DACA rescinded: Get ready for the drama…"End of life as we know it"

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paul quinonez

Paul’s Twitter profile pic. From his Twitter bio, “From the best state in Mexico: Colima.”

Want to be the “best you can be,” Paul? You can start online here.
Surprisingly, there are very few sympathetic comments on the liberal Seattle Times web site.
From Seattle Times: Paúl Quiñonez Figueroa wakes up around 6 a.m. every day, anxious.
“I could literally wake up to the end of DACA,” he said of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which since 2012 has allowed young people brought to this country illegally to live and work here.
As a 22-year-old DACA recipient, the waiting has been killing him. “He should announce it already,” Quiñonez Figueroa said Friday in his Northgate apartment.
On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions did it for the president. Sessions announced an “orderly, lawful wind-down” of DACA over the next six months. The Department of Homeland Security will accept no new applications.
Current DACA recipients, however, will be allowed to work legally until their two-year permits expire. That gives Quiñonez Figueroa until February 2019.
“Having a few extra months to prepare for the end of life as we know it is not treating us with empathy or with heart,” Quiñonez Figueroa, an activist with Washington Dream Coalition, said immediately after Sessions’ remarks.
And he was infuriated that President Donald Trump, who had pledged to show heart when dealing with Dreamers, “did not have the decency to face us.”
Now, he’s looking toward the congressional debate that Trump and Sessions have set up as they left the fate of DACA recipients to the legislative branch.
Quiñonez Figueroa, who works as a legislative assistant to state Rep. Shelley Kloba D-Kirkland, said he and his peers plan to press members of Congress to vote on a new DREAM Act introduced this year. The bipartisan bill goes further than previous, failed versions; those eligible would include not just young, undocumented immigrants illegal aliens who go to college or serve in the military but also those in the workforce.
Unlike DACA, it would provide a path to citizenship.
Quiñonez Figueroa said, however, “we’re not going to be used as bargaining chips to put down our parents, to put down our friends.”
He was referring to speculation that Trump and some Republicans might try to trade passage of the DREAM Act for items on the president’s agenda less friendly to immigrants: building a wall on the border with Mexico, hiring thousands of new Border Patrol agents and placing new restrictions on legal immigration.
If Congress tacked such addendums onto the DREAM Act, Quiñonez Figueroa said, DACA recipients like him would seek to kill the bill, he said.
His views represent something of an evolution in the Dreamer movement. It has generated tremendous momentum in part because people brought here as kids are often seen as blameless, unlike other immigrants who come to the U.S. illegally.
But some are so uneasy with being in a special category that they no longer want to be called “Dreamers” — a term they feel connotes virtue unique to them. “We’ve moved far beyond that,” Quiñonez Figueroa said.
He and others want the parents who brought them here to have the same protections they do, even while that is a much more controversial notion.
‘Best I could be’
For a long time, Quiñonez Figueroa was angry about being uprooted from his home in a small town in the Mexican state of Colima, about 500 miles due west of Mexico City. He was 7. “I remember my childhood as happy — normal,” he said. “Why did I have to grow up undocumented illegally here?”
Only last year, when he returned to Colima while studying in Mexico for the summer, did he realize the poverty of his hometown, the challenges his cousins faced in getting to college and the dangers of a country beset by drug cartels.
Then, his parents’ decision to reunite the family in the U.S. — where his father had been working construction and was finding return visits increasingly hard because of toughening border security — made more sense.
He remembers the trip in the back seat of a car, eating potato chips and trying to keep his younger brother quiet as they crossed into California, driven by a legal resident. His mother followed a week later, taking a riskier trip through the desert that she never talked about.
Eventually, they made their way to Eastern Washington, where they had extended family. Quiñonez Figueroa mostly grew up there. Tutored by his mom, who had wanted to be a teacher but couldn’t afford the necessary schooling, he was placed in a program for advanced students.
He threw himself into extracurriculars: volunteering as a bilingual interpreter, running cross-country and playing tennis, joining the debate and Spanish clubs.
“I had to be the best I could be,” he said. Otherwise, he wouldn’t get the private scholarships he needed to go to college. Even when DACA came into being right before his last year of high school, and he was deemed eligible, he couldn’t get federal financial aid due to his status.
As the Trump administration has been keen to point out, DACA recipients are still considered undocumented illegal even though the government has granted them permission to work here temporarily.
Accepted by Gonzaga University, Quiñonez Figueroa benefited from Washington’s version of the DREAM Act, approved while he was there, to allow undocumented students illegal aliens to get state financial aid.
He quickly built up his résumé. He interned for U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat, in Washington, D.C., and got a fellowship to spend a summer at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs.
After school, he worked as an Eastern Washington field director for Sen. Patty Murray’s re-election campaign, and was interested in working for the federal government. But undocumented immigrants illegal aliens are not allowed.
So he turned to local politics. In his job as Rep. Kloba’s assistant, he does everything from running the office budget to helping arrange town-hall meetings.
Not ready to give up
It was in Mexico last summer that Quiñonez Figueroa realized how American he has become. Participating in a program that brought DACA recipients to study side by side with Mexican students, he picked up on subtle but distinct cultural differences, like the way he and his peers would complain about service they found lacking.
“We were called ‘arrogant Americans,’” he recalled.
He nevertheless discovered he could get by in Mexico if he had to. His Spanish was passable. There were opportunities for college-educated professionals like him.
Staring down the possibility of a forced repatriation, he said it wouldn’t be end of the world, but added: “I’m not ready to give up.”
His game plan: go to graduate school and hope that by the time he’s done Congress will have passed a law allowing him to stay.

