David Rockefeller Lays it on the Line

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Population Control, Agenda 21, the UN…. the Rockefellers have been in it up to their necks for about 100 years.    Charlotte Iserbyt has the transcripts of the Reece Committee Hearings as free pdf downloads on her website, American Deception .   She paid her friend who had the only copy $3,000.00 for them.  The Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Endowment and Ford Foundations were dying to get their hands on them to be sure they were destroyed.

 Just enter “Reece Committee” as a search term.     If you have room on your harddrive of flash drive, download it to have for it’s “quotability” you don’t have to read the whole thing.  There are tremendous nuggets in those documents the establishment wants to keep hidden!   ~LTG

Rockefeller 71079-Population1973

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51 responses to “David Rockefeller Lays it on the Line

  1. Gates, Rockefeller, Soros and others would like us to sacrifice ourselves for their sake.

    God Bless Charlotte for getting her hands on all the documents on that web page. She’s been warning us about the dumbing down of our population in the schools for years. These documents are the key to our learning all the devilish things these evil people have been up to for a long time.

  2. Here is an article and a video about ONE of the things they plan on doing! God help us all!

  3. Teach these worms about life underground.Burn everything they touched as corrupted and useless. If you can,kill them. The planet is useless,crap like rockerfeller withheld science and technology for profits while GMO,vaccines and lies ruined everything.Just shoot the bastards,burn eveything they touched with fire.You are going to die too.Blame them.

    • Speaking of the word of God, I seem to recall quite a bit about decievers and those who are decieved in the last days. Given the nature of some of what you are espousing here I suggest you read up on them, and then do a quick reality check on what you’re up to. You are spreading hateful lies, and judging people all over the place, and I also seem to recall something in Mathew chapter 7 about not judging lest ye be judged yourself. Excuse me a mere Muslim for telling you about your religion. 🙂

      • Misnomer.

        Christians ARE to Judge Sin.
        Read the Entire Passage, not just the line you cite.

        Clearly Jesus makes reference TO judging sin.

      • Rabbit, considering Islam has a terrible record for judgement on others;a Muslim is the last one I’ll allow to lecture us on our religions.

        We’ll listen to you when your religion stops preaching hate against infidels, especially Jews, homosexuals, and stops trying to dominate everyone with your insidious ideology.
        OH!!! And clean up your own countries by stopping the burning of Christian Churches and Synagogues, and harming and murdering Christians and Jews.

  4. These scum continue to hide free non polluting energy (Tesla energy) because it can’t be taxed.

  5. “Defending” evil.
    Before I start let me state that I am against any imposed solutions from above. After saying that I want to also state that there is definitely way to many people crowded on this little planet. I don’t know if 500 million or 2 billion or whatever number lower than current population is “the right one” but one thing I know for sure is that EARTH RESOURCES ARE LIMITED. Don’t jump on me that I am just another bloodthirsty Malthusian, I simply don’t care. What I do care is UN DISPUTABLE TRUTH of the statement above and the resulting consequences. We have two choices, either most of us die from exhausting planetary resources in similar way as Mayan civilization ceased to exist or we find a way to LOWER the number of people populating this planet. Therefore I am firmly on the side of depopulation yet with most important caveat. I WANT THAT PROBLEM TO BE DISCUSSED IN OPEN WAY AND THE SOLUTION APPLIED TO EVERYONE INCLUDING FOREMOST THE DECIDERS ON THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF SOCIETY. At this point I believe that the least harmful of the existing solutions would be a single child policy. Again, if we do nothing and defend existing status quo, the future of mankind is fairly predictable….we either die of natural resources exhaustion or rulers will kill most of us, probably with some sort of biological weapon. The sooner we look for DEMOCRATIC solution the better the chances that we have a shoot as human civilization to survive. If we refuse to acknowledge the problem and work on it’s solution the decision WILL BE TAKEN WITHOUT US and I can assure you, it will be MUCH WORSE for all. Denial of the problem is only going to accelerate OUR OWN DEMISE. The choice is yours…..

