Dave's Good Deed for the Year

Just thought I would throw in a little fall public service reminder for our camel-flea infested dune monkey friends:
Never let it be said that I am not diversified in my civic mindedness.
(h/t: NB’s Earnyourkeep)

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0 responses to “Dave's Good Deed for the Year

  1. Says you on a computer or an iPhone with muslim scientists discovery and development of algebra and algorithms you wouldn’t have an iPhone/Computer to post your silly opinions.

    • Nice try, Jack The Lad. But before you trumpet about “Muslim scientists,” I suggest you actually know your stuff. From Wikipedia:
      Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī (c. 780 – c. 850), credited with introducing the decimal positional number system to the Western world and the first systematic solution of linear and quadratic equations in Arabic. In Renaissance Europe, he was considered the original inventor of algebra, although it is now known that his work is based on older Indian or Greek sources.
      Besides, what had Muslims done in the HUNDREDS of years since al-Khwarizmi?

      • Besides, what had Muslims done in the HUNDREDS of years since al-Khwarizmi?
        Killed infidels by the hundreds of thousands.

      • Oh and to your last question what muslims done in the last hundred years? Well here’s a link of muslim contributions, achievements and Nobel prize winners in all sort of fields of science. https://www.siasat.pk/forum/showthread.php?103261-Well-know-Muslim-scientists-in-20th-century Hope your ok, next time open your mind do your research and anyone who does that cannot be arrogant, so your first post really paint a good picture about yourself.

        • From the web site you provided a link to: Siasat.pk accept no responsibility for the accuracy of third-party content or links, or your reliance on any information contained within any such content available through our site. The comments published on Siasat.pk represent a wide range of views and interests of the participating individuals and organisations.”

          I clicked on several links. I got many of these messages: “404 – File or directory not found.” “The web page cannot be found.” And many of the links go to their own web site which promotes themselves and their curriculum vitae. That really paints a good picture about the accuracy of their content and contributions…

        • “Well know [sic] Muslim scientists in the 20th century.”
          The thread you cited would be more credible if the author knew how to spell.
          I counted a grand total of TWELVE Muslim scientists in the 20th century, i.e., in ONE HUNDRED years! That’s an average of 0.12 scientist a year. You call that an accomplishment? All, except for 4, got their Ph.D.s from a Western university, mostly from a U.S. university. 1 of the remaining 4 had only honorary Ph.Ds. None of the 12 supposedly “well known” Muslim scientists is actually well known. Ahmed Zewail is the only Nobel laureate (for Chemistry) among the 12 “well known Muslim scientists.”
          In contrast, Jews have won a total of 41% of all the Nobel Prizes in economics, 28% in medicine, 26% in Physics, 19% in Chemistry, 13% in Literature and 9% of all peace awards.

        • Jack, Jack, get a grip! I know, I know…during the “Golden Age of Islam” in Spain, they created polo and chess. Oh…and they created the pointed arch in architecture. Wow! Can’t live without them! No one ELSE would have EVER EVER come up with those things in any eventuality!!!! You Go Muhammad! Seriously…..when I teach world history even my youngest students understand when I place accomplishments v. culture on a “T” chart….that the cultures who favor religious persecution, ideological warfare, supression of civil rights, subjugation of HALF their total citizenship, and disregard for the health and well-being of their young —-always always fall behind in fostering the health, well-being and general safety/welfare of their citizenry. They understand immediately that a culture turned toward persecution and war, especially for no other reason than idealology or religious grounds….can not provide for the well-being of it’s people. Conversely, they EAT THEIR PEOPLE ALIVE in the name of their stated ideals. No matter age or sex. They are used up until the supply is exhausted……

          • Golly, I’m late in getting to this posting, but HEY! Here you are being yourself, which I always find most refreshing.
            Good to hear you are a teacher, as that means at least some young ones will get something right.

