support for at least 25 children is wanted in ANOTHER state on payments

  1. Why he be like not in da jail. 🙂
    If I don’t pay a parking ticket and get pulled over by cops after a warrant has been issued, and they will here in Fl. They will take me to jail.

    • HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    • How about this one….if IRS looks at my return & decides they can get more money out of me (or I donated to a conservative cause & should be audited according to, perhaps, Lois Lerner) they can audit me…..charge me for the “unpaid taxes”…according to them…AND interest due fr maybe 2 or more years on that amount they “adjudge due” & I am GUILTY & liable for the entire sum UNLESS I can prove them wrong in a long, tortuous process…or unless I have untold sums of money to hire a tax attorney to defend me fr them…BUT…never mind the ILLEGAL immigrant or the deadbeat parent…or the others of their ILK…HOME FREE…& many soon to be legal/due all citizenship “Rights” & all benefits of MY TAX DOLLARS…the entitlements …to which I AM NOT PRIVILEDGED.
      This 25-kid-case…and etc…as discussed above… is why I want to melt into the American landscape, grow my own food, join “co-ops” & live “off the grid” tax-wise, energy-wise, food-dollar-wise, & so on…there is NO WAY you can “beat” these guys if you are a American Middle Class…other than to completely “disappear.” Corporate America disappears at will off-shore. The rich disappear at will off-shore and otherwise..the illegals show up and suck up what the Democrats will spew their way in order to secure the next generatioin of votes…(out of MY pocket)….the negligent and delinquent parent somehow manages to survive to reproduce again and again…leaving his/her progency for me to pay for year after year…….
      I used to think the “annhilation” of the middle class was dramatized until I BECAME one of those middle class people who KNOW without doubt that I am paying for the liberal agenda,,,without supporting it…in fact, penalized WHILE my tax dollars are supporting liberal agendas b/c, as a “reward” I also will have to compete (or my children will have to compete…maybe grandchildren) for low-wage jobs in an alien-saturated market of entry level jobs. Conversely, if I need the help of my government..it will NEVER NEVER be there for me. I will be cast off, dis-allowed, trashed, and forgotten. Maybe Obamacare will turn me into “soilient Green.” It will be efficient if I’m 80 or so at the time.. It will be down and dirty, doubled-down and all the things for which this half white, half-black president will be remembered in his legacy (Doesn’t anyone else but ME get weary of Obama being acclaimed “the FIRST Black President????”””” Like…his white MOM did not exist? Like, his white grandparents who basically raised him did not exist???? WHAT”S BEEN with all of THAT since the very beginnning of his presidency??????? Why could he not have been the FIRST bi-racial president? Why could he NOT have truly been the “uniter” instead of the “divider” that he was from the “get-go.”) To sum/end…why has this “Black/and Illegal” agenda been so ultra important these last Obama years???
      Once, a wise Greek in the days when Greece was wise (!) said: “What is honored in a country will be developed there.” Feel safe yet? 🙂 NOT? Seems to me that the illegals/scammers/cheaters/irresponsibles…even the GiTMO prisoners…are reaping the rewards…so are we to come to the conclusion that THESE THINGS are the THINGS THAT ARE HONORED HERE in the USA? Evidently!!!! Chalk it up to the OBAMA LEGACY 🙁

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Hey AL & Jesse, this is a huge problem, could you speak OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. He’s just being another one of ‘jug-ear’s’ “sons”.. doin’ what comes natural… right?
    Lock his sorry butt up and this will stop. (well, until he’s released again…!).

  4. Before I ever saw the picture, just reading the headline, I knew instinctively it was one of today’s godly and superior to any white African
    Racist? No realist

  5. Help control the people population, have your prolific deadbeat spayed or neutered.

  6. Lisa, I concur on the vasectomy. Maybe they will slip a bit and go a little high with the scalpel. 🙂
    And good for you moving on.

  7. And…wait for it…IF Obama had a son,he’d be JUST like this guy…

  8. This joker is a crook. His behavior is down right criminal. Sorry, I don’t agree with giving him a vasectomy. Since he is using his “packywiler” as a weapon of sorts–let’s just disarm him! Think of the ruined lives that lay in his wake! He is nothing short of an animal. If our Congress was on the ball, they could write legislation that makes this a Federal crime when several state jurisdictions are involved. The fact that the US Taxpayers who pick up the tab for the majority of these children are being defrauded should qualify him to do time in a Federal prison, which is just where he belongs.

  9. They need to cut off his balls!

  10. Wow – gives a new meaning to the word “busy”….

  11. This male is pure ego. The judge should issue a warrant and when the cops bring him in, the judge can order a tattoo (I’m not a fan of tattoos, but in this case, I’ll make an exception) on Turnage’s forehead and nether region that reads: LOSER WITH 25+ KIDS, ARE YOU NEXT?
    Any female who chooses to lay with this filth will get what she deserves. This is why it’s so important to know someone before you get involved in a relationship. A woman allows a man to court her and through the process learns the kind of male or man he truly is, rather than just laying down and risking pregnancy and disease. She values herself and morals and sets the standards for the relationship, because she wants and deserves marriage with a man.
    Females today need to value themselves as God values them. Young girls are not taught: how to value themselves through God, to have morals, to have modesty, and to see themselves beyond glorified sex. They should go to a traditional Christian church that teaches from the pulpit with the bible instead of using the pulpit as a hub of political correctness and if nothing else, watch the Duggar show to see how a woman should be courted (this is something unheard of today). Females today have zero expectations on males except for sex. Outside of marriage, sex is nothing but the lowest common denominator for the animal kingdom. Within the confines of marriage, it represents God, love and commitment, and the possibility of new life, and the ability of both parents to care for and protect the new life under the eyes of God.
    Maybe when females realize and care that they through society’s (satan) ways have objectified their bodies sexually and placed very little value on their bodies, then, they will reject the status quo and accept Jesus. Maybe then, they will turn their backs on the murderous propaganda of treating their uterus’ as butchering blocks for babies that only profits the scientific/food industries and planned Unparenthood; birth control and antibiotics that only profits Big Pharma; PID and scarred fallopian tubes from STDs and drug-resistant Gonorrhea/Chlamydia/Syphilis that lead to infertility and profits eugenics.
    The black family used to value Jesus, marriage, hard work, family, respect, and modesty. Today, they have become the ‘canary in the mine’ for our country; less church/more drugs (and alcohol), less marriage/more abortion, less family/more sex. Turnage is only a symptom of the problem. Allowing society to lead instead of Christ, is the problem. Females need to use Christ as their conduit to find out how to become women deserving of courtship and marriage. If females today had the types of values of real women, cretons like Turnage wouldn’t stand a chance.

  12. This is exactly what liberals want….absentee “fathers” who reproduce without regard for their progeny. I guarantee that if these children ever vote…it will be for a welfare doling democrat. Disgusting, as a taxpayer I am sickened by what passes for a man in this multicultural nightmare of a nation.


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