    As a footnote I want to stress that I am regular bread eater and as such I share great amount of disgust toward to so called “ruling elite”. This is the only point I agree with them, yet, as I have stressed above I am totally against their form of “overpopulation problem solution”

    • Earth can easily support ten billion people or more. Just look at the available land in America that goes fallow. Or imagine what would happen if monoculture farming took off in Africa.

      And I think energy is also in a short-term bottle-neck. Fusion and Thorium fission power are coming, nano-tech solar and nano-batteries, and algae as biofuel.

      Things might suck right now, but the glass is half full.

    • Sage Brush you are a mouthy, ignorant bigot. I’ve read about as much of your crap and remained silent as I feel I can stomach.

      Families in the Middle East are about the same size as families in the West, before Feminism truned our women into whores and competitors in the job market. Islam does not permit “many wives” Islam permits four wives IF certain very strict conditions are met, and very few men can meet these conditions as it happens. In addition to this, current wives have a say in this. I for example am a Muslim and my wife who is a very strong Muslim and prays five times a day and is simply the most fabulous woman ever to live and who makes me feel like a king in every way, and who refused to keep the right of divorce when we married (an option Muslim women have) and who is the reason I converted to Islam in the first place…would never permit me to have another wife, even if I could afford or want one.

      Please take your nasty hateful bigotry and shove it you fake phony arsed Christian pretender.

      • Another thing you lying sack of delusions. A man cannot divorce a wife for just any reason, the wife has strict rights under Islam as it happens and this includes huq meher, which should have been decided upon when they did nikah. A wife has rights in a marriage in Islam superior to anything Western women know, and a woman can as I mentioned choose upon marrying (nikah) whether or not to retain the right of divorce herself. This tends to be a cultural thing, for example my wife’s country sees very few women choosing to retain the right but they also have a very strong family tradition and low divorce rates, indeed by our standards divorce is very rare.

        Islam occupies the middle ground between Christianity and Judaism with respect to divorce. Marriage in Islam is a sanctified bond that should not be broken except for compelling reasons. Couples are instructed to pursue all possible remedies whenever their marriages are in danger. Divorce is not to be resorted to except when there is no other way out. In a nutshell, Islam recognizes divorce, yet it discourages it by all means. Let us focus on the recognition side first. Islam does recognize the right of both partners to end their matrimonial relationship. Islam gives the husband the right for Talaq (divorce). Moreover, Islam, unlike Judaism, grants the wife the right to dissolve the marriage through what is known as Khula’. As for your outright LIE that a husband can divorce by merely saying so three times…such deceit is quite breathtaking really. I shall just state for the record: YOU ARE A DIRTY LYING POS.

        Judaism, allows divorce even without any cause. Wives, on the other hand, cannot initiate divorce under Jewish law. As for Christian law, actually divorce is technically forbidden, check your bible, but in fact the Christian West seems to have made a true instituion out of divorce and it would appear to be competing with the one of Marriage for top spot.

        Ouch, is that a Beam in your eye my dear?

      • Before “feminism” turned our women into whores and competitors in the job market?” Ah, yes, the religion of peace shall not tolerate “Westernized” women and competitors. Heaven forbid they be allowed to dress as they see fit and hold down a job.

        And does your religion tolerate honor killings? Yep.


        “Strict conditions” for divorce? Yeah, Just like a man in Malaysia can text message a divorce to his wife:


        Yeah, Talaq gives the Islam men all the rights. If even this last measure proves to be ineffective, and there appears to be no sign of reconciliation, then the husband can use his right of giving divorce; and it is definitely better to free the wife from the bonds of nikah than keeping her suspended indefinitely. Islam has kept the avenue of divorce open for man in order that man may lead a righteous life and there should be no difficulty for him to keep within the limits of morality. Similarly Islam has given the right of ‘Khula’ to woman and also to approach a court of law for dissolving her nikah in order that she may also be able to keep within the religious and moral bounds. There is still the need for witnesses when seeking a Khula as in a Talaq.

