Dead at 42: Broward County Sheriff deputy who questioned Parkland school shooting's gun control agenda

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Second Amendment Proponent, Criticized Marjory Stoneman’s Gun Control Cavalcade
Broward County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Fitzsimons
By James F. Tracy
Sometime on or around April 1, 2018 Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Fitzsimons, 42 years old and in excellent state of mind and health, called in sick to his job. Shortly thereafter Fitzsimons was found dead on his sofa. There has been a complete “news blackout” of this curious and untimely death.
Deputy Fitzsimons wasn’t just any law enforcement officer. Unlike many of his peers, he took to social media to question the potential agenda behind the February 14 Marjory Stoneman High School mass shooting, suggesting that the event was being used to promote the Democratic Party’s gun control platform in anticipation of the 2018 midterm elections. And recent personnel decisions involving public officials indicate (e.g. here and here), an unwritten law of taxpayer-funded institutions is that employees disavow and steer clear of “conspiracy theories” that may call their superiors’ motives into question.
One post found on Fitzsimons’ Facebook page depicts the Parkland massacre’s main spokesperson, David Hogg, in National Socialist regalia, with the caption, “We will March Until We Disarm Every American.”
Jason Fitzsimons Facebook
Fitzsimons’ Facebook page has since been “scrubbed” of any 2018 posts, which would of course include those that may be calling the Parkland shooting or its aftermath into question.
The circumstances surrounding Deputy Fitzsimons’ death are sketchy. The official cause has been attributed to cancer, yet this is contradicted by an obituary found at, stating that he “died unexpectedly.” The “died unexpectedly” phrase is one morticians and/or loved ones sometimes employ when for one reason or another they are reluctant to disclose the true cause of death, as in the case of a suicide.
Yet as the above obituary makes clear, Fitzsimons does not seem as if he would have been a likely suicide candidate. The law enforcement officer “lived life to the fullest and enjoyed spending time loving on his many friends [sic],”the document reads. Fitzsimons was also the life of the party, according to the obituary’s author(s). “He dreamed to one day be Batman or Kenny Chesney, and you could often find him singing at a local karaoke night or taking selfies while under the disguise of the caped crusader.” Further, the deceased also had a spiritual devotion “in his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”
If Fitzsimons in fact died of cancer, the onset must have been extremely sudden. Neither the obituary nor accompanying memorials reference any struggle with the disease, but instead point to his inspiring presence while expressing astonishment at the abruptness of his passing.
Aside from numerous friends attesting to his warm disposition in their memorials, Deputy Fitzsimons appeared to be in excellent health, as various photos suggest.
Deputy Jason Fitzsimons
Following the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook School massacre numerous law enforcement officers with intimate knowledge of the event’s investigation either retired or died unexpectedly. These included Connecticut State Police Major William Podgorski, who passed on, following “a brief undisclosed illness.”

As Sandy Hook researcher Tony Mead observed in 2014,

From Douglas Cottle, who died Sept 29, 2012, at age 62 to Michael Bellmore, who died May 3, 2014 at age 27, more questions than answers seem to arise. The Connecticut State Police Commander, the Connecticut State Police Commissioner, the Western Connecticut State Police Commander as well as the Connecticut State Medical Examiner have all been eliminated from the story either by retiring or death. What better way to cover up any possibility of ever disclosing the truth ? What better way to perpetuate conspiracy theories ?

Those who received word via Twitter of Fitzsimons’ untimely death have expressed similar doubt and suspicion on the vague and unusual circumstances.
As is suggested in the aftermath of other recent mass shooting events, Fitzsimons simply may have possessed too much information, was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and/or asked sensitive questions of his peers and superiors on the specifics of the Parkland shooting. It is beyond dispute that the sheriff’s deputy had become uncomfortably outspoken on the February 14 event.
The record reflects that Deputy Fitzsimons was a wonderful individual and friend who cared about “truth” and the US Constitution. Perhaps these concerns are no longer desired by the management of certain policing agencies. There is indeed ample room for suspicion.

