D.C. in darkness – for days

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UPDATE (July 2):

Utilities in Ohio, Virginia and Maryland described damage to their power grids as catastrophic. Read more, here.
Many regions in the United States are in the grips of a terrible heat wave, which is lethal on the elderly, the very young, and the sick. Emergencies have been declared in Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, the District of Columbia and Virginia.
Here’s the U.S. heat map:

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Like other parts of the United States, Washington D.C. too is in extreme heat, made worse by power outages.
More than 1 million customers in the D.C. area lost power during Friday night’s powerful storms. Cell phone service also crashed.
The Washington Post reports this morning that half of Montgomery County households are without power and ongoing 9-1-1 problems continue across Northern Virginia. Power company officials said although most customers would have power by Tuesday, everyone will not have electricity restored for another week!
One cannot help but find ominous this photo of D.C. enshrouded in darkness:

“Darkness in Washington is a politician’s natural habitat to do the People’s business.” -DLKSR

“For there is no sincerity in their mouth;
their hearts are corrupt.
Their throats are open graves;
on their tongues are subtle lies.
Declare them guilty, God;
make them fall by their own devices.
Drive them out for their many sins;
they have rebelled against you.” (Psalm 5)

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0 responses to “D.C. in darkness – for days

  1. winstonsmith6079

    What we have here is a “preemptive karma strike”!
    Right now our FULL power grid (INCLUDING those “horrid” coal fired plants) is (was) working full time and the only added drain on that grid is, basically, air conditioners.
    Yet, in his great wisdom, our brilliant leader demands that we shut down nearly HALF of our generating stations and ADD (tens of) thousands of ELECTRIC CARS to the load on that severely diminished capacity?
    Maybe he has stock in candle companies, Coleman stoves and lanterns, Honda home generators and the like? HEY, maybe, then, we could get him for “Insider trading”?

  2. Well with the heat index here in my part of NC its around 113, clouds setting in we may be setting up for another round of “boomers”

    • hang on Will! by chance did you hear about the shooting in N.C.’s military base? they didn’t say much on the news. They would not say names. It received very little coverage.

      • Tina, the names of all have been released. The shooter died yesterday. The Lt. Col. that was killed was 42 w/family. Fayetteville Observer has details. Very sad…

  3. I bet the DC cops will be VERY busy.

  4. God may be speaking on that gay marriage thing. I believe the entire country is under serious judgment now!

  5. As we have yet to see any summer (not even 60 again today) here, I will quit complaining.
    I hope people stay safe and cool.

  6. lowtechgrannie

    The wretched humidity of the east coast is miserable when the temp is in the low 90s. With temperatures over 100, it will be deadly.

  7. It’s God getting after Justice Roberts. 😀

  8. (Psalms 5) Wow! that fits perfectly. Lots of things happen in the dark.

  9. Love it. I will steal it! LOL 😀
    See new caption added to the “D.C. in Darkness” pic!

  10. ASCAOTS !!!
    Hardnox, you just conjured a terrible mental image in my mind.

  11. Utilities in Ohio, Virginia and Maryland described damage to their power grids as catastrophic.
    Read more: https://news.yahoo.com/eastern-u-battles-heat-wave-amid-power-outages-065033909.html


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