Danny Thomas Must Be Spinning in His Grave

Tomorrow is the Day of Rage

I just checked their website and found the many helpful resources listed for the convenience of the participants/ragers.  Along with the helpful advice on  interacting with law enforcement and the importance of maintaining jail solidarity, it also provides a link that lists all the public restrooms.  Apparently, the DOR budget does not extend to renting Porta-Potties.
Prominent in the upper right hand corner is the YOUTUBE of their theme song, “FREE TO BE YOU AND ME” by Marlo Thomas.   I don’t know if it’s with her approval or not.   ~LTG
I think they’re hoping for something like a replay of this 1999 event in Seattle.  However, that was a major international event, a meeting of the World Trade Delegates.  This 9/17 Day of Rage is more in line with a test drive of social media.

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