Update (April 14, 2018)

In response to a reader’s comment, I searched for “Jason Fitzsimons” on Florida Obituaries and could not find him. However, Fitzsimons’ funeral was on April 6, 2018 and his obituary is here.
I also contacted the Broward County Sheriff’s office. Below is their email, confirming that Mr. Fitzsimons was a deputy there and that he had passed early this month:
email from Broward County Sheriff

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0 responses to “Dead at 42: Broward County Sheriff deputy who questioned Parkland school shooting's gun control agenda

  1. If there was ever someone who looked the picture of health . . . it was this guy. I am heartsick over his death. I do not believe that there was anything “NATURAL” about it. Just the same as the deaths following the Sandy Hook fiasco, and even the deaths of several persons after the Las Vegas shooting. Several people who stated that they SAW A SECOND SHOOTER” meet with untimely deaths. Unless, I just don’t understand this . . . there seems to be a pattern emerging.

  2. His FB was scrubbed?
    Another shady death surrounding another shady event…

    • Yep, he was “Zucked”

      • lophatt . . . . since you brought up that cretin Zuckerberg. I have been looking around to see if anyone has suggested a class action suit to be filed against him. He is worth 66 billion, and a large amount of that money was made off of allowing our private information to be utilize by others for their purposes. I don’t care how many times this POS says “he is sorry” until he has to fork over some money in reparations to those who have been affected by his behavior, I will not be satisfied. Also, the idea that his Facebook page was scrubbed is ridiculous. Since when does FB have the right to delete someone’s account, when it might have been a suspicious death. These criminals at FB act as though they are beyond the law.

        • I think I’ve seen something about a couple of suits. Considering that the CIA funded and set this thing up, I’d be surprised if he’s worried at all. If may mean he has to settle for what he has.
          Luckily for me, I never got an account. Just as a general rule I don’t want everybody to know everything about me all the time.

          • I got an account years ago but gave them fake information, ha ha! That was before they wanted your phone number (or your drivers license photo!) Just for a ‘social network’??!!

            • Drivers license photo?

            • Why not just go down to the local FBI office and book yourself?

            • chemtrailssuck . . . . Isn’t that just a crock. I also had an account years ago then closed it. I opened one again, as some of my family ONLY notify others in the family of upcoming events, etc via FB. I did give them my correct name, but NOTHING ELSE. Oh! now that’s now correct, I shaved off 10 years from my date of birth. I bet there’s plenty of people who now wonder how I went from being the next to the oldest of my siblings to being the baby!

              • Ha ha, facebook can make you younger! I wonder if they’d use that as an ad. 😉 It doesn’t bother me that all my relatives are on Fartbook except me, ‘cuz it just shows me that if they’re really interested they’ll call. That’s how they get you rooked in, everyone else is on it and you’ll be incommunicado if you don’t “join” them.
                They never delete accounts, I know of people who have died and their accounts are still there. Imagine how many deceased are still “on’ facebook.

        • Fakebook was established by the “Office of Information Awareness”, if you saw their old logo, it was super creepy, very NWO, an eye with a beam trained on the globe.

        • Here is a contact for class action: If you are interested in joining the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Facebook: A lawsuit has already been filled with Blood Hurst & O’Reardon LLP in San Diego. Their phone number is: 619-338-1100
          They are more than happy to help anyone join this suit against Facebook.

        • Yes, we are looking into this very thing. Go to my facebook page at Linda Mabry and request to be my friend.. I will friend you and pass you onto the woman thats starting to set things up. She even has a few class action lawyers already interested in taking the case.
          Where we go one we go all.

  3. Yeah, anybody heard anything from Hoagland? Those Cheka get testy when somebody starts shining a little light on them.