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0 responses to “DACA rescinded: Get ready for the drama…"End of life as we know it"

  1. Correction:
    “It was in Mexico last summer that Quiñonez Figueroa realized how American America-hating Democrat he has become.”

  2. If these “dream babies” are so talented, let them take their “talents” back to Mexico.
    If they’re so damned smart, why can’t they learn Spanish?

  3. The thing with DREAMing is you eventually have to wake up.

  4. First line says it all:
    “Want to be the “best you can be,” Paul? You can start online here.”
    He seems like a capable, if mis-directed young man; full of ambitious political dreams… why not just go ahead and do the right thing: either apply for citizenship and become a productive, voting member of society, or get the hell out and stop the whining?
    If they’re so smart, won’t they qualify for H1b VISAs? Although I’ve heard the majority of those go to East Indians… with the aid of a special group advocating in Washington for them.
    I saw a Congressman on the tube recently who was on the fence regarding the future of DACA. He said he’d interviewed a similarly-capable young illegal who had been brought into the country at 9 or 10 years of age. He’d been here 19 YEARS now, had accomplished much, was earning a decent income, had a home and family. Yet, he hadn’t even BEGUN to apply for citizenship! It made up that Congressman’s mind right there:
    DACA is broken and needs to be thrown-out.
    I hadn’t even known “dreamers” were still being admitted… I thought it had been a one-time thing to grandfather-in those poor, innocent, unfortunate children of illegals who brought them here previously, and that we were mercifully giving them a deferral on exportation until they had a chance to get their things straight and perhaps initiate the process of citizenship to become LEGAL and documented. And to earn a living while they were doing so.
    Instead, it appears it was a ruse all along to allow liberals and the left to foment revolution against the country they’ve infiltrated… take them in, immunize them from expatriation, and gain their votes and conscience.
    That ends now with Pres. DJT & AG Jeff Sessions. Hasta la Vista, babies.

  5. The mestizos can’t build a civilization, much less a nation. They, like the negroid, must build upon a preset foundation. Still waiting for the greatness to rise in Africa and Latin America.

  6. Although DACA was not designed to automatically lead to citizenship. There is/was no reason these individuals could not go ahead and take all the steps necessary to become a citizen, but it would take some initiative on their part. If citizenship does not mean that much to them that they would not invest the time and energy to work towards citizenship . . . then WE as a nation are better off without these Dreamers. What we need in our country are DOERS, not DREAMERS.

    • Auntie Lulu I’m with you. Why didn’t they seek help before and try to earn citizenship, too late now. I STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP, now……the ball is in the other side of the Court, CONGRESS AND SENATE, but the boys club is afraid the swamp is going down and swallow them all. Everybody running scare. I LOVE YOU DONALD J TRUMP, THE GREAT AMERICAN SWEEPING MACHINE.

    • EXACTLY!! They love to document how hard he works but he can’t find the time or desire to become legalized. Your arguments lose any credibility if you haven’t bothered to at least BEGIN to rectify your LEGAL problem. It is like it has never even crossed his mind…let alone his parents’ minds.

  7. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  8. Too much rhetoric flying around. I’m with Trump.
    If Obama had a hand in it, it has to be damaging to our country. PERIOD.
    But still wave after wave of MSM lies cloud the truth.
    Rush said that 30% of them are in the criminal justice system (or felons), or gang bangers.
    If my parents smuggled me into a country while I was a minor, I wouldn’t want to be punished for their crime.
    If a person shipped into the country by a contractor like Catholic Charities, they got to go back, if you don’t like it, sue Pope Communista.
    What is the legal definition of “young people”?
    Did I say I’m with Trump?
    There, I said it again.

  9. I’ve been ignoring most people like you for most of my life. I and most others I know with substantial education just consider you all ignorant backward sexist racist wife-beating dog-kicking inbred morons whose lives suck to the point that you just hate everyone. Ahistorical, unfounded prattle! But I don’t really blame you. The world is passing you by. Your labor jobs will either be outsourced or replaced by AI and other Intelligent Machines. All you have in your favor is “Whiteness”. And boy, many of the upwardly mobile educated sophisticated whites don’t consider you one of them. You’d have to add a lot more adjectives to “white”. But I must ask – what do you people envision? What do you want? For shits and giggles let’s say you could get rid of all the people of color. Send them packing or maybe even kill them all. Then what? What do you want to go back to? Obviously, you’re not looking to the future because in the future you’re a relic, something ugly those of us who’ve evolved would like to forget ever existed. So, what’s your plan stan?

