Dad is proud of daughter for being a prostitute because she made a lot of money

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Aurora Snow“, 37, was one of porn’s biggest “stars” from 2000 to 2011, even earning a spot in the Adult Video News Hall of Fame earlier this year.

After she retired, she became a writer on the porn industry and women’s issues for the leftist website Daily Beast under her stage name.

In her column of May 20, 2017, Snow recounted a phone conversation she had with her father which began with her asking him how he felt when he heard his daughter was Aurora Snow, the porn actress:

After nearly an hour on the phone, just as we were about to hang up, I mustered up the courage to ask, “Dad, how did you feel when you heard I was Aurora Snow?”


Then came an answer that blew me away: “I was proud.”

That my father didn’t disown me for the unconventional line of work I chose says a lot about his nature. A free spirit, my father has bounced from place to place, from job to job ever since he and my mother divorced. In my family we call that “itchy feet”—never in one place long enough to develop roots….

Proud was not the answer I expected. This is my dad after all, and what father is really okay with his daughter having sex on camera for a living? It’s the first time I’ve ever been brave enough to ask and curious enough to know.

Aurora Snow: But why, why were you proud of me for that?

Dad: Why? Because it’s your life and you can live it any way you want to….

Aurora: Were you shocked? I wasn’t exactly the type to end up in porn.

Dad: Yeah, I was shocked but I was proud. My daughter is Aurora Snow… when my friends found out they said, “Oh my god, that’s your daughter?!”

Aurora: And how did you handle that?

Dad: When they’d say, “How do you feel about your daughter being a porn queen?” I’d ask them how much money they’ve made having sex. None. They’d have to pay for it. So I’m like, “OK, you’d pay for it and my daughter makes hundreds of thousands of dollars having sex, so c’mon, if you could do that wouldn’t you?” That shuts ‘em up.

Aurora: So it wasn’t weird for you?

Dad: Not at all. I’m very proud of you….

Aurora: You know, Howard Stern suggested I got into porn because I had daddy issues. What did you think of that?….

Aurora: I was firm: I didn’t have daddy issues, mine were purely financial. That’s what happens when you’re poor.

Dad: That’s what I told everyone: My daughter is in it for money, and she’s made more money having sex than some people will ever make, so what’s the big deal?…. If I could’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars having sex I would’ve done it, too. I’ve bragged about you. How many people can say they’ve done what you’ve done? I’m proud to call you my daughter.It’s your life and you can do whatever you want with it, and if you’re making your own choices that makes me happy. I wasn’t really around for you. I wasn’t much of a dad, but you know that.

According to Wikipedia, Snow as born and, with her two siblings, raised by a single mother in Santa Maria, California. But Snow’s bio on IMDb, however, says she was born Rebecca Claire Kensington in Vermont. Her parents divorced when she was a toddler. Her mother remarried, to Raymond Nordell, and the family moved to England, where the mother produced four more children.


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19 responses to “Dad is proud of daughter for being a prostitute because she made a lot of money

  1. Many years ago when I was driving for a neighborhood car service, I had a call girl in the car. I asked her why. She replied, “Why should I be a secretary or an administrative assistant and earn $500 a week when I’m sitting on a million?”
    But on the moral plane, the rules of Newtonian physics still apply: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I am a libertarian, and I believe people should be allowed to do whatever they want—UP TO A CERTAIN POINT. A sinner can pray to God, “I don’t know what came over me, Lord! I promise never to do that again. Would You please forgive me?” and be forgiven. But can God forgive the prayer of someone who says, “O Lord, forgive me for the sin I am about to commit?” The question is rhetorical! Of Course God can’t forgive a prayer like that—because it’s insane!

    The Bible teaches us that “no fornicator shall inherit the Kingdom,” and that sexual behavior is limited, in God’s Eyes, to marriage. Everything God Does He Does for good reasons. For one thing, fornicating is how people get hurt, eventually, in one way or another.
    In the contract called matrimony, God is, for lack of a better term, a “silent partner.” Marriage is a contract between two parties—AND GOD. How can God be expected to condone sin? Yes, God is a “libertarian” in that He Gave us free will, but He is so up to a certain point, and that point is where one resolves to sin. And for this woman’s father to applaud the favorable result obtained—a lot of money—means that he, too, is guilty, of complicity after the fact. (But I see how the woman worked: She told him only after she made the money as a sort of leverage).

    People over here in, say New York, are living our lives and doing whatever we do. What do we owe the people living in, say, Los Angeles or even London. After all, if we fornicate with willing partners, what is it to those people over there???

    This is what is up with it: It is a matter of culture. It is a matter of lax discipline and permissiveness, and people wind up suffering—from disease, from divorce, from acts of revenge. But on the “ecological level” it is a matter of the public health. I am celibate. I don’t need to catch some illness, such as a cold, from anyone. I also don’t want to cooperate in someone else’s evil, either. And if I did choose to fornicate (and believe me, I won’t), I wouldn’t want to risk infection: No, I would NOT be able “to take her word for it.”
    This is what the sex industry, after so many steps, in so many ways, does to people directly or indirectly. This is what is wrong with it. It subjects non-participants to hazards without their knowledge or consent. Yes, I AM a libertarian—up to a certain point, the point where people can be harmed and injured like this. This is why the legalization of substances can be debated and considered, whereas prostitution cannot be so considered.

    • Steven . . . . Bravo! Excellent, and to the point comments.

    • Well Steven, you said it yourself. Morals are a “contract” between the players AND God. Prostitution was not unheard of in Christ’s earthly day. In fact, he used it as an example of vile behavior.

