Cute Couple?

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This photo of Skippy and his Pakistani roommate is from Jack Cashill’s article “Barack Obama’s Missing Year” on Gulag Bound website.  Good article with new info! ~LTG
Gulag Note: “Barack Obama with a friend, Sohale Saddiqi, in the fall of 1981
(All photos courtesy of Phil Boerner)” in article by Alison Leigh Cowan, in

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0 responses to “Cute Couple?

  1. Cozy little duo, if they were any closer, people might infer that they were up to something or had done something or will do something later. I think that the American people are finally getting the message of Barack Obama’s leanings towards Islam, homosexuals, unions, Progressives, Communists and most left-wing crusades. His whole Presidency has been wrapped in lies, lies and more lies. The only thing that can save him now is for his unions to cause a big stink, his calling out the militia and declaring himself rular until the crowds (which he caused) can be controlled. Think it can’t happen? Watch the next few days then months as time for a new election draws near.

  2. After seeing the pictures in the article, my Gaydar is pegging off the charts.

  3. Hmmm, with all that space on the couch, why are Skippy and his BFF sitting so close to each other? Men, i.e., hetero men, don’t sit like that.

    • I was just thinking the same thing… it’s not as if someone ‘was’ sitting there and just happened to get up…. I’m not surprized in the least….

  4. I am surprised Skippy’s body language is so “masculine” in this picture.
    As has been often said, “Even a broken clock is correct twice a day…”

  5. Six pages thread on Jack Cashill’s book “Deconstructing: Obama. Hard to be in college and Pakistan at the same time … maybe secret tunel?????

    • Susan,
      More likely Obama was never actually on campus. Which was what Rev. Manning’s citizens’ trial last year concluded about Skippy’s mysterious 2 years in Columbia University, which NO ONE (student or faculty) has ever come forth saying they’ve seen him.

  6. some news-another P.I. ran Husseins social security number through e-verify-came back a mismatch,this person NOT a U.S. citizen. How much longer does Congress think the game can go on?(yeah that is a disgusting picture on the couch) most obvious.

  7. I almost wish I’d had a computer in 2008…it’s true what they say;
    Nothing is a secret in an InterNet world.
    I plan on checking Brians links…but check out Larry Silverstein and just follow the money for 911 truth.

  8. It looks like they just had sex with each other.


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