Dallas Police take 75 minutes to respond to armed robbery

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Dallas Police Blame 911 Caller’s “Heavy Accent” for 75-Minute Response to Armed Robbery

Dallas Observer: On Sunday night, four men tried to rob Pepe’s Grocery on Bernal Drive in West Dallas. One of them was carrying an assault rifle, but the manager of the closed store drew first, hitting his target with two shots from his .38. The would-be robbers fled, leaving a trail of blood behind.
The manager, Joe Cho, called police and waited. And waited. And waited. And finally, 20 minutes after shooting an intruder, he locked up and went home. Officers arrived at the store some 75 minutes later.
“I’m at home safe, everything, I relax right now,” Cho told the Morning News’ Scott Goldstein. “Then you call me about an hour something later, you want me to come back over here.”
Dallas police have a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. “The caller had a very heavy accent and was speaking very quickly,” a DPD spokesman said in an email to media Tuesday evening. “The call taker had a very difficult time understanding the information and did not hear the caller say ‘shot’ or ‘shoot.'”
The department would have come closer to its targeted robbery response time of 12 minutes had there not been a report of a shooting a few blocks away — the wounded gunman, it turns out, who had been left by his accomplices.
Police released the 911 call, which you can listen to below. It’s really garbled. Hats off to the call taker for gleaning there was a robbery. Cho definitely says “shot” a couple of times, but it’s easy to miss on the first listen, even if you’re listening for it. Hard to fault the troubled 911 call center here.
What that leaves us with is the simple fact that it took Dallas police more than an hour to respond to an armed robbery. That’s a long time.
Listen and see if you can make out the words.


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0 responses to “Dallas Police take 75 minutes to respond to armed robbery

  1. Cho, the store manager, is probably Korean or Chinese, and does speak with a very heavy accent. He was also agitated, distraught and over-wrought. So on top of his heavy accent, he also spoke very quickly. But the 911 call taker should have instructed Cho to take a deep breath, calm down, and speak more slowly and clearly, because she couldn’t quite understand what he was saying.

  2. I think I know what took them so long . They were either in ” cops and cars in topless bars , never saw a woman “………………..or ” all the cops in the doughtnut shop singin’.”……………………………………….Steve , you ought to be able to figure out which sons those lines came from !

    • ” cops and cars in topless bars , never saw a woman “
      [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbfG_-jFDhQ] with Lyrics
      and not exactly but how bout this
      ” all the cops in the doughnut shop singing “
      [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKzLN5SX8SU] with lyrics

  3. When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away … give or take an hour or two?
    It took them a long time to respond because they did not understand the call? That is comforting. Not!

  4. Like I wrote a blog about the cops in my city. This is just the thing that they are doing here. Not responding, but say they are responding while sitting there hitting on females in convenience stores, fire stations, etc. They police are not FOR us. They are all against us and nobody is doing anything about it.

  5. I wonder if when they finally showed up, it was in a brand new black SWAT vehicle.

  6. Oh bless him. He sounds so out of breath!
    I feel sorry for both!

  7. For starters, this recording is pretty low quality audio, so it is not representative of what the call audio sounds like. I think the dispatcher gets more than the article claims because of the lack of followup questions. She gets the 4819 Bernal address twice (which should also be traceable by the call) and confirms the cross street toward the end of the call. It is clear the location was established. Definitely clear there was a robbery that just occurred as she wants descriptions of suspects (two black guys). She asks if they took anything and Cho says twice he shot them. Cho asks her to “send somebody quick” and “hurry up, please!” And those famous last words from the dispatcher: “I have a Call in for police”.

    • Number 41, I agree she understood the whole call. Cross street. Robbed, are they still in there? How many? Look Like. Call in.
      They deal with hyped up people all the time. No she was good, why they did not respond is someone elses fault.

  8. What gets me is this: “its targeted robbery response time of 12 minutes”. Good thing Cho had a gun for his own protection because you are screwed waiting for the police.

  9. Maybe since Dallas isn’t a “gun free zone” you are expected to take care of yourself for 12 minutes. Without “high capacity” magazines.


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