Cuba issues list of demands for normalization with U.S.

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When Obama announced on Dec. 17, 2014, after 18 months of secret negotiations, that the U.S. would re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba, he did so without setting any preconditions for normalization, which should make the American people wonder about what exactly was Obama “negotiating.” Not only did the U.S. get nothing in return, except for the release of USAID contractor Alan Gross, now Cuba has drawn up a list of DEMANDS that include the closure of Gitmo.
Way to go, Obama!
That’s why I call him King Merde — the opposite of King Midas — because everything he touches turns into steaming-turd-smiley-emoticon

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0 responses to “Cuba issues list of demands for normalization with U.S.

  1. It’s a good thing for the Castro brothers that I am not the POTUS.
    If I were, Cuber would be the world’s largest golf resort, and those two cretins would be roasting in Hell.

  2. Obama will do anything to destroy America Obama likes the communist way of life for everybody that live’s in America. Obama talk’s a good story but it’s ALL B.S. All the Whitehouse like’s to do is “RUN THEIR MOUTH’S. Obama really really think’s we are all stupid. Obama couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with instruction’s on the heel.
    Ronald Freeland Law

    • Alas, half of America really are stupid. King Merde’s latest approval rating is said to be 50%.

      • Unfortunately Amerikan sheeple have graduated to beyond mere stupid. In a sane, just and moral world resident lucifer’s approval rating should be in the negative numbers. The MSM here has been singing his praises on all fronts for the past 6 months or so. The economy is looking up, jobs galore created (for illegals and all aliens, sorry whites need not apply)
        The stupid sheep et this manure up, blow in their ear and they’ll follow you anywhere, give them bread and circuses and a few shiny trinkets and they will vote you in for life. Plus the MSM and keepers of statistics are corrupt as hell and lie through their teeth
        Actually barry belongs in a federal prison for the rest of his life, along with his entire staff or facing a military firing squad for his countless acts of treason

  3. Along with most of the Terrorists in Gitmo,I hope.

  4. First, thanks for posting this, I had not seen this elsewhere in the news.
    Now…. about that “idea” of establishing relations with Cuba. Has anyone changed their mind from “Oh this is a good idea” to “Perhaps we shouldn’t rush into this”??
    There are a LOT of very good reasons we have NOT changed our relationship with Cuba in all these years. Obviously Obama doesn’t consider those reasons as valid any more. Considering how close Obama has kept ties with Saudi Arabia, I completely understand Obama’s point of view. I mean after all, if you are going to roll out the red carpet for one murdering tyrant of the maximum degree, why NOT Cuba too?!?!? So we should either break ties with Saudi Arabia, and keep Cuba shut out, or we should patronize Cuba just as much as we do Saudi Arabia, RIGHT?
    As for my opinion, I wouldn’t do business with either of them, and even if they changed EVERYTHING they are doing, I would probably still not do business with them for another 10 years, just to make sure they weren’t going to do a flip flop.

    • As with anyone of their ilk,they can’t be trusted as far as I could throw ’em,and I’m not a strong as I used to be.

  5. It is very hard to maintain a balance of peace in ones own mind . . . with the ever present thought “well, the other shoe is going to drop.” Then it does drop! And guess what? You go back to thinking that “the other shoe is going to drop.” How many damn shoes can one guy drop for Pete’s sake??? This guy in the White House is just not good for anyone’s sanity.

  6. When is it going to sink in about O?
    In this case it is not that he is a poor negotiator, it is he is a good communist and lousy at pretending to be protecting the U.S.A.’s interests. In all these unexplicable situations, he is doing thing deliberately anti-U.S. but explains it as part of his enlightened plan to transform the country. And the dummies are buying it, or pretending to believe he’s a Patriot and also want to end this country as we knew it.
    We are so screwed

  7. The Cuban demand that bothered me most was their demand for reparations. That kind of windfall from America could allow them a whole new burst of false prosperity, while further impoverishing us. They could be talking about the “Cuban economic miracle” while pointing at all the new development.

    • Thank you, TD. The IBD editorial inexplicably left out another demand: reparations. The AP reports, Jan. 28, 2015, that Castro also demanded that the United States pay Cuba hundreds of millions of dollars in “just compensation to our people for the human and economic damage that they’ve suffered” caused by the decades-long embargo.

  8. The Kinks wrote a song about Obama. (Or people like him). “He’s King Midas in Reverse.” When his reign of lunacy will end, only God Knows!

  9. Sad, most countries send their top diplomats or President to negotiate and we send a sissified, black version of Alfred E Neuman. Obama’s frail frame matches his resolve, he bends and turns like a windsock.

  10. Obama’s “one of their ilk”,as mentioned a few comments up from here. ;=)

  11. Dennis H Bennett

    Obama has used the U.N. to try and achieve gun control in the U.S. Now he’s using Cuba to close Gitmo. S.O.S.


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