        I’m sure you know more about the rules regarding Islam. The one thing I do know, is is it NOT a religion of peace or one that gives women full and equal rights and protection. That you will never convince me of.

  6. Gates is insane– CO2 down to zero– means no animals and no human breath; no natural fires or leaf decay — this guy needs professional help

  7. Yeah like they care, why they are not protecting rain forest and not replanting one in europe, no funds for solar and new inventions blatantly burried, so who do they care, they just want the right to determine who lives due to heritage or intellectual brilliance, or beauty, the rest you die

  8. Why don’t David Rockefeller (age 96?”) and Kissinger (late 80’s) just DIE and reduce the population by two. This would offload a lot of EVIL from the planet.

  9. TO COGITOMAN: Have you asked yourself why Kissinger, Rockefller, Bush Sr. and many more of the elite are living to almost 100 years old – a much LONGER lifespan than most people? Some say these people are cloned after they die – if so, why? There are too many people so we certainly don’t need CLONES. Neither do we need all the biological entities they’re producing in a multitude of labs, but they go right on producing them. And I’m “sick” of hearing how all these MEN want to ban abortion despite their over-population claim.

  10. wayne pacific

    Rockefeller’s words in the video above were very reasonable based upon simple commonsense.. I could find nothing wrong with his words at all and I am a v ery critical anti- establishment person. He may be a bad guy, but these words don’t show it at all.

  11. We cannot escape the mathematics. Exponential growth is not sustainable. A 10% annual (constant) increase means that every 3.5 years the number doubles. Without endorsing the above, nonetheless, something has to be done or nature will take its course and that would be, from a historical model, as bad or worse than what is being exposed to here. Agenda 21 is controversial. There are certain aspects of Agenda 21 that make perfect sense…as I happen to live in an area where I have suggested locals sue an international mining company under Agenda 21 provisions to stop what is politically impossible to stop otherwise. It may be that the same tunnel vision that progressive sites criticize are come full circle, meaning that to abolish Agenda 21 on these grounds and these grounds alone seem narrowly interpreted.

    Population control is going to happen. It will either be man-directed or nature-directed or some combination of the two. Ignoring it will not stop it…and if we choose the latter it it will result in starvation, disease and other horrific ends to human life…as horrific if not more so than the threat of Bill Gates or David Rockefeller. Instead of going down the current path, I suggest you offer some real solutions to population control because exponential growth is not sustainable…not mathematically…not in nature…

    An excellent lecture on the subject of exponential growth from the Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Colorado, is available on YouTube:

  12. lucille rothstein

    Duhhhhh!!!!! Come to Texas. I can drive my car from my House BUT NAKED for two hours and not see another human soul. It’s a convertible too. I miss people. I’d like for a lot of foreigners to come live in my nearest town. It used to be 2000, but since the 90’s 1500 died of old age and the other 300 moved away to the big city’s. WE WANT PEOPLE! Any people that have been impacted by the recent disasters are also invited to come live over here in the southwest. Big empty homes and buildings, businesses and retail stores just sitting vacant and no one owns them, they all died and left them to others that abandoned them and they became part of the city. They sell em cheap! Come to Texas!

    • What city Lucille? Let me know your whereabouts and if the grass is green ? Hope your doing good. My daughter lives in Amarillo. A really nice city.Let me know how to get in touch. Go to facebook Robert T. Orcutt. Must be twenty of us in Florida. I’m in Orlando. Happiest place on earth. ” Come on Down” or over ! Bring money ! Disney and Universal are $80.00 to get in.Do good things for the Federal Reserve . Not “Federal ” Rockefeller owns it. So he ‘s got some moving money “for the people”. Just ask for it . Apply today ! Form 2992-23601-4-2011. PS Is that near Route 66?

  13. lowtechgrannie

    In my opinion, this is based on a false assumption of stable family size over mutliple generations. That’s not the trend. The problem in in the Developed world is growth of the population of elderly and not enough young productive people to support the aging generation. Look at China with the “one child” policy. Look at America where so many young people of child-bearing age forego parenthood and get a dog instead.