  4. Rule # 39: There is no such thing as coincidence.
    -Leroy Jethro Gibbs

  5. Died unexpectedly, like in murder? Something is strange in that county. The first Jewish Sheriff hired a Muslim for the force. If you go back and read comments from three years ago, people were against him and mentioned how corrupt that county was. When those deputies were told to stand down and not go in with children in there. The fix was in.
    This deputy’s death explanation, I am not buying it. Very sad and may he RIP.

    • Do you think a ‘hit squad’ of some sort was sent in there to do it? Or was it really that scrawny Cruz who little or no training of this kind?

      • A teacher reported on video that there was a shooter shooting down the hallway wearing a helmet and body armor.

      • Nicholas Mitchell

        I wish I knew. Right now I’m of the opinion that it was just a drill masquerading as a real attack.
        It appears there are no individual obituaries for 16 or 17 students that were supposedly murdered at the high school. That seems very strange to me. That’s a whole lot of heartbroken parents that have nothing to say about their children that have just been slaughtered.
        In addition, after the attack military personnel were in the school instructing students not to look at the bodies on the ground. This seems odd to me. Also, I’ve read that it appears several body bags were left in the school overnight. That’s weird, right?
        I also saw a few pictures that seemed to show military putting a body bag into the back of a pickup truck after the attack. While it’s impossible for me to know what was in that bag, it seems to be the bag was manhandled in such a way that to me suggested it was little more than a prop. There was no reverence for this being a body of someone that was alive a few hours earlier.

  6. Just like Putin “eliminates” defectors, people here are eliminated too. Here it’s done in a more sophisticated way, “died of natural causes.” Why hasn’t it being reported by the media? Where’s the coroner’s autopsy report? Is the deputy going to be cremated? This is another case the truth will never be known, the family will be compensated for the loss and the matter closed, and the deputy, a young man full of life, dead at 42. May Jason Fitzsimons+ Rest In Peace.

    • Alma, respectfully, if the cause of death cannot be verified, it’s counterproductive to speculate and find yourself accused of confirmation bias and, these days, being a tinfoil-hat type. On the other hand, it is possible to statistically demonstrate the improbability that his death was from natural causes. With regard to the scrubbing of his FB account, whether it can be statistically associated with his death depends on the context. Since we can justify our probable conclusions using objective Bayesian axioms where no certainty is possible, we’re on the scientific and legal high ground when attacked by neocons (or the ideologically zio-isomeric neolibs) because their basis for accepting government narratives is blind faith in the deep state and its captive mouthpieces in the msm.

    • Justice Scalia concurs with your opinion.

  7. WHY in the HELL would normal people, such as Conservatives, NOT be suspicious, when considering the lack of trust, the suspicion of deceit and the expectation of dishonesty that has been instilled in those of us that have long ago learned the despicable, treacherous evil, underhanded ways of the filthy, nasty Democrats?

    • The left will stop at nothing but when The President said he would drain the swamp he was not just talking about Democrats. See Franklin scandal. See video “Conspiracy of Silence”. Our government is infiltrated with Satanist. Both political parties. Google Clinton dead pool. Google Obama dead pool. I quit facebook years ago. The enemy plays devide and conquor.
      I prayed that Hillary Clinton would be defeated. Jesus answered my prayer. I thank God for all those who prayed likewise. Lets pray the evil in high places will be exposed. Millions of us swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foriegn and domestic. We have powerful enemies. If you the reader have faith in the power of Jesus name please pray that our enemies will fall into the traps they set for us.

      • Keep praying, it does work! Ask God to do His will in you and through you too. 🙂 And don’t get discouraged, I know it’s easy to do. When I feel totally isolated I remind myself that God always wins and that if we keep our faith in Him even unto death we will be saved.

      • I am a believer and thank God Hillary is NOT our President! ❤

        • Audrey . . . . I’m with you, we really dodged a bullet on that one. Although, I give all thanks for Heavenly intervention in this instance.

