Day of Rage -LiveStream Video Starts Right After Commercial

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Click this link for Livestream of the Wall Street Event

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0 responses to “Day of Rage -LiveStream Video Starts Right After Commercial

  1. Commies smell.

  2. I’ve been watching for 15 minutes. Lots of white college kids with backpacks. The girls are fashionistas. San Francisco could give them lessons on how to dress for a protest. Where are the gross-looking weirdos that always show up at the California events?
    Hilarious that Google is running Barnum & Bailey Circus and Sony ads on the Livestream. There was a Breaking News banner across the lower screen complaining that no news outlets had sent reporters or camera crews.
    My bet is that the kids will all head to Starbucks for a latte when they get bored.

  3. What, no Dreds or Drum Circles? No angry, bra-less women with pit hair?
    I’m disappointed.


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