Dancing Dog

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Something light-hearted for TGIF.

This dog dances the Merengue!

H/t my ol’ friend Sol  😀


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5 responses to “Dancing Dog

  1. For sure this is one happy critter, playing with its master and enjoying a lot of attention. And its master never need be concerned for a dance date partner!

  2. bwahahahaa…..that pup can cut a rug ….amazing paw -work
    and I could barely get my team to turn Gee or Haw….
    of course ,they did Let’s Go and Take Us Home a bit better….but the only
    dance was the happy dance when getting harnessed fora trail run.

  3. Adorable! Dogs make life better.

  4. Too cute! You can tell the dog was lovin this…waggin his tail the whole time!

  5. This was a hoot and the dog was very well trained. He did seem to love the attention as well.


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