Cuomo wants taxpayers to pay for illegal aliens go to college

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cuomo and sanders

The party promising free stuff to illegals on your dime!

New York tax dollars at work.
From NY Post: Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to give another break to immigrant Dreamers by extending free public college tuition to students who were brought into the United States illegally as kids.
Cuomo tucked a provision in his $168 billion budget plan that would amend state education law to make the undocumented students illegal aliens eligible for the Excelsior Scholarship program, which covers tuition costs for students from families with incomes of up to $125,000.
On Tuesday, he said the state would continue providing Medicaid to Dreamers regardless of any federal changes to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.
But Republicans in the state Senate said they won’t go along with Cuomo’s latest idea.
“We don’t support giving free college tuition to people who are here illegally,” said Senate GOP spokesman Scott Reif.

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0 responses to “Cuomo wants taxpayers to pay for illegal aliens go to college

  1. Hadenoughalready

    I see they’re still living within their means, eh? I hope folks leave in groves.

  2. Why do these people put non citizens before citizens out of his mind

  3. The correct name for welfare parasitic Nightmares is cacas. We are getting
    dregs of mestizo Mexicans who have been on AFDC, food stamps, free
    school breakfast, lunch and dinner since they were born. They despise
    their European-American tax-paying benefactors. Most leave high
    school functionally illiterate and continue their welfare lifestyle. Cuomo
    knows his targets. Free college will just be another free ride with

  4. I live in New York state, which is full of raving idiots like Cuomo and DeBlasio. How can anyone have an attitude of non-citizens before citizens is beyond me. Americans first.

  5. I also live in New York and its run by money grubbing idiots. I have working friends who were denied food stamps and medicaid that they could really use to make ends meet while illegal immigrants get these benefits automatically. We have to pay 5 cents per plastic bag when shopping for groceries now, and almost all our local officials are as left as they come.

    • Patrick Cornell

      The State University of New York is practically giving degrees away to minority students without any standardized tests. They might as well just award degrees to the DACA men and women because believe you me they will not educate them but will make certain not a single one of them ever receives a failing grade. Save the people of NYS the expense of paying for them to loaf around campus for 3-6 years and just give them all degrees, six figure state government careers and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. It’s their country now gringos!

      • Patrick . . . . that is horrendously sad news. I feel for all the legal residents who have paid their fees to get a degree that means something. I have little doubt that after a while, employers will catch on that among those who speak English as a second language–their degrees will be severely discounted. After all, who wants to pay top dollar to someone who doesn’t really make the cut. It truly is a shame for all those who have really worked in order to achieve a degree.
        I must say, I just don’t understand how the State of New York got to be such a communistic enclave? When I used to contemplate New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey . . . I would always think of “The Minutemen,” “The Sons of Liberty,” things of that nature–I guess that kind of behavior is long gone . . .

    • Sharon . . . . I must admit the rest of the intelligent people in our country look at both New York and California, and we scratch our heads. How could this “communist leaning” philosophy have taken hold of these states? I can only offer my greatest sympathy. I suppose that all those who can, will flee New York, but then, not everyone can just pick up and head for the hills.
      I live in Portland, Oregon, another one of the communist strong holds. My grand parents settled here in 1918, a hundred years ago . . . when living here is all that you have known, and if you are not a person who moves every few years–you emotionally feel a hesitancy to leave the surrounding that are comfortable to you. I would much rather drive out all the commies. The only problem is that so many libtards have moved into the State of Oregon, that it has become a major problem in their votes surpassing conservative votes.
      It is little wonder that “New California” wants to break off from “California.” I believe that they are in the same boat, where the liberals from the coastal areas run roughshod over the rest of the counties in California, since they can out vote these other areas. I am all for they succeeding from California. I realize that would not work for the region of New York, because you can hardly divvy up New York City.

  6. funny as it is, if you took away new york cities right to vote in state elections, these demorats wouldn’t win an election for dog catcher.

    • Sharon . . . . That I can believe. That is the real shame of it all–these liberal (welfare receiving folks) can outvote other people of greater sanity.

  7. The tip of the iceberg, and to think people would want to vote for him is burlesque, liberals have no end to swindle taxpayers but, it is sad when they vote for a thief.

  8. ILLEGAL ALLIENS HAVE NO RIGHTS -seems like people don’t understand, do they? THEY NEED TO BE REMOVED, EXTRICATED, and no deals made with the liberal left!

    • Alma . . . . You are definitely the voice of reason. For the life of me, I just don’t understand who people, politicians, etc. can put the well being of illegal persons residing in our country, before the well being of our own legal citizens.

  9. Buying a new generation of voters. Don’t believe for a second men like this are kind and generous with great compassion filling their hearts. They expect a payback. If not right away, then soon. I’m yet to see any genuine warmth from Cuomo toward his fellow man. Not in any capacity.

    • Youghn . . . . You are right on the money! Cuomo only promotes this absurd ideas because he feels he can garner votes in that manner. Now, if he proposes to personally pay the college tuitions of illegals . . . then let him do so. Otherwise, it amounts to the theft of taxpayer monies.

