Danish TV Mocks Obama

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He definitely does NOT punch above his weight. 

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0 responses to “Danish TV Mocks Obama

  1. The ultimate ‘lightweight’ POTUS.

    • Obama is a joke. He should have NEVER made it to the Whitehouse the first time. God help us if he gets re-elected. Thanks for getting the truth out to the world. He is an “EMBARASSMENT” to the USA.

  2. Homeschool Mama

    Oh my goodness! This is so funny! Looks like Obama’s media bits are a madlib fill in the blank with whatever country official he is meeting with at the time. How is it we will have four more years of this? Lord, help us.

    • FreedomWarrior

      We will NOT have four more years of this yayhoo! Not if we vote him out in Nov. 2012. GET OUT AND VOTE! God helps those that help themselves.

  3. obama is in ‘weigh’ over his weight.

  4. he is so pathetic,such an embarassment. I’d like to watch someone punch him alright “TKO”

  5. who COULDN’T beat this pretender in an honest debate….
    sans speechwriters and teleprompters….despit the um,er
    master…full er,um deLIVery eh,er-um .

  6. lowtechgrannie

    Imagine the reporters in the White House press corps who cover all these events. I’ll bet they’ve got his canned speech memorized and mouth the words right along with him! And, I’ll bet when they all meet at the watering hole at the end of the day they have a good laugh all around.

  7. What an utter embarrassment Obama is, repeating the same lame phrases over and over again. That’s what happens when he actually has to speak extemporaneously, instead of read a speech off the teleprompter which had been written for him by the White House speech writer.
    Great find, grannie!

  8. He’s stuck on ST……….P.d

  9. T. W. Barricuda

    I think you guys are being grossly unfair to our great leader. What do you expect from a poor professor that has experience only as a
    union organizer, and has not had the opportunities that many of
    us have had to work in private enterprise. He is doing the best that
    he can, way beyond his capabilities and experience. Notice how
    serene and confident he is under stress and pressure. We are
    so fortunate to have him as our leader. When he is elected as
    President of the United Nations, you will see how great he is.

  10. THANK YOU. You have done with this one video something that NO mainstream news network in the U.S. has dared – that is to tell the truth about this imposter in the White House. Thanks again.

  11. The sheeple will never wake up because most are even more ignorant than he is thanks to the deliberate dumbing-down of the populace.


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