      • Very true, the knowledge they obtained came from people they conquered. They absorbed it as their own.
        Not sure what Jacks problems is, but I am thinking someone peed in his Wheaties this morning.

        • His IP address is from London, England. For all we know, he could be an “immigrant”.

          • Londonistan?
            LOL – Maybe he is one of those thousands of mooooooooooooooooooooooslims that have mysteriously disappeared from the refugee camps and is probably waiting in line for his AK-47 and his bomb making materials at this very moment.

    • Funny how the moooooooooooooooooooooooooslims keep getting credit for contributing things to this world they had nothing to do with.
      They, like the Japanese, are good at copying the work of others. But that is about it.
      Well, they are contributing to the death of infidels and the destruction of civilized nations, but then, they have had fourteen centuries to practice.
      BTW: I don’t own any Apple products – iPhone or otherwise.

      • You really don’t have an intelligent bone in your body just full of opinion I hope the ‘layman’ don’t take you too seriously and do their own research.

        • I have read the Qur’an, and thus probably know more about Islam than most mooooooooooooooslims.
          I also have studied history for the better part of four decades, and relax by reading books such as The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire – which, incidentally, was taken down by the mooooooooooooslim horde that the Romans were stupid enough to allow to come in and live amongst them.
          Believe me, I am the last person here you want to get into a history debate with, as I will be merciless while pounding you into the dirt and laughing in your face whilst doing it, too.
          -And I don’t take prisoners.

      • Dave, you mean like we have been told, how they contributed to the founding of our country?????

        • Well, they did in an indirect kind of way, as the US Navy was originally created to deal with Muslim pirates. 🙂

          • Dave, Dave, Dave, you never cease to astound me, for which I thank you!
            Yeppers, history is always a Good Thing to get right with, because:
            1. we can learn a great deal about how we got here and why; so that
            2. with any luck and a LOT of effort we can avoid the mistakes made by others, although governments have a terrible tendency to avoid learning from history, much preferring to endlessly re-invent wheels that are no longer needed; and finally,
            3. we can throughly roast the ignorant at private and public gatherings, or if we’re unable to make it too hot for them, we may be able to skewer them on their dull mental lances, one of the painful, horrible slow deaths ever devised by the mindless mindful ones….

  2. Good one Dave. PSA taken.

  3. Ha!!!

  4. IMO his good deed was getting the hell out of the country, and taking his relatives with him.
    And further this whacky episode exposes the sedition present in the media though the details filtered by the PC police, got pretty much buried and transformed into a meaningless ‘human interest” story

  5. You morons discredit yourselves every time you post your hateful racist shit. Just adding fuel to the fire of the NWO illuminati divide and conquer strategy of enslaving the world population. Yes, you mouthbreathing simpletons, EVERYONE. instead of working together, you fall for the illuminati’s tricks and attack another group that’s just as clueless as you are. This is why they’re winning. When the time comes, you dumb rednecks will be killed off along with the Muslims that you hate, all for the illuminati population reduction agenda. But that doesn’t matter to you, does it? As long as you get to throw racist abuse at another group to feel better about yourselves. Idiots.

    • First of all, goobermint ejumikated brainwashed one, Islam is not a race. It is a totalitarian, violent political movement masquerading as a “religion.”
      As for enslaving the world population, have you been paying any attention to what the illiterate 7th Century primitives have been doing in Europe and large parts of Africa of late? And that Kenyan fraud in the White House is about to bring even more of them here than he has already.
      As far as us ‘rednecks’ go, I’m pretty sure we will be able to defend ourselves agains the mooooooooooooooooooslim horde that is engaging in their own version of population reduction. You that are self-destructively politically correct, however, are going to be in deep camel dung – probably sooner than you realize because the Islamists are not really all that interested in taxing or enslaving you, but killing you deader than frozen dog-squeeze at the North Pole.
      If these 7th Century throwback camel-washing illiterates think their “religion” requires them to kill me in order for them to get to their heaven and their 72 virgins, I have some really bad news for them.