  14. So how would you explain their century old rush to rapidly INCREASE north-American population, Likewise Indian/Pakistani/Indonesian/Arab/Iranian/Turkish population?
    – It is not against the whole of humanity, only against the mongoloid, with a clear emphasis against white-Caucasian.

  15. The REAL objective

    Here is a man who thinks he knows something! Science, Sociology, earth science, space, on and on….how does he not feel stupid, knowing he is stupid? Here’s one human being judging whether billions of others should live or die? I think he needs to be relieved of his fortunes and given a shovel to clear all that bull that he is spewing over the audience!

    A fool is the one who thinks he has everything figured out. So, David is a great poster child for the stupid and brain dead that follow him.

  16. Bill Gates is such a clown. When he mentioned the “equation on C02” I actually thought he was going to try and give us some data on the amount of C02 emitted which might affect a significant change in the temperature of our atmosphere, but instead he gives us a ridiculous “equation”: It’s very simple..the more C02, the warmer it gets, which equals….negative effects. This is childish.
    What really irritates me is the simplistic, non-scientific atmospheric models these “warmers” rely on. They don’t take into account the primary atmospheric moderators, such as solar ionization, which breaks C02 into 02 and carbon. This is why we have increased precipitation after intense solar activity. When energetic particles from the sun reach our atmosphere, they break C02 into Carbon and 02..solar ionization. The resultant carbon becomes the basis for condensation nuclei, which results in rain.
    The amount of C02 in our atmosphere is so incredibly small, it’s inconsequential. It would be impossible for the ratio of C02 in our atmosphere to rise due to solar ionization. Also, the “Warmers” have never shown that increased C02 actually results in higher temperatures, or warmer weather. Their entire thesis is based on shody assumptions, and the public’s association with C02 and hot exhaust pipes. People assume that C02 is always “hot”, which again, is more nonsense.
    What’s troubling is that clowns like Bill Gates, because of their money, can actually convince large segments of the population, and in a democracy, or mob rule, you only need 51%.

  17. In about 40 years there will be a crisis in the world, and it will be “Under-population”. Right now, in the US, if it weren’t for immigration, the population would be declining. It’s much worse in Europe. What people don’t realize is that it doesn’t take long for the Human race to destroy itself if we humans decide not to reproduce in numbers high enough to replace ourselves when we die. That means every woman in the world has to have at least 2 children on average. Right now, nobody is having children, because nobody can afford it, and because it’s not trendy, it requires sacrifice, it’s not “green”, or “sustainable”. This is going to create the largest problem the human race has ever encountered. Even developing nations have dramatically reduced birth rates. Thailand is at 2.1, thanks to the U.N. program which was initiated in the early 1970’s.
    Have you ever heard of a farmer complaining he had too much demand? Or a businessman claiming he had too many customers? The more people, the better. We are so far away from the density that would truly be considered dangerous, it’s not even a remote problem. Mankind wants more people, because more people means more demand for our production…

  18. There are many other humane ways to control the population OTHER than war and genocide. This “agenda 21 filth is a pet project of the Demon incarnate Henry Kissinger and his buddies comprising the “Synagogue of Satan”, so named by the Christ.
    What Muslims, Christians and other human beings need to wake up to is the toilet tissue “holy book” of theirs called the Talmud. These evil dogs’ sole purpose, (transcending even their almost erotic love and pursuit of money), is the complete annihilation/enslavement of we “Goy”. Evidenced by their slaughter of tens of millions in Russia, Germany Eastern Europe in the last century alone. Agenda 21 isn’t new, it’s been around since before they put the Talmud into print…..it’s just a new name for the same evil brought to you by the NON- Semite friends of the Rothschild Banking cabal and their Christian/Muslim Renfield Class in D.C. London and other Western nations acting as Israel’s “bitches”..