    • If you want to make an argument for an Unconstitutional amnesty program, there must be a better way to make your point than by slinging verbal attacks.
      But I don’t really blame you for your prattle. Employing critical thinking skills to debate the basis of law is tough for some educated folks. Instead of illegal aliens breaking the law, why don’t they take the steps necessary to become naturalized citizens? Why do DACA recipients expect and/or deserve a special path?
      Since the average age of a DACA recipient is 25 and many have been here illegally for years, why haven’t they applied for citizenship? If illegal aliens aren’t ready to” give up,” why do they not try to follow our naturalized citizenship process? Do they not respect our laws and understand that citizenship is a privilege and not a right? Or would they rather just play politics and create drama?
      Do you believe it’s appropriate to put illegal aliens ahead of American citizens?
      How would you feel if your child didn’t receive a private scholarship or entry into college because the institution gave that spot to an illegal alien?
      I would expect that most “substantially educated” and “evolved” folks who disagree with us would be able to convey the merits of an illegal amnesty program without pulling an Alinsky or playing the race card. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • It’sJailNotYale,
      I can’t believe you actually “liked” your own comment. Pathetic.

    • Now, Yale, you know ad hominem attacks are bad debate form. Personally, I was thinking that making all progressives work at McDonald’s and shop at Walmart (or, even worse, serve in uniform) for two years apiece might do our country wonders, but that may just be me. (But, hey, just gettin’ another grad degree right now… )

    • So yale, if you’re so smart, why’d you lose? Hmmm? I’ll let you in on a not so secret, There are way more of “us” than you, and we are really tired of the liberal crap you fools spew. You can take saul alinsky and shove him up you know where. We don’t dislike anyone of any color, as long as they are a law abiding citizen. If you are illegal, and have done nothing in all your years here to get papers, then it obviously means very little to you, so be gone. Any illegals that are raising hell and demonstrating, should all be loaded up by ICE and returned to their country of origin. Sounds to me like you may not be, hmmm?

    • IJNY-What did you say? I caught “I’ve been ignoring most people like you blablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablablabla….” So-are you done with your Butt-Hurt Diatribe? Alrighty then-time to take your whine-fest to a different audience. You TOTALLY overestimate your value to American Citizens. Everything your people have contributed to in America were NOT because of SKILLS-only VOLUME. BTW-we won’t be killing off any populations-that’s not how we roll;HOWEVER,if American Citizens are faced with a bunch of violent hordes claiming allegiance to another Country or Government,remember The USA has the largest Army of gun packing patriots in the WORLD-you don’t wanna open THAT can of Kick-Ass.

    • Hey You, we may be a relic but you and your Clan will be passé, Dam right white is the word, that’s why “white out” is the best thing ever made. Black out means you can’t see anything, got it? WE WANT snails like you exterminated, YOU ARE THE ONE EVOLVED because you didn’t come out of the womb. Don’t you know black slaves existed because the blacks in Africa took the women, children and men and sold them to the white men? Imbecile, educate yourself in history, you need culture. The moment you are out of sight OUR PLAN WILL BE COMPLETED. MAY YOU BURN IN HELL.

    • Sorry but I’m confused, Yale.
      Are Mexicans not of mainly European decent?
      And in what way will migrant jobs not also be replaced by AI? How is converging on a neighboring country progress?
      I eagerly await your answers. These questions have been puzzling me.

    • Wow Hillary, I am glad you took time out of your busy day to join our discussion. You and your “educated” others can go on ignoring us, we will just keep winning without you! It really sounds to me like you are the one that is filled with hate. I am actually pretty happy, especially when the best you have is the same tired deplorable name calling and expect that telling me that some upwardly mobile sophisticated snot doesn’t consider me one of them! WINNING!

  10. Section 8 of the US Constitution: ONLY Congress may establish a UNIFORM (applies to ALL legally and without exception or “carve-out”) law of Naturalization……

    • So true! What’s so hard for them to understand about it?

    • Now, now CalGirl…we can’t have Constitutional facts interfering with feeeeeeelings 😊

    • Doesn’t it say something somewhere in that vicinity about adopting American ways,assimilating,learning our language and forsaking allegiance with any other Country?

    • Today AP referred to them as “undocumented citizens”. Either they’ve abandoned all pretense, or they can no longer keep up with the cover up of Jewish control. Either way, it comes out the same.
      You might notice that, despite all the “support” these policies get here from The Tribe, it ain’t that way in Israel. Not on your life. They don’t even allow mixed marriages.

  11. Why are there so many born losers?

  12. President Trump has played the media into hanging themselves with their own rope. Now he’s handing congress a rope of their own. Good. The jokers in DC are trying to ride the fence by pleasing both the right and the left. As long as Trump is seen as the one doing the deporting then the heat is off congress to act. Now Trump’s thrown the ball into their court and no matter what they do they’re going to piss of one side or the other. There are a lot more conservatives out there than the left/right/liberals/democrats/republicans (all the same), that are running things, think there are. Let these bozo’s wake up a sleeping giant.


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