Daughter of top EU official raped and murdered in Germany by Afghan migrant

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Maria Landenburger murdered by migrant

Maria Landenburger murdered by migrant/Facebook photos

From Express UK: Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of a high-ranking EU official, was returning from a party in the university city of Freiburg in Germany when she was assaulted on a cycle path. She was raped and then drowned before her body was found in the River Dreisam.
The shocking incident happened on October 16 but details have only been released after an arrest on Friday.
The suspect, an Afghan migrant, was caught after police found DNA on a scarf near the path. The scarf reportedly belonged to Maria. They also found a strand of hair on a nearby blackberry bush. Officers then trawled CCTV to see find people with a similar hairstyle, which led them to the suspect.
Following his arrest the suspect, aged 17, pleaded guilty to the attack and will be sentenced next year. However, prosecutors say he can still change his plea and it’s unknown if he has admitted raping Maria.
The unnamed migrant arrived in Germany last year as an unaccompanied minor and lived with a local family in the city.
Ms. Ladenburger reportedly worked in her spare time helping out in refugee homes in Freiburg. But it is unclear whether she ever met her murderer before he took her life.
The dead girl’s father is Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, a lawyer who works as the right hand man to the legal director of the European Commission.
On October 26 he and his wife Frederika placed a memorial notice for Maria in the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper. It read: “Maria was for 19 years a singular ray of sunshine for our family, and that she will remain. We thank God for this gift, that he made you with us.  We are sure that she is safe with him.”
A funeral requiem was held for Maria on October in Notre Dame des Graces Church in Brussels. On December 6 this year Maria would have been 20.
David Müller, head of the police’s Special Commission, said: “Through interviews and a web-based survey, we were able to reconstruct Maria’s final hours. The 19-year-old student had been at a party. By 2.37am, she left the party. Maria then cycled home, as usual. The young woman had been the victim of a sexual offence and a violent crime.
The horror killing piles more pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel who opened the nation’s borders to more than one million migrants since 2015. Earlier this week she was blasted by a father-of-four who said he no longer felt safe because of the migrant inlux.
But Dieter Salomon, the mayor of Freiburg warned people not to “apply perpetrator background for sweeping judgements, but to view it as an isolated incident”.
However, police are also investigating whether the murder of Maria is linked to another killing just a month later. Carolin Gruber was sexually assaulted and murdered in an attack at the same spot. The 27-year-old was found in woodland elsewhere in the city on November 10.

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22 responses to “Daughter of top EU official raped and murdered in Germany by Afghan migrant

  1. “The dead girl’s father is Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, a lawyer who works as the right hand man to the legal director of the European Commission.”
    What are the chances Ladenburger will stick to the pro-Muslim migrants script to the bitter end? — like the parents of Ambassador Chris Stephens, killed by jihadists at Benghazi, who remain pro-Democrat and pro-Hillary Clinton to the end. Such people give new meaning to the expression “useful idiots”.

  2. If the father is so stupid as to cling to the pro-Muslim line, then unfortunately, he deserves to have his pain multiplied many fold due to his personal stupidity. The fact that that one major stated that this was an “isolated incident” needs to have his head examined, and that is after he is flogged in the public square for dereliction of duty–he certainly is not looking out for the people who put him in office. Until Germany and all the other countries that are overrun with these hoards of evil doers send them packin’ they will experience this same kind of atrocity time and time again.

  3. The Elitist will try to double down on STUPID. NGOs are bringing more rape-u-gees to the EU.

  4. This story is too sad for words.

  5. Since her Father is a Globalist, open borders, EU shill- it changes the charge from murder to a sacrifice.

  6. If nothing drastic is done to immediately end this, we will have further proof for those who already know that many NWO promoters who allow this are Satanic psychopaths willing to sacrifice their own children to the devil.

  7. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Don’t expect Big Pharma to come up with a vaccine to prevent this happening here.

  8. he basically sacrificed his daughter (and all women and children in germany) to the PC culture of satanists…
    she, like thousands of women and children in germany, was not a “victim of a sexual offence and a violent crime”…
    rape IS a violent crime and it’s a shame they separate the two…everything that happened to her was violent.
    maybe its that type of mindset that allows the govt to continue to look away when so many germans have been violently assaulted by these inbred, illiterate, skill-less, lustful savages.
    if merkel wins re-election, all I would say is:
    ‘fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me’…..you get what you deserve.