  8. I beleive, According to the Script, = That the alleged school-boy shooter with his rifle was supposed to stay in the school building until he was found and shot dead by the second shooter who was SWAT team dressed, fully armored, fully dressed and looked very police-like.. Instead he panicked, threw his rifle to the floor and fled the scene along with many other students.. Did he hear multiple gun-shots within the school that weren’t from his rifle..?? He ran out the building in a panic, along with a female friend who stated that they continued to hear gunshots within the building as they ran away.. There was a heliocopter video of 3min-14sec. duration showing considerable police activity at the back of the school of several police agents quickly loading two-three bags of “things” into a pickup truck.. Four agents jumped into the back of the truck and sped off in a hurry.. Two agents re-entered the school, and three agents went back to their armored vehicle.. I went back later to retreive the 3min-14sec video to share on FB and only found the first 22 second of the video left.. The first 22 seconds of the video looked innocently “interesting” = but the next 2min-45sec. looked Very Suspicious..!!

    • That’s plausible. I believe it was another drill. Whether anyone was shot or not is debatable. He probably was supposed to die as I can’t explain his actions. The part about the “ninja” cop makes sense too.

  9. Any autopsy findings? His picture dated barely 2 – 3 wks ago is hardly the picture of someone suffering from cancer. I am a 13 yr breast cancer survivor and I can’t imagine what kind of cancer he would have to have to be struck down within days by it and still look so healthy. I wonder if it has dawned on Trump yet that this whole country seems to be ‘the swamp’ that needs draining. Everything the left touches, they corrupt.

    • It could’ve been poison via his air, etc.. Who knows what those maricons are up to.. if they’ve had the capability to cause cancer as an assassination tool, for decades, who knows what sort of things they have now, really. Frequencies, radiation, honestly, who knows! I don’t think my mind is malicious enough to think up and or create, what their new ideas are of, and for killing us are.
      But, Hey! On a different note; Kudos to you on surviving!! Many blessings!

  10. Déjà vu– where have we seen this before?

  11. TheTruthBurns

    All Progressives Must be Killed they are Luciferian Demons. Time for talk is over.

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  13. One has to be extremely careful of what they say against the establishment globalist agenda today. It can get you killed. Literally and figuratively. This is horrible.

  14. Richard Oliver

    Clinton Crime Family strikes again…..

  15. After looking at the Clinton laundry list of dead people…..I find myself most appreciative of never having been an acquaintance of the Clintons.

  16. One of my next articles will be about projects MK-Ultra & Monarch, both by the CIA. This also ties into a article I previously wrote about the death of Seth Rich. This stuff all ties together

  17. It is time that we all start getting a camera, on all the time. There is a low cost still camera, silent, for wildlife. with motion detector. One can set it on a shelf, and it will take photos every time a motion is made.
    These communists are being paid to kill anyone that can tell the truth, it you are one of these communists, there is not a fee large enough to do what you do. GOD is real, JESUS is our Savior. Focus on reality, not on money, greed, and power, none of it is worth it. You whom are evil and are doing the evil murders, you can write down your story, and deliver it many papers, and keep many hidden where people can spot them, because you people will be the first to be murdered, after you do the evil ones dirty work.

  18. There’s a lot of corruption in Broward County. You have muslim Brotherhood operatives on the police force and a ‘”” sherrif who supports them. Deep corruption within the law enforcement community will require deep cleaning from the top down.


    There’s no way brother….It’s all bull s%*t!….Rest in peace man….those that know…know…! 🙂

  20. Where is death certificate??? That is public record!!! Unexplained unwitnessed death requires involvement of medical examiner!!!was an autopsy done???if so in public records!!

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  22. Seems as if anyone who speaks out publicly regarding any of the nefarious little ‘projects’ the CIA/NSA/Freemasons have going on are offed fairly quickly!
    I guess their new M.O. is to make the victim ‘sick’ somehow- the same thing happened with that CDC doctor, he started feeling sick at the office and went home, then they got him.
    The MSM is complicit in these crimes against those who dare question the narrative.