      Being a “porn star” is indeed prostitution. I really don’t care how much money she makes. Some hitmen make a lot of money too. What they do is nonetheless immoral.

      As to being “Libertarian”, my concept of that is to live in accordance with a moral code that (hopefully) comports with God’s expectations. Someone simply stating that they are not a believer does not make their actions free from sin. In an orthodox way it is true that non-believer’s sins may be less “serious” as a result of their lack of education.

      Still, once informed free will becomes the definer of behavior. God asks our love and devotion, but He doesn’t “command” it. If He did, we would have no free will.

      I suspect that she (and maybe he) will find out the truth of God’s word at a later date. I doubt that her money will do her much good there.

  2. That a father would feel this way is incredible. No wonder this next generation is so bonkers!

  3. Yeap, Dad and daughter threw their moral compass away for money and shallow fake fame. How will Daddy feel when he loses her to AIDs or worse.

    Lots of money talks and morality is in the gutter.

  4. I’d take this porn queen’s “memory” with a grain of salt. Hard to believe her father (who I assume didn’t work as a pimp) would be so jaded. I consider this more likely to be creative writing on her part.

    • I agree. Since she writes about “women’s issues” she’s probably getting creative with celebrating the sex industry and a woman’s right to choose.

  5. Putting it mildly, she has a lot of money but she ain’t worth a shit!

    Dear FOTM brothers and sisters in Christ, and fellow contributors: may we find hope for a better new year 2019, peace, harmony and may God save our Beautiful Country and our President Donald J. Trump. Until tomorrow, y’all have a very good night.

  6. 1 Timothy 6:9-11 9Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. 10For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 11But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.
    1 John 2:15 15Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.

  7. Proud? Proud of what aspect: she didn’t come home to live with him without income, without a plan or hope for a future—and maybe with a grandchild or 2 for him to support? She made a lot of money? She had sex with a lot of people on camera and still escaped AIDS and such? She left home without much of an advanced education, but still “made good” financially? She sold what many “give away” and so is an astute “business-woman?” She “did her thing” and has survived to tell about it? WHAT???? Wherein is the “pride” centered? Tell us. I was proud when my first-born won an early acceptance to a coveted spot in an elite univerity, full-scholarship….after growing up in a place (where we worked to service remote Indian Reservations) where the US Gov’t deemed the Native American population could NOT get an education(they were sent away to boarding schools), much less a “decent” education….but, my kid HAD to stay there and use the “unacceptable” education system. His dad and I made sure he got what he needed, sometimes through a local college system…even if he was only in 7th or 8th grade……I was proud when my hard-working athlete won his first spot to the US Nationals in his discipline, even tho’, b/c of our circumstance, he got a late start compared to others in his discipline. I’m hard-pressed to understand the reciprocrocity between my pride in my kids’ accomplishments and this father’s pride in his porn star daughter’s accomplishments. Not saying he isn’t privvy to his pride in his daughter. I just want to know upon what he bases this pride. Maybe I’ll understand’ if he can verbalize it to me. What makes a porn film star worthy of pride. I just want to know as a parent…..I MIGHT understand if it is laid out before me.

    • Cal Girl, My wife worked on an Indian Reservation to pay for her education as a Registered Nurse. She got her BSN and gave the Federal Government 4 years as an RN. She was living in a tin trailer in East Butt Hump taking care of a bunch of drunken Indians. This was over 30 years ago and it has not gotten any better.
      Pride in your daughter being a porn star is just grand… That shows a considerable lack of morals or sensibility.
      I am glad your son excelled, you have a right to be proud. My own son died at 19 as the result of a texting driver hitting his motorcycle headon but I was proud that he was learning a trade at the time of his death.
      I now help others sons to become good responsible men. This last year I set 2 up in trade with their tools. The only thing I require of them is that in the future that they set up a kid wanting to learn a trade…. THAT you can take pride in…. Not some twizzle using her pootietooter as a collection site for a chain of sperm banks….

      • Oh my, Water, so sorry and sticken to hear of your loss of a beloved son to a senseless event. All of us have suffered a loss due to your loss, the loss of this child who was learning a trade to bring him into his future, and to serve us in our own future needs. I am also so humbled to hear of your mentoring of the next generation of craftsmen in honor of your son’s memory. This is a beautiful response. I don’t know if I could do it if I were thrust into the same cirucumstance. Bless you.

        Also, Bless your wife… husband and I KNOW from our own experience(also from 30 years ago, like your wife) the work/ hardships/ deprivations that she shouldered in order to advance her own education, her “payback” and simultaneously, served a very minimalized segment of our population that almost next to none know of, understand —not socially, historically, or politically.

        Good wishes to you and yours in this new year.

  8. Please, tell me again how “important” fathers are for their children. With values like this father has, is it any wonder our families are in such disarray. Reminds me of a FB post of Christmas pictures of a family we know. The young women had on short-shorts and tank tops — yes in the dead of winter — and I am thinking to myself: “Really (father’s name) you let your daughters wear that?” Buddy you had better grow a spine because I know you were not raised that way. May the Lord have mercy. PS: translation for the term “itchy feet” = lazy bum.

  9. Proud ?? What kind of a dog shit he is ??
    If that was my daughter, I would be devastated & I don’t know, what really would be my reaction ?? But I would be maybe of casting he out from the family & don’t wanting her to know me anymore ??
    No daughter of mine, being a prostitute or a media journalist or a Pedowood slut ? Those are equal in respect in my eyes ?? I’m not a “royal” who will accept a mulatto slut getting of the Pedowood carousel cock as a wife ??

  10. She is just a rich slut and her dad is a reprobate bum! His acceptance of this gives a different meaning to the, “I bet her Daddy is proud of her!” saying.


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