    • By your own comment here, you are confusing and equating an entire ethnic group (Jews) with evil people:

      1. You assert that it’s Jews like Kissinger whose “sole purpose…is the complete annihilation/enslavement of we ‘Goy’.” Alas, it’s not just non-Jews who become victims. Jews too are annihilated/enslaved; or have you forgotten about the Holocaust? Jews were also among the millions and millions of people who lost their lives to the failed experiment of Marxist communism.

      2. You wrote that the evil Talmudic Jews are in collusion with their “Non-Semite friends” — which means, by your own admission, there are non Jews who are promoting this “agenda 21 filth.”

      Therefore, by your own testimony (1 and 2 above), the people with this evil agenda consist of BOTH Jews and non-Jews. Their victims, too, are comprised of BOTH Jews and non-Jews. So why do people like you insist on attributing all this to Jews, albeit of the Talmudic variety? What you are doing is akin to someone making the erroneous logical assumption that since a small percentage (which is too many) of Catholic priests are pedophiles, it’s Catholics who are behind the terrible sin of pedophilia!

      Just as not all Catholics — not even all Catholic priests — are pedophiles, so not all Jews are evil TPTB behind-the-scenes puppeteers.
      But all pedophiles and TPTB are evil.
      The problem, therefore, is moral evil, instead of a particular ethnic group.

      Instead of attributing “this Agenda 21 filth” to Jews, the factually correct attribution is to EVIL PEOPLE or Satanists or followers of Satan.

      At the root of your factual and logical error is a terrible bigotry — that of anti-Semitism. And so, it turns out that you saw the speck in your brother’s eye but couldn’t see the beam in your own.


        By Rev. Ted Pike
        13 Jun 11

        A number of Judaism’s most venerable ancient rabbis, whose edicts are recorded in the “Bible” of modern Judaism, the Talmud, were pedophiles. This is documented in my article, “Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret.” Some of the earliest and very
        greatest sages, such as the “great” Simeon ben Yohai, encouraged rabbis to sexually assault (“marry”) girls as young as three and permitted Jewish women to molest boys under the age of 9.
        (See, “Judaism and Homosexuality: A Marriage Made in Hell” and “Pedophilia ‘Rampant’ in Orthodox Judaism”) Orthodox Judaism today reveals a disturbing trend: the more that Jewish leaders literally believe the Talmud, the more they are charged with sex crimes against minors.

        It is rare today that rabbis from the liberal branches of Judaism, which often “spiritualized” the Talmud, are accused of sex crimes against minors. (These are Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist.) Yet in Orthodox Jewish centers such as New York and Israel, an escalating number of such Orthodox authorities are indicted as child molesters. These rabbis do not merely theorize about the Talmud’s encouragement of child sex but act on it.
        Shmarya Rosenberg publishes Failed Messiah, a site devoted to ultra-Orthodox Judaism and exposing its sins. A former member of the Lubavitcher Hasidic movement who remains a practicing Orthodox Jew, he has published Hundreds of posts about Orthodox molestation and says he gets dozens of tips per week. ‘

        NOTE: There were 9 incidents in the Catholic church last year, and 6 the year prior. There were over 240 in the Protestant Faiths and Hundreds in the Jewish Community, including Israel.

        • Thank you, Bill, for providing us with source and factual claims. I am aware of some downright unsavory aspects of the Talmud and Talmudic Judaism, and have gotten into frustrating arguments with some evangelical Christians who are adamant about never criticizing Jews or Israel. I’m not one of them. I will call evil as I see it, wherever it’s found.

      • While you a technically correct it’s not that cut and dry. Ever heard of Shabbos goy or as Rothschild said “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours”.

        Take a look at the people behind the Bolsheviks , look at the percentage of Jews to Non Jews tells you all you need to know.
        I think you haven’t developed the appropriate skill yet.

        • Yes, I am aware of the facts that:

          1. The great % of Jews in the Bolshevik Party and among the top leadership of the former Soviet Union.
          2. Just as I am aware of the alarming % of Jews among the economic-political-cultural elite and the Leftwing of the United States.
          3. And I have posted on the great majority of Jews being registered Democrats and continuing to support Obama.