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  24. The question I have is what is the probability of an athletic man dying, suddenly and unexpectedly, from an indeterminate condition, and from one that was not from easily determined acute trauma, heart attack, or stroke, AND the combined probability of his FB account being subsequently scrubbed for 2018. In other words, given the reasonable investigative context that the official Parkland narrative is so demonstrably false in so many particulars as to almost guarantee it was a high stakes conspiracy, to what degree does the sudden and unexpected scrubbing of his FB account after his death render the theory more probable that his sudden and unexpected death was related to Parkland and therefore most likely a hit?
    I apologize for walking through what may be obvious here. My point is that despite all the topical horrors being witnessed today and fear of surveillance, the brainwashing and propaganda altering men’s minds are so effective in America that the insanity of accepting demonstrably false government narratives is now defended by conservatives and naive patriots alike, while what was championed just yesterday as free and open challenge of evidence bearing on our most fundamental, natural rights is said to be diagnostic of mental disease. We already see thought itself outlawed in Europe and it’s coming here, if the Republicans and Conservatism Inc have any say in the matter.

  25. Kate Frederickson

    All those muscles require lots of lifting, so it could have been anything from a stroke to a embolism. Or maybe he was taking steroids? Who knows? People die all the time. There’s no conspiracy. All people die regardless of what they think.

  26. One day there will be justice for this man, and all the victims of the elite criminals.

  27. Where is the Autopsy report? And was it performed by unbiased, uncontrolled coroners?

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  29. I knew a young lady who was suicided by an administrator. And a number of associates of the Clintons have been suicided. And now Fitzsimmons.
    QUESTION: How can it be proved? How can probable cause even be found to investigate these things?

    • Maybe the question should be, why don’t the police find this suspicious? After all, they should know what sort of shape he was in. Of course he could suffer a severe, death dealing illness. Any of us can, but what are the odds?
      On the other hand, where I live, there have been several dramas within local police departments, some involving murder. There have been instances of severe steroid use and theft of evidence and other equipment. There have been affairs with other member’s spouses.
      I’m not saying that’s what happened here, but it deserves an explanation. I don’t see one.

      • The police can suspect all they want, but they need probable cause to question a particular question. That’s the problem. Plus, once the coroner declares the cause of death to be suicide, it would take a judge’s order to overrule that. But again, the judge can’t do that without further discovery.

    Are these shootings set up to seize your rights and right to bear arms?
    Yes, this policeman could have died of natural causes, but what of the questions below? You think things happen by accident all the time?
    Why, if true, were parts of the U.S. Secret Service at the Parkland school campus three weeks before the shooting?
    Alexia Miednik, supposedly a student at that school, did an interview where she told the reporter that she was actually speaking to Cruz during the shooting and mentioned no gun or rifle in his person. Another Hispanic girl, unnamed, also a student at the school, was on video reporting that there were ‘definitely’ more than two shooters. She claims she heard shots coming form two sides of the campus. Why is this not covered on your local news?
    Where is this Uber driver? Cruz was reported to have gone to a couple of restaurants (where did the gun go?) and then was found near a sidewalk somewhere. How did they know he was the shooter? He looked like he was in shock. Did he really kill those 17 students?
    What of the coroner report? Can we see it? Did Cruz have gunpowder residues on his clothes or skin? What of photos of Cruz with the rifle on the campus?
    One teacher supposedly said she witnessed a person in ‘riot gear’ style clothes being helped to change clothes by two other ‘officials’ during the shooting.
    One of the parents of the supposed victims is a lawyer who specializes in ‘adoption’. Was not Cruz adopted? Someone should sniff around.
    Why were ambulances parked 500 YARDS from the campus? That’s a good one. And look how fast the press was there, along with the ambulances.
    Why did the public defenders of Cruz NOT plead the insanity thing? Aren’t they supposed to do that? Do they want him rushed to the chair?
    Why are these attacks occurring on drill days? Why did they let loose the students when they knew there was an active shooter?
    One of the outraged mothers of a victim, whom you probably have seen screaming at Trump (!) like a banshee on tv, is in a short video on YouTube. She stands supposedly outside near a fountain area with other girls behind her. She is giving a reporter an interview. One of the girls behind comes up running right past her and barely misses the woman. The girl looks as if she is about to collide with the mother. Some commenters say the mother is not really standing outdoors, but in front of a green screen! The girl had plenty of room to run past yer, yet she nearly collides with the mother. So what the hell is going on!?
    Interesting how this New York sheriff (who’s not even a native Floridian) has connections to that she-devil underworld mafiosa, Clinton. And of course this is the district of that Wasserman Schultz, another anti-self defense fanatic.
    Look at the Dr. El Sanadi death of the Broward Health Hospital some years ago. Found shot (suicide!) in a restroom of his apartment tower. The gun of course was found inside his jacket pocket after he killed himself. He was combatting corrupt people in that health system. Poor man, similar to the gentleman related to Hillary Clinton who was found in the gym with his throat crushed by a heavy weight. Giggle Giggle!
    It’s a wicked system, my friends. Switch off your stupid football games, put down your junk food and smartphone. How much you gonna put up with?

