Dalai Lama: "I'm a Marxist"

The Dalai Lama, who has not worked a day in his life, admits he’s a Marxist.
No wonder he’s loved by Hollywood libs and the campus Left! Like recognizes like, just as a dog instinctively reacts to another dog, even though the dog’s been raised from infancy by humans.
The Dalai Lama is believed to be a living god — the reincarnation of the boddhisattva Chenrezig. He heads the Tibetan government in exile (formal name: the Central Tibetan Administration), a theocracy, in Dharamsala, India. Wikipedia describes the CTA as receiving “financial aid from governments and international organizations,” which means that the Dalai Lama has lived on welfare his entire life.
Someone should give a lesson on Marxism to the Dalai Lama because he evidently is woefully ignorant on the subject. Someone should tell him about the minimum of 50 million human lives lost to Marxist communism in the 20th century — a human toll far worse than that perpetrated by Nazi Germany. Someone should also inform this nitwit that “an independent judiciary, free press, and respect for human rights” which he extolls are all alien to Marxism. If Marxism had those, it wouldn’t be Marxism!
H/t beloved Fellowship member May.

Dalai Lama Condemns Capitalism in Radio City Speech

AP – May 20, 2010
The Dalai Lama on Thursday declared that he is still a Marxist in spirit who condemns capitalism as a system whose main goal is “how to make profit.” Marxism has “the only economy system expressing concern of equal distribution (of wealth); that is moral ethics,” the Tibetan Buddhist leader told a news conference at the start of a four-day New York visit.
The 74-year-0ld Nobel Peace Prize winner spoke minutes before his afternoon teaching session at Radio City Music Hall…. Tickets for each of six such sessions…sold for $20 to $60 apiece. But several Internet sites were reselling them at prices nearing $700. Asked for what he thought about people having to pay to hear his spiritual lectures, he said: “This is up to organizer. I have no connection.” He then said that he always asks organizers of his worldwide appearances that any tickets be “cheap” and that he personally never accepts payment. In addition, some of the proceeds from the events go to hunger relief and other charities, he said. However, to laughter, the Dalai Lama added that after his teaching sessions, certain organizations do “look a little wealthier.”
He said some friends tell him not to mention that “still, I am Marxist,” because he believes the goal of many Western democracies is “only how to make profit,” creating economic inequalities that contribute to social ills. But in practice, he added, Marxism as applied by authoritarian governments, such as China’s, is oppressive, because it lacks an independent judiciary, a free press and human rights for his fellow Buddhists in Chinese-governed Tibet. Thousands of Tibetans rose up against Chinese rule in 1959, and the Dalai Lama was forced to escape to India with his followers. He’s now the political leader of Tibet’s exiled government.
[…] As he left the site of the briefing…a beaming Dalai Lama assured reporters that despite his view of capitalism, he enjoys being in the world’s financial capital. “I love New York!” he exclaimed.

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10 years ago

I used to have an imaginary list of people I’d like to invite to lunch.
The Dalai Lama was one of them.
I just scratched him off.

10 years ago

The Traitor would be proud….
Hypocrisy (among other things) is a trait of progressives…don’t preach what you haven’t practiced.

10 years ago

Off topic, but something else to make your head spin. I haven’t had much Photoshop time lately, but I couldn’t pass on this one.

10 years ago

The fact that this man claims to be a god has always done it for me! The One, True, Triune God said, “Thou shalt not have any strange gods before me!” After this claim, that he is god, nothing else the man says has any importance whatsoever! I am not surprised he is a Marxist “in spirit,” since he has never worked a day in his life. He actually repulses me!

10 years ago

“How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”
— Ronald Reagan
“[T]he wildest hippie and the sternest member of the Politburo shared the same daydream, the daydream that underlies all Marxism: that a thing might be somehow worth other than what people will give for it. This is just not true. And any system that bases itself on such a will-o’-the-wisp is bound to fail. Communes don’t work. Cuba doesn’t either.”
— P.J. O’Rourke