          Fact #2 is not surprising, given the fact that the average IQ of Jews is 1 to 1.5 standard deviation points (which means 15-22 IQ points) above the average IQ of the larger population — which means that the average Jew is simply smarter. Those statistics are GROUP stats, which cannot predict INDIVIDUAL intelligence (I certainly have met Jews with mediocre intelligence). Like every racial/ethnic group, there are smart and stupid ones. It’s just that the probability is that the smart and stupid Jews are smarter than others.

          Facts #1 & 3 concern the phenomenon of why Jews seem prone to Marxism, socialism, liberalism, “progressivism.” For these Jews, their religion is liberalism instead of Judaism. I think the explanation is a psychological and spiritual one.

          But what I’ve written still stands:

          Not all Jews are Marxist or leftwing.
          Not all Jews are evil.
          No group has a monopoly on evil or good.
          So if you condemn an entire group as evil, you are still a bigot.

          And it is you who “haven’t developed the appropriate skill yet,” unless of course the “appropriate skill” you mean is BIGOTRY and rank prejudice.

          Given what you believe, I’m curious to know what you propose as a solution. Exterminate all Jews? Seems to me someone had tried that.

  19. Thank you, my friend. Our blog periodically gets this anti-Semitic sophistry, I thought it’s time to really dissect and demolish the egregiously flawed “reasoning” of this brand of bigotry.

  20. Rev. Reggie Jackson

    Oh my!! These International Bankers/Illuminati/Freemasonry devils will be cooking and frying and crying and wishing that they could die. But they will be already dead and can never die again. But their spirits and souls will be in great anguish for killing and martyring most of God people who wouldn’t take their mark of the beast chip in their foreheads or hands. And according to Revelation 14:9-11, they that take their Mark (chip) will be forever tormented 24/7 without rest in the lake of fire and brimstone.

  21. when TSHTF and billions are starving to death,THEN you will see real ant-semitism
    (misnamed,Arabs are REAL semites,not KHAZARS).The 3rd Reich will seem as a picnic
    when IV Reich comes along…

    • Please read my response to paschn. Just substitute the word “Khazars” whenever you see the word “Jews” in my comment.
      And yes, I do know what you mean by “Khazars.” Here’s a little lesson in basic logic for you:

      Not all Jews are Khazars
      Not all Khazars are evil
      Not all evil is committed by Khazars
      Non-Khazars also do evil
      But all who do evil are evil
      Therefore, blaming all Jews Khazars for the world’s evil is just plain stupid.

      And no, in answer to the question you’re thinking — I’m neither Jewish nor Khazarian nor Semitic.


  22. I’m not part of the elite, yet I find myself agreeing with David Rockfeller on over-population. Something must be done because the masses and religious leaders are too complacent, ineffective, stupid, or all three, when it come to workable solutions.

    David is right. We are destroying this planet at an alarming rate. It’s time to face the facts.

    • And how exactly do you propose to “reduce” that over-population?

      Have you heard of the term “Useful Idiots”? Look it up. That’s what you are. Like the useful idiots who bleat about global warming, wear hemp clothing, and ride bicycles instead of automobiles — while their guru Al Gore eat meat (a lot of it, given his girth), has FOUR big luxury mansions, and flies In jet planes — you are playing right into the hands of the Georgia Guidestones population-reduction globalist elites.

      • Okay. You’re angry. That’s understandable, but it solves nothing.

        The choices are heartbreaking, but that’s what we get for ignoring carrying capacity sins.

        As for me, I’m an only child, have one son (no daughters), live in a low population, resource-rich, affluent nation. Am in process of weaning myself off oil-base fuel transportation. Plan to relocate to farm community at some point. Am not a burden to social safety nets, and try to help deserving people where I can. I’m very fortunate and count my blessings.

        The only way to solve this problem is by looking at our own situation and making the necessary adjustments. That said, it is too late for most people. The simple fact is, billions will die soon regardless what the elite do. Mother Earth is dictating terms.