    • He has the eyes of a shark-and the character of one,too.

  10. They need to be chased through the streets. They won’t feed the homeless or pay for citizen’s college. What utter B.S..
    Once we take care of our own we can look at those who came “legally”. There should never be a benefit for those who come illegally.

    • lophatt . . . . I certainly do agree with the sentiment . . . “Once we take care of our own we can look at those who came ‘legally’. There should never be a benefit for those who came illegally.” I see this as the real crux of the problem . . . didn’t we give a “general amnesty” back in Reagan’s Presidency (I may be wrong, but we certainly did during some President’s term in office.) What did that get us? Then we had more and more illegals doing anything they could to circumvent our laws, to make it through our boarders. Now we are expected to do “another general amnesty.” My answer to that is HELL NO, enough is enough. Furthermore, as far as I am concerned any illegal who has profited from any US based welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, WIC coupons, etc. should have to pay back in full the value of all benefits they received before they can even apply for citizenship. It will only be when we get hard as nails about these problems, that these problems will start to go away.
      I am in favor of continuing to export illegals back to the country of their nativity. Yes, that may sound very cruel. Look at the case of the illegal who had been in this country for 30 years. In all that time, he never went to an immigration lawyer to seek to become a citizen. Whuz up with that? The same can be said of many, many of the DACA people . . . none of them went through proper steps to actually become an actual citizen. I believe that this is because they would rather foment for “AMNESTY FOR ALL ILLEGALS” rather than getting themselves straight with our immigration board. I fear that so many of these DACA people are those who have been accustomed to living off that great “giver of free benefits.” How does this background make them eligible to be a productive member of American society?

  11. Patrick Cornell

    New York has has been on the wrong side of mostly everything since it sided for the most part with the loyalists in the American Revolution. The NY state government was wrong then, has almost always been wrong since as is dead wrong on immigration now. New York is almost as bad as California, God help this country should Andrew Cuomo become President.

    • If he’s arrested and Convicted for a Felony (or two,or three,or….),which I have no doubt he COULD be,then he wouldn’t be eligible to run for President. Wouldn’t THAT be a shame?

    A thinking person simply cannot arrive at their position. How gullible does one have to be to go along with this?

  13. I detested Cuomo the Elder and I detest this one, too. Come to think of it, I detest Chris Cuomo, also. It boils down to this: It’s their meal ticket. But what is really galling about the Cuomos is that they are DIALECTICIANS. They want to look at reality and have it both ways.
    And yet they considered themselves to be “Catholics.” How can this be? That’s a no-brainer, too: Vatican II opened the door to dialogue—WITH THE DEVIL—with its trademark ambiguity. The Devil is a Master Dialectician, and he fools intellectuals and wannabes like the Cuomos. But he doesn’t fool me!
    See it: The Cuomos are dialecticians. They speak out of both sides of their mouths because they think out of both sides of their brains. But with Chuck “Schmuckles the Clown” Schumer, it’s different. Schmuckles the Clown is no dialectician, merely a dissembler. He doesn’t have to engage in all sorts of mental gymnastics! Why bother when you can merely deceive?
    But the Question is still asked, Why is this happening? Here is the Answer: White people have contracepted and aborted themselves out of existence; The “immigrants” have come to fill the void. Hence Andrew Cuomo’s two-fanged song-and-dance. He really is a disgrace!

  14. NY state will find a way to give selective people free tuition…..

  15. Cuomo has money-if HE wants it,HE can pay for it.

  16. Well, that certainly has to make the law abiding tax paying residents feel special. And the dems are also wanting to do away with the electoral votes. They are continually trying to take our rights away and to make sure they win every election from here in out.

  17. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    More political slickery from Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an already charged environment of the illegal immigrant “conversation”. Just how arrogant do you have to be to try a slick this into the budget without someone raising a red flag? He apparently is! This is Liberal Democratic jackassery at its best! Good luck with that!

  18. Back in the day, Medieval Times, a few Muslims escaped being beheaded in their own sectionalized homeland and trekked across North Africa, and into Spain…..Along the way,, they built mosques in places where there were NO MUSLIMS…..and gave away free programs, help,support, esp to the young.. & promised MORE glorious things in the future and even in death, than anyone could then imagine within their poor circumstances..,,
    Pretty much their motto might have been, “If you build it, they will come.”
    In this way they took over a vast empire from the Middle East,, across Africa, and into Spain,, which lasted for centuries until Spain was unified and they were thrown out. Meanwhile, in all those years, non-Muslims in these areas were nearly taxed out of existence to suppport the Musliim theocracy,, they were persecuted,, regulated, and fact,, you might have been crazy (or end up dead)) if you did not “”join up.”
    Pretty much,, I think the Dems have read the history books on this little episode of power-mongering (who knew they could read?? Pelosi didn’t read ObamaCare bill before passing it…doubt she has read even the cover page even since!)) and using the poor and downtrodden of other countries to build a political “empire” by promising the unearned fruits of other people’s money to them.


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