      • Yep. As I suspected, you’re a total moron that has no clue what the fuck is going on. You just take information out of context and use it to support your simple-minded worldview. Muslims are not the enemy, stupid fuck. They are just another group of useful idiots being used to create chaos so that the illuminati can bring in their NWO. You and the rest of these simpletons are another group of useful idiots that is scripted to fight the Muslims. And the plan is working perfectly. Do your research. The elite are the ones pulling the strings and causing these problems. They don’t give a fuck about you, they’re just using your childish racism to further their own goals. But you don’t see them because you’re too busy attacking the Muslims. Just as they want you to.

        • Good Lord, is your mother proud of the mouth you have? You must have been the champion of your debate class with such an influential, compelling language.

          • Oh does my use of bad language offend you? How funny. I thought this group was against censorship and PC culture. Cunt.

            • I see you also need to look up the word “deflection” in your dictionary as well 🙂

              • You need to look up illuminati divide and conquer strategy and also how Muslim extremist groups like ISIS are hoaxes created by the elite to further their goals for ww3. And you can shove your dictionary deep up your ass.

                • OK Lina, thanks for the advice. You have a great Sunday evening!

                • Suppose you explain to all of us ignern’t types just why the mooooooooooooooooslims declared war on the civilized world fourteen centuries ago?
                  BTW: That was long before America was even thought of, and I’m pretty confident in saying there was no one around named Bush, either.

            • Cunt, Lina? Is that what you call your genitalia? You must have self-loathing issues.

        • I’ll start worrying about the goobermint when the time comes, as I don’t trust those goobers, either.
          For now, I’m keeping a sharper eye on the mooooooooooooooooooslim horde that wants to kill me and other infidels today, if not yesterday, along with the Mexican invaders that are much more of a clear and present threat to me than goobermint bureaucrat goons.

        • Lina, you do make some good points, and none of us here deny that that, ok?
          But you are SO back-of-the-hand that you’ll always be rejected by people lumped into yr gross misrepresentations.
          The end result is that you are yr own worst enemy, which is true for all of us, including myself and most of our followers who have more humility than you, so that, unlike you, we’re not as likely to shove our butts into our mouths, OK?
          My guess –upon more than fifty years of interacting w/humans– is that you were badly hurt at some time in yr life, and this is yr ‘get back’ mode, which we can understand, even though we are not the cause. But even as you bark up the wrong tree, you do nothing to solve yr problem[s], except to blame others.
          So take time to get close to God –however you conceive that– and find yr place on Earth w/the rest of us. We’re here, we’re waiting; you are one of the herd, don’t creep to the edge and die.

    • “…post hateful racist shit.” Says the one who calls us morons, mouthbreathing simpletons, dumb rednecks, idiots, and racist. You should try looking up the word “projection” in a dictionary.

  6. Let’s just not turn ’em back to the 7th CENTURY!!!

  7. Yes, Lina, we DO know how and why the NWO is using Islam and radical muslim terrorists to cause worldwide chaos. But, the muslim terrorists don’t and could probably care less. And, that’s why you and your ilk will be eliminated first because you think all of the muslims you know now are just like the ones currently coming into Europe and the US.

    • Yes, unfortunately for those like Lina, Islamists know “useful idiots” when they see them.

    • Good on you, greenworxx, for getting and saying it right the first time! A most excellent rejoinder to a world-class ‘useful idiot’.
      I was going to write some put-down with which to smack her numbskull, but you & Dave have done some mighty fine dragon slaying, IMO, saving my weary eyes and two tired typing fingers!!

  8. Hey-where’s “Jack the Lady”?

    • Probably busy patching the holes in his anatomically correct president Hussein deluxe model inflatable love doll. 😉

  9. It’s “part of their culture” or something, according to liberals…

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  11. that amazing he is wounderful


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