        • Dear JohnS,

          Just because I question you doesn’t mean I’m angry. No, there was no anger in my response to you. You should see me when I am angry! LOL

          Good for you that you are living responsibly. I, too, try. Like you, I have no human children; drives about 3,000 miles a year; am vegetarian; and have never taken any government support, not even unemployment “benefits.” I’ve been frugal all my life and will not be a burden on taxpayers in my old age, but instead pay taxes through my nose to support the needy and the parasitic. That makes me, like you, a useful idiot.

  23. Population-wise, the U.S. is not nearly as bad as China and India. Nevertheless, it is the third largest nation by population, and that in itself wouldn’t be a problem were it not that it consumes 25% of all resources yet comprises a mere 5% of total global population.

    Using America as a model, there is only enough room for 1.2 billion. Don’t shoot me, that’s the math. Resources include food and all forms of raw material to provide a First World standard of living.

    So how do we cull the herd nicely? I’m afraid that time has long past. The resource reality bears this out. There are only so many rare minerals and hydrocarbons to go around.

    I agree with you that some religious organizations have and continue to exacerbate the situation for the worse, and for those regions that continue to do so, I suggest a concerted effort to deny them access to resources until they learn to reduce their population.

    Regardless, we are entering a time when natural limitations and barriers will dictate outcome. And let me state the obvious: It “ain’t” pretty.

    P.S. The U.S. population is still growing, so rather than being the solution, America is part of the problem.


    • Exactly correct.

      Change begins with each and everyone of us. I can’t any of you. All I can do is state the obvious and change myself.

      Again, circumstances will dictate terms, to be sure.

  25. I tend to agree with Dr. Rockefeller. There can be no alternative to responsible management of the world’s limited resources, against a backdrop of unlimited human wants. A “correction” will occur, whether it be by Nature herself, or whether it be by Man managing himself.

  26. Honestly… I just heard a man who was trying to address a SERIOUS problem like a mature adult. I don’t think he is trying to be “evil” in any way. Obviously the population epidemic is a HUGE problem. People need to calm down with their over-dramatic (and sometimes conspiracy and/or religious-fanatic) fears and assumptions!!! People let their fears run away with them and then make up all sorts of stories and theories about what they “think” is going on or what is going to happen… when in reality nothing could be further from the truth. But then it’s too late… they shared their “theory” and struck fear into the hearts of many… who then repeat the process (thinking the fear-based theory is all “true”) so the fear-based “assumptions” continue to grow, compound the problem and get much, much worse. Society needs to become aware of their fear-based thinking… and grow up. Google the online book, “The Insanity of Humanity” by David Coles.

  27. This is a puppy mill for matrix batteries and workerbots.This world make no sense,the life you are given was made useless and void by pricks like this guy.It is said,” judge not lest you be judged.” Why be afraid of justice? That must be a saying about the courts on this sad rock we live on. I want my day in court.GOD’S court.I hereby condemn the world to death.On the grounds that life here is a waste of time.To be born a slave and taught only what someone else approves of,usually lies.The clothes on your back may be taken,the sweat of your laboryour home,your kids.Even the 8-fold path and the golden way are not pollitically correct anymore. To hell with this place.I officially condemn and it and watch it die.Yay Fukushima,yay new madrid faultline,yay oilspills,war and pandemics. I”ll see you on the other side,sheeple/people.In GOD I trust.Enjoy your stupid paper and wasted effort.I’m going home.

  28. People should have spoken up long before this.Its what they didn’t say when they were being lied to and knew it.Its what they didn’t say and now its not allowed apparently.Sheeple are victims and they appear to like it.I’m disgusted and wondering why nobody else is. I should puke in summation but nah.

  29. I think this Fukushima nightmare may be going to take care of a big part of the situation. Then combine this with Nebraska (if it should happen) and we might see more in the way of earthquakes that will unleash G-d knows what on the planet. Relax, destiny has us all taken care of. Enjoy life as you know it, at least a little.


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