    • Yes to all. I think each of these elements has at least been discussed here. I totally agree that it stinks. So does the Las Vegas operation.
      As to the Clinton, Wasserman-Shultz connection, it should be apparent by now that there is another government operating now. It consists of Obongo, and his minions as well as Soros and his owners. They are conducting business as if there is no impediment to their planned progress.
      Meanwhile, numerous distractions are contrived for our entertainment. This being one that has the extra bonus of denying Constitutional rights that the commies abhor.
      To me it is almost TOO obvious. Sadly, it doesn’t look like anyone is going to call them on it.

  31. I’m a parent of a highschool kid and a gun owner as well as I own 20 acres in Florida. This kid (Nikolas Cruz) slipped or was pushed through the cracks! He lost his parents. He was a kid! It’s not a gun problem! Guns don’t shoot themselves!! This is a dire mental problem. RIP to the officer and his family and community.

  32. Reblogged this on conservativecreole19's Blog and commented:
    …”…Following the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook School massacre numerous law enforcement officers with intimate knowledge of the event’s investigation either retired or died unexpectedly. These included Connecticut State Police Major William Podgorski, who passed on, following “a brief undisclosed illness.”
    As Sandy Hook researcher Tony Mead observed in 2014,
    From Douglas Cottle, who died Sept 29, 2012, at age 62 to Michael Bellmore, who died May 3, 2014 at age 27, more questions than answers seem to arise. The Connecticut State Police Commander, the Connecticut State Police Commissioner, the Western Connecticut State Police Commander as well as the Connecticut State Medical Examiner have all been eliminated from the story either by retiring or death. What better way to cover up any possibility of ever disclosing the truth ? What better way to perpetuate conspiracy theories ?…”…

  33. Beverly Stafford

    Is this a cover up to keep gun control going

  34. Reblogged this on richardboydenreport and commented:

  35. He was struck down by the Breitbart “syndrome”.

  36. That Deputy Fitzsimmons was murdered is patently obvious.
    The question is who has the stones to corner the Sheriff where there would be an opportunity to ‘water board’ him (with fecal matter).

    • Why so far is there not a massive lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Office and the FBI? Or against the school? If there isn’t, then those kids were not murdered!

      • That’s an EXCELLENT question. You know, in real life, it would be certain to happen. I mean, after all, look at the story. This looks like one of those bonus packages for failed CEO’s.

