CVS employee fired for tackling pharmacy robber

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The employee’s mom didn’t raise a wussy.

From NY Post: A CVS employee from Indiana says both he and a pharmacist were fired after fighting off a man threatening to steal oxycodone.

CVS axed Zac Phillips, from Greenfield, days after he and the pharmacist, who is not being publicly identified, tackled suspect Jagger Maupin, 22, to the floor on Nov. 8.

Phillips worked at CVS for five years, WISH-TV reported.

“You really don’t have time to think in these situations, it happened in a flash,” Phillips said. “(They) showed my pharmacist a note saying ‘This is a pharmacy robbery.”

Phillips said CVS told him and the pharmacist that they violated store policy by “initiating a physical confrontation.” But Phillips claims he was merely acting in defense after seeing the suspect push the pharmacist.

“I was defending myself, defending my pharmacist,” Phillips told Fox 59“If we get attacked, we are not even allowed to defend ourselves.”

Surveillance footage from the incident shows Phillips and the pharmacist wrestling the suspect to the floor as the suspect is trying to run out the door.

Following the incident, police arrested Maupin a block away from the store and charged him with robbery, resisting law enforcement, obstruction of justice, theft and battery. He was not armed.

Phillips believes if he hadn’t prevented Maupin from getting drugs, something worse could have happened.

When you have a half-second to think about it, you don’t think about policy, you think about friend’s life, and who this guy might endanger if he had gotten drugs?” Phillips told WISH-TV.

CVS released the following statement: “The safety and well-being of our customers and employees is always our highest priority. We have stringent security policies and procedures in place to prohibit actions by employees that would jeopardize their safety and the safety of others. The actions of two employees at our Greenfield store during a recent attempted robbery violated those policies and procedures by initiating a physical confrontation, which led to our decision to separate them from the company.”


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29 responses to “CVS employee fired for tackling pharmacy robber

  1. No good deed goes unpunished.

  2. All the more reason to not go to CVS, punch them in the wallet, so to speak. Obviously their “policy” being applied as such indicates that they want to supply drugs to drug abusers, and they want their staff to not interfere with that vile and likely illegal practice. News of this story will also have a ripple effect of making cowards out of the employees, signaling to the criminals that CVS is a good place to rob, and supply materials for drug trade. One wonders if the board of directors for CVS have anything to gain from those obvious outcomes?

  3. Let that CVS store know what you think of their policy:

    1233 N State St., Greenfield, IN 46140
    (317) 462-7713

    Write a review on Yelp:

  4. At least Zac Phillips knows, as he says in the video, that CVS could not care less about its employees, who can be assaulted or killed just so customers aren’t alarmed. It’s not only company policy, but symbolically expresses CVS’ hatred for the very people who shop there by firing two people right before Christmas for protecting themselves. CVS, like the big box retailers and Amazon, is said to exemplify the New American Proposition, which has our economy morphing increasingly into the antipodes of free market economics, where degenerate elites get the use of free money while profits are derived in large measure from the depraved abuse of employees.

  5. My wife deals with a large national drug store chain for her medications while I deal with a local place for mine… Her orders get screwed up all the time and she gets messages that her meds are ready when they are not… Her pharmacy would fire someone for stopping a robber where my pharmacy would give the employee a bonus… I like my pharmacy and think the one my wife uses sucks… The only saving grace the place she uses has is that their beer prices are decent where mine does not sell beer…

  6. I don’t believe this is the only store with this policy. I was at a Ross store last month and witnessed a man run out with a bunch of clothes. I tried to get his license and his getaway car didn’t have a rear plate. I went back into the store to see if I could give any info about the car and they said they won’t even call police. It’s also their store policy not to intervene whatsoever, and the gal working there told me they could get fired if they did so. I was shocked.

    • Ross won’t even call the police? I won’t visit their store any time soon, even if I conceal carry. They apparently favor criminals…

    • Ross just might as well give away the store, literally.

      I’m gonna “dress for less” this weekend! A lot less, like for free!

      • It’s “social justice” or something– virtue signaling must make the stock price go up (they think).

    • Vons supermarkets (at least where I live) have the same policy as Ross: let ‘em go. In CA, any theft under $999 (I believe) is merely ticketable anyway…not even worthy of an actual, physical arrest.

  7. This was the exact same mentality, the exact same policy, that the nuns enforced on us in Catholic school. It is the exact same policy that Great Britain enforces on its own citizens: YES, one CAN be prosecuted for self-defense in one’s own home!

    This policy is nothing short of establishing a SUICIDE CULT! Self-defense is a fundamental human right that MAY NOT be abrogated or usurped in any way. Yet the nuns did it, England does it and now corporations enforce it.
    It is the “transvaluation of all values,” an inversion of the moral order.
    The hypocrisy is damnable.

    • All violence is wrong so one should let themselves get beaten because that’s okay somehow. (Left/libtard logic… )

  8. There are probably employers lining up at his door ready to hire him for a lot more money. In the meantime, CVS is searching for wimpier clerks who will run and hide.

  9. There is a legal thing in the UK about preventing an individual from being “unlawfully at large” presumably if someone has threatened to commit a robbery this could in some way be argued. Actually in the UK law enforcement has been drained of funding so the police don’t bother pursuing anything but the most serious crimes now. In this case the robber should have had the requested medication stuffed up his ****. Clip clop!

  10. The real reason CVS & many other companies have these policies in place, is that they don’t want to have to pay for insurance in case their employees get hurt/killed trying to prevent crimes.

    It’s not for safety reasons, it’s for their bottom line.

  11. Globalist progressive PC company.

  12. DAH!!! The actions of the drug ROBBER initiated the actions…and NOT the employees…WHomever is running this corp. is a dunderhead, to state it kindly. …Sounds like he/she is a grad of our local schools here in Mexifornia or any of our nationwide “progressive” school systems in “progressive states….where kids/parents in the public schools are supported lately in the belief that NOTHING is THEIR responsibility: it all depends upon the RESPONSE to their students’ actions…..even if those actions are unacceptable in their classrooms or the school at large. There are soooooo many problems with this business concern: for instance, ..I stopped shopping CVS years ago once I established a clear personal pattern of over-charging in my local CVS……..(which has since been closed…). IT didn’t matter WHAT was “on sale” in their flyer for which I shopped my local store…..I’d exit and look at my sales slip later, and find that NO sales discounts were accredited to my check-out slip……meaning…I’d never have bought some of those items without the sales price……..I have a suspicion that these transgressions might have been a “scam’ by my local cashiers….under a less-than-observant manager???? Well, his/her job is GONE…as well as all those cashiers…….

  13. Sue for Wrongful Dismissal. A jury should award eight million dollars in punitive damages and the dismissal should be qualified as a Hate Crime. Treble damages.

  14. I wonder what Walgreen’s policy is on this matter?

  15. CVS has long been on my “Do not shop” list.

  16. No wonder CVS’ prices are so high.

  17. Sign that should be at the entrance of every CVS: ” Go ahead and rob us- we won’t lift a finger to stop you!”

  18. I guess the employee’s unions should invest in a backhoe.


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