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Simply astonishing athletic feats and stunts.
Note the poor sky-diving cat at the 1:24 mark!
I suggest you watch this in full screen mode. 😀

H/t my ol’ friend Sol.

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0 responses to “Daredevils

  1. Skydiving cats… a Swedish insurance commercial:

    • No kitties were hurt in this.

    • Thanks, Anon! — for the source video of that skydiving cat.
      How did they ensure that the cats’ parachutes would open in time?
      Although no cats were injured, I still think it’s animal cruelty. They must have been terrified.

  2. Cat footage shot in studio to match, and then combined with, real skydiving footage by CGI… kitties never left the ground for the commercial..

  3. I did indoor skydiving again this past weekend. Fun yet no way I’m jumping out of a plane anytime soon. These guys are crazy!

  4. THIS one!!! Watch THIS ONE!
    OH my!!!


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