De Blasio rewards judge who went soft on cop-hating thugs

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No wonder voters disapprove of de Blasio’s handling of just about everything.

Heckuva job mayor!

Heckuva job mayor!

According to the NY Post, Mayor Bill de Blasio has reappointed three cut-’em-loose judgesincluding one who sparked outrage by freeing defendants accused of threatening to kill cops after the execution-style murders of two police officers.
Judge Laura Johnson

Judge Laura Johnson

De Blasio rewarded controversial Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson with a full, 10-year term on the bench, the mayor’s office announced Monday. Last year, De Blasio gave Johnson a one-year interim reappointment despite fierce opposition from law enforcement officials.
Devon Coley

Devon Coley

What makes Johnson so controversial is that she came under fire for releasing reputed gang member Devon Coley without bail following his arrest for posting an online photo that showed a gunman blasting an NYPD cruiser. The posting came just hours after NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were shot that way on Dec. 20, 2014. Coley also wrote “73Nextt” in apparent reference to the 73rd Precinct, where he lived at the time.
One day after putting Coley back on the streets, Johnson also freed on bail Travis Maye following an early-morning melee in Prospect Heights, in which Maye allegedly punched one cop and threatened to find and kill others.
No surprisingly, the head of the NYPD’s sergeants union, Ed Mullins, blasted de Blasio’s ringing endorsement of Johnson on Monday, calling her “clearly not worthy of such an appointment.” “Little did I know that when the mayor speaks of criminal-justice reform, he is speaking about eroding the criminal-justice system,” Mullins told The Post.
Also reappointed were Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Miriam Cyrulnik and Bronx Criminal Court Judge Nicholas Iacovetta. In July 2014, Cyrulnik bought a junkie’s bogus sob story and freed him without bail in the violent mugging of an elderly Brighton Beach woman. Weeks later, that man, Robert DeCarlo, was busted in a hit-and-run crash that killed a 12-year-old girl, Joey Sellers, and critically injured her mom and sister.
Iacovetta faced criticism last week when The Post revealed that he was the second of three Bronx judges who all freed the same defendant without bail in separate cases during a nine-month stretch. Iacovetta cut loose Juan Reyes following Reyes’ arrest for allegedly selling crack and heroin near a school, IS 318 in Tremont.
New York City Criminal Court judges earn $159,000 a year.
Of course the mayor’s office doesn’t care what anyone thinks. From his office: De Blasio had tapped “judges who he believes will represent the best interests of New Yorkers,” a spokeswoman said.

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0 responses to “De Blasio rewards judge who went soft on cop-hating thugs

  1. Clearly, this hasn’t dissuaded de Blasio from continuing his campaign against cops:

  2. Can there be ANY DOUBT in ANY SANE MIND, that Our Entire Criminal Justice System is Under Sustained, Vicious, Murderous Attack through and upon our Law Enforcement Officers, and through the Bought-And-Paid-For Alinsky-ites who are being strategically placed in positions which support ANARCHY AND TERRORISM. Remember Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals: Inside Out, Upside Down, Top To Bottom, Bottom To Top, Front to Back, Back To Front, and the unspoken yet DeFacto Implication of the aforementioned Basics Of Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, Right Is Wrong, and WRONG IS RIGHT. This is a Perfect overlay of Taquiyah, something not mentioned in Scumbag Saul’s Book, which is the ONLY Bible that Obama reveres. THIS IS THE WORK OF THE CRIMINAL FRAUD OBAMA AS DIRECTED BY HIS PUPPET-MASTER, GEORGE SOROS, and his Terrorist Auntie, Valerie Jarrett. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE, by KNOWINGLY REJECTING JESUS CHRIST, have DAMNED THEMSELVES TO HELL. That IS their Choice, but THEY CANNOT CHOOSE FOR THOSE OF US WHO DO NOT REJECT JESUS CHRIST. In Your Mighty Name Lord Jesus, I REBUKE ALL of The Children and Puppets of The Father Of Lies, AND ALL OF THEIR WORKS, Amen.

  3. For those unfamiliar with Alinsky’s Rules, or how they apply in my above comment, Look Up Rule 3. Another reference for some might be the characteristics of Bizarro World and the Thinking of its Resident, Bizarro.

  4. evil is as evil does….

  5. And THIS is how NYC has developed the reputation it currently has. Can’t say I’m surprised by this. It’s easy to expect the worst possible behavior from the Badmin. of NY and never be disappointed.

  6. I get it that de Blasio is, for all effective purposes, retarded, but I cannot identify WHO is telling him what to do or advising him. He doesn’t seem to be that prescient at all.
    Who is the brain trust behind him?
    Does Bloomberg have anything to do with these appointments?
    This Mayor is peculiarly bad—and the newspapers really don’t have much to say about him. But I am particularly angry at PBA President Pat Lynch, who had a real chance to rid New York City of this Mayor. But he cared more about his pension, I imagine.

  7. If New Yorkers really wanted to save their city, which is sinking fast, they would demand his rear gone. He is a blight on a once nice city and like the WH, he is there to destroy it. He has some power behind him, he isn’t smart enough to think of everything on his own.


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