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  38. The plot thickens. Too many deaths that go against the Left to be circumstantial. Think maybe mass shootings are all related, a plot to take our guns. The FBI and DOJ have been operating so deep for a long time. Trump is exposing it bc he was never expected to win

  39. Something smells to “high Heaven”!!! “God never Sleeps”!!

  40. This is just the beginning,if the communists/democrats gain control more will die

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  43. Probably died from issues related to the anabolic steroids he was using.. Family and friends don’t want it public

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  45. It is stupid to use the United States District Court system in any action against the Zuck. It is stupid to use the USDC for anything justice related as they are all strictly legislative courts. They will never admit it, but there is literally one Article III court established in America, and that court has not been ordained. In fact the Supreme Court of the United States is also strictly a legislative court. WTF?
    The way to assure draining Zuck’s pocket book dry is through the use of the common law Administrative Process. When American free inhabitants get serious about law, and it’s proper application, the potential to achieve justice in America will greatly increase.
    There is another Article III court within American borders in the District of Columbia, but D.C. is not an American state, but rather a foreign corporation called the United States.

  46. Well nezar hamze moooslime cair aka hamas senior deputy under Lamborghini sheriff may need to be interrogated as to his whereabouts…

  47. lonewolfsniper

    This is happening because the democrat party paid and armed these killers to commit these horrendous crimes. Just so they can push their gun control issue. They don’t care who they hurt as long as their agenda gets accomplished. Probably convinced the killers their families would be cared for. Just do what they were told and paid to do.

  48. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    For your information.

  49. Clinton/Soros assignation…

  50. I don’t believe any of these deaths were natural and/or accidental. Look at all the deaths that have occurred surrounding investigations and those who were about to testify as to their criminal activity. I have no doubt that they, the Obama’s and George Soros are all financially backing those who agree to carry out their dirty work. Today, when offered the right amount of money, people will do just about anything. It’s disgusting that it continues without investigation.
    The raid on President Trump’s attorney by the FBI is just another tally on the corrupt machine that is orchestrating all this. The liberal democrats, and their cronies, are working overtime to overthrow President Trump, and they are willing to sacrifice school children to further their agendas. There are many Americans who are not fooled by these people, and it will be a glad day when we see some of them in hand cuffs and orange jail suits. There are a lot that served in the Obama administration that top the list. I think that in addition to “the wall,” a special facility should be built on the Mexico side of the thing, and have it house all these criminals. There can be a door that only opens to the inside, and there would be no gun restriction, and criminals and drug smugglers would be welcome, and could have access to the prisoners. Since they were willing that these criminals should enter our country, the prisoners should not have any problems letting the illegals enter their space.

  51. Wow… Still drinking the koolaid. Such a shame this man is gone. God Bless his family and friends. Godspeed sir!

  52. Even though its trite maybe its time to state the obvious all over again. Once someone wins an election, they are in office until the next. These constant attempts to usurp the last election are seditious.
    Sedition is a crime. It isn’t an “option”. By allowing these continuous assaults day and night on TV and elsewhere, we are saying that we’re a lawless society without the grace to accept results we may not like.
    Instead of just accepting these behaviors something needs to be done about them. If we don’t any future elections will simply be repeats of this one.
    Let’s face it, the leftists are already running their New World Odor. They are completely lawless and are proceeding with their evil agenda as if the present government didn’t exist. Because of this the current government is hamstrung.
    Broadcasters have certain requirements to maintain their licenses. Until Clinton the Equal Time Rule applied to political discussion. It needs to be reinstated. Obongo’s EO regarding truthfulness in news broadcasting and the ability to propagandize the American public needs to be rescinded.
    From there we can graduate to locking up officials who violate their oaths of office and refuse to enforce federal laws. Next, any and all “fifth columnists” in government left over from the Obamanation need to go. Some need to go to prison.
    If they can accomplish that we just might have a future. If not, our future is going to resemble that of China.

  53. Juliette fitzsimons

    He was my dad and i have a really bad feeling. He was very healthy and my gut says something isnt right

    • Juliette,
      My heart goes out to you and your family. If your mom has not demanded an autopsy and an investigation, please ask for one.

    • Juliette… please know that I am praying for you and your family. Your dad seemed to be a smart, brave man. Many agree with you that none of this seems right. As another suggested, do demand an autopsy and an investigation. God bless.

    • So sorry for your loss.

    • Same here Juliette. I’m very, very sorry.

