Dangerous, illegal and irresponsible: Gun grabbers promote the WORST "PSA" ever

How many felony laws can you identify that are being broken in this PSA? I county WAY TOO MANY.
Proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.
Note – In case my upload doesn’t work: This video is being removed as fast as possible from blogs by the YouTube author (Rejina Sincic). If the original still exists tomorrow, search for “Stop Gun Violence – PSA” on YouTube. Comments have already been closed and I won’t be surprised if you have a hard time finding the original very soon.
h/t National Review (The video is no longer available here as well, but you can read about its content.)

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“Our children deserve a safer world.” Like North Korea? Make people think they are safe. Perception is reality. Ignorance is bliss. Let us March to disgraceful destruction by being led to live by lies.


[…] Dangerous, illegal and irresponsible: Gun grabbers promote the WORST “PSA” ever. […]


Ever notice how many school shooting incidents end the moment ANYONE fires back? Great post, DCG.

Raptor Rapptor

if a kid does that in a high school anywhere near the school cop he would be shot and killed…

Army Vet 4444 (@ArmyVet4444)

I saw this one a couple of days ago from one of my other “conservative” sites I visit. I also commented on the YOUTUBE channel stating all the laws that I could see (but I’m not a lawyer). Some of the other commenters had some really good answers. My main “beef” with this issue simply states that people in our country have become so incredibly ignorant about weapons in general, and it’s getting worse every day. Taking ROTC out of our schools was one of the WORST moves we have made as a country. And while I will probably never… Read more »


Reblogged this on Patriotic Gofer and commented:
This is crazy and stupid for a kid to do. It’s his parent’s gun and should be left alone. Hopefully the video is still around when you find this.
Liberals will say and do ANYTHING to make themselves look and feel good.


Did you notice that when he picked the gun up,he put his finger on the trigger in the process? Think what a statement he would have made if he’d fired the gun accidentally and shot a family member or a neighbor. In a RESPONSIBLE household,this would NEVER be an issue;the kid would know enough to just ASK to handle the gun,he would NEVER hand it over to an “authority figure”,he would know how to empty the gun,and he WOULDN’T BE AFRAID OF IT. Where’s the bad in THAT? I’ve tried my best to figure out why gun-grabbers think the way… Read more »


The morons responsible for this stoopidity should be held responsible for every child that is injured or dies.
Seriously, this is insane beyond words – even by commie/fascist/lefty gun-grabbing standards.