    • MomOfIV . . . Your words are well written, I especially like . . . “continue to look away when so many germans have been violently assaulted by these inbred, illiterate, skill-less, lustful savages . . . Any person of reasonable intelligence has to know deep down that you cannot mix these savages with well behaved, civilized people.
      What I am going to write next may seem rather gross and perhaps absurd but, I truly feel that the perpetrators of these kinds of acts need to have their genitals surgically removed before they are put before a firing squad. You may ask why would I ever think such a harsh sentence should be imposed. Since we are dealing with men who basically believe that if they perform enough jihadist atrocities they may be entitled to their 72 virgins. How many of these same men are going to want to present themselves in “Heaven” minus their “package.” Then and only then will they realize how grievous these acts are to members of Western civilization. If these savages cannot get the idea that they will be severely dealt with, then there is no deterrent, and there never will be. You cannot oppose savages while maintaining a civilized demeanor. In whatever form, you had better be willing to get down and dirty to turn this scourge around.

      • the goal of any sane country should be to protect its citizens and borders first….to bring in savages whose sole purpose it to destroy the citizenry is pure suicide.
        Auntie, greed, ignorance and social apathy must be a requirement to work in govt today. The legislators used to care about pushing what the people wanted because they wanted to maintain traditional values, feared an angry mob and losing their jobs (and their lives); today, they push what they want and convince the electorate they want the same as well….pure evil. What’s changed? The electorate got distracted and stopped caring what legislators and govt did and stopped holding them accountable when they made laws that went against Christ….now, it is the norm and anti-Christian legislature and judicial practices are the norm.
        The electorate did not put their collective foot down when the supreme court was being stacked with SJWs in the 60s and we suffer the effects of that today.

      • Bravo Auntie. I am in full agreement. As of now there are no deterrents to these savages, and I do mean savages. I feel little sympathy for the Father for as a perpetrator of the migrant agenda he is evil, and as Occams pointed out sacrificed his own daughter; either that or he is just a total useful idiot liberal in which case as Dr. Eowyn has so often pointed out, he is mentally ill and will find some rationalization to NOT DEAL with his own responsibility for making this happen in the first place.

  9. This is such a sad, but all to often happening thing. I read on another site that the father also asked the people to continue supporting the refugee program. If this is true, someone needs to step on his head.
    This is happening all over the world, some places more,than others, but rape isn’t their only quest, death happens in a high percentage of these cases.
    These people are barbarians and have no respect for life.
    I can only shake my head.

  10. This treacherous treason in which vile enemies are allowed to invade to rape and murder the children of the traitors is an incredible, despicable evil!

    • what germany is allowing to happen to their women is pure misogyny. women should be screaming from the rooftops and demanding change and protection, instead they hush up and allow PC politics to speak for them.
      where’s the women’s empowerment movement?
      it’s lying under political correctness.
      if ever women needed to speak up and act it is now.

  11. …..throwing pearls before swine…..
    If we don’t stop this—we are as guilty as the perp… and, we must remember how “group think” and “politically correct thinking” has functioned in the past THROUGH THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF HUMANITY….to produce sorrow and death openly and with the support/approval of the sheeple…….
    We are not heartless, we are not against helping our “brothers” in times of need….but at the same time…we MUST adhere to the rights of all….and MY RIGHTS…as well as the rights of this poor child and so many others….are just as worthy as the “rights” of those to whom we give shelter against a storm. My dear departed dad told me once something I’ve never forgotten: My “rights” end at the end of my flailing fist….and at the point where someone else’s NOSE begins……It’s TIME that we, governmentally/ legislatively and socially, adopt policies that protect us ALL…..

  12. How sad. 🙁
    I have a niece a little over a year older than her.
    It matters not what an idiot her father is, this beautiful young lady did not deserve what this imported stinking, camel-flea infested dune monkey did to her.
    And yes, I said, and I meant DUNE MONKEY.

  13. This man lost a beautiful daughter not only a sick, twisted savage, but a sick twisted savage that was TWO YEARS YOUNGER than her. These are the “innocent children” that the radicals running the EU are trying to protect; this was not a crime performed by a 40 year old fat sultan, but a 17 year old migrant boy, who might have killed a woman in the same way before. Maria losing her life is a tragedy that should not have occurred. The situation that is in Europe should not be.
    In America, 18 years is often the age of consent, yet here we see a 17 year old not only raping women older than him, but murdering them. Leftists say Islam is a religion of peace; what religion of peace can bring up a child to become a rapist and murderer?

  14. What’s the penalty for murder during a rape in Germany. I’ll bet it’s not the death penalty. It’s most likely life. He’ll get three squares, haleal of course, healthcare, a bed likely more comfortable than what he’s used to, a library, a gymnasium and who knows what else. They’ll respect his ‘right’ to study the Koran and pray 5 times a day. And before he’s 40 they’ll let him out for good behavior.
    I’m for castration (send ’em to his family or mosque) and then feed him to the wild boars. And do it publicly.
    And I’ll also bet that citizens are not allowed to protect themselves with firearms either. ‘Just have them blow a whistle’.

  15. These members of The NWO are stupid enough to think that radical muslims will give up their radical muslim ideas and blend in with the new religion of the NWO. B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I personally believe that when in power the NWO will change the laws and kill off anybody that doesn’t follow their ideas or even questions them!

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