      • Biblical Justice lelft America in 1962 – re the wicked, who are “the sub-contollers of America!!! It won’t retuurn till HE Returns!!! We The People chose “our buzy lives rather than to Obey HIS Mandates!!! We literally turned America over to “brute beasts,” male and female!!! They are not gonna let you hvae it back!!! It’s what my grannie said 70 years ago – it is what it is – if it’s pretty then – that’s a good thing – if its ugly – that’s sad and too bad
        High Rider

    • Oh my goodness! I am so very sorry! I just saw this article and it blew me away. This sounds very suspicious of foul play. God bless you and your family.

    • Prayers & condolences ms. So sorry for your loss.

    • I am truly sorry for your loss and grateful for your father’s service.
      We’ll all need to be vigilante in finding the truth. We cannot allow this to be swept under.
      I wish you peace Juliette.

    • Take refuge I’m God/ Christ in your heart for protection.
      It’s these satanists who kill, but the light of God protects.
      The light is stronger…. If you remember to connect to it.

    • maureen crowley

      Juliette, I am so very sorry. Dr. Eowyn is a good person to communicate with. Also, I do not believe goodness is gone in America. It is alive and well, as millions pray and affirm God day in and day out. I will keep you in my prayers, and know that truth is of God. Lots of love your way, Maureen Crowley

  54. High Rider
    America The Beautiful no longer belongs, inherently to its former and legal owners i.e. The American Church! It belongs to The American Establishment – which serves The National Establshment – re Esau-Red-Edom’s, enroute – Corporate Global Plantation!!!
    “we,” just think that “we,” own a pasture here and a business there!!!
    The American Church has completely-lost its Biblical Salt and Light, over the past three generations – because of The Easy Believability!!!
    In 1962 – The UN-Supreme – Supreme Court as awaiting a certain ” Christian Case, to come before it,
    This case is called Engel VS Vitale – the Jew being Engel!
    The Supreme Court had “both barrels,” loaded – waiting in ambush!
    The ruling effected tossed Jesus’ Work – out of America as if IT WAS “some
    smelly sack of garbage!!!
    My parents were too busy singing AMAZING GRACE and VICTORY IN
    JESUS and gathering the early ,60s prosperty – to have paid any attenton
    what to was going on!!!
    This perverted and corrupt ruling effectived Divorced Jesus from anylonger being America’s National BENEFACTOR!!! This doesn’t mean HE IS No longer your personal BENEFACTOR – it means HE Has Since – no longer been American’s BENEFACTOR!!!
    NOW you know WHY “things,” have continually been,” getting worse and worse for the Traditonal Christian People!!! And now – “these things,” are gerring WORSE and WORSE – faster and faster!!!
    It doesn’t matter – it won’t be long till Esau shows up – with his and the last World Order!!!
    High Rider Says,
    Take Care

  55. Just remember, when anyone tries to blow you off by calling something “A Conspiracy Theory”
    Conspiracy isn’t a theory, IT’S A CRIME. And it’s prosecuted EVERY SINGLE DAY the Federal Courts are in session.

  56. Simple really. They can just slide a tube under your door and fill the house up with nitrogen gas and you never wake up.

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  58. I call BS. No Fitzsimons is listed on in the past 30 days. Fake news?

  59. Roland SALVATO

    Yikes – !

  60. It is the democrats idea!!! It’s just the gov’t covering for themselves just poison and kill the people that know too much!!!

  61. Robert Starbuck

    R.I.P. One of the good guys ‼️🇺🇸🙏

  62. Veracosa DeMylo

    You know this Stinks.
    Of murder.

  63. Seems to be a lot of this going around

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  65. We live in a sick and diseased America and there will be no healing until we turn to the living God of Israel !

  66. Why can’t you just accept the fact that this is happening when it comes to anything the Democrats come in contact with.
    It’s not a damn coincidence when you have hundreds of people die of suicide!
    So knock the shit off. These people are being murdered.
    It’s common sense.

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