Dancing fools…

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DailyMail: At an event to honor a fellow representative in Washington on Thursday, veteran Democrat Nancy Pelosi bust out some mom moves. House Minority Leader Pelosi danced and sang as Mary Wilson, the founding member of The Supremes, sang 1965 hit Stop! In The Name Of Love.

Yet her enthusiasm was infectious and she was soon joined by other political figures and an actress as they paid tribute to the longest-serving congressman in history, John Dingell.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was the next to join in with the Sixties dancing style, though she  wasn’t quite as committed as Pelosi.

Then the politicians were joined by Wonder  Woman, or at least Lynda Carter, most famous for playing the role in the 1970s  TV series and Miss World USA 1972.

But it wasn’t just Democrats getting in on  the act. Republican Speaker John Boehner could also be seen behind the row of  women smiling and mouthing along with the words.

Also on stage, and the most energetic  performer of them all, was Debbie Dingell, wife of John Dingell and a figure in  the Michigan Democratic Party.


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0 responses to “Dancing fools…

  1. Dancing fools. Perfect caption!
    They must laugh at the American people behind our backs.

  2. What the heck?!

  3. Wasn’t there an old saying ” YOU ARE JUDGED BY THE COMPANY YOU KEEP “. Nice move Bohner !!!

  4. They need all the practice they can get, cause in fifty, sixty years or so, they’ll be dodging pitchforks.


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