Cry For Me, Venezuela

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Yesterday, Venezuela President Dictator Hugo Chavez ordered the country’s currency to be devalued by 50%, threatened to seize businesses that dare raise prices, and vowed that the National Guard will be deployed to enforce his dicta.
Chavez became President of Venezuela in 1998. Watch the following elegiac video to see for yourself what seven years of Chavez’s Marxist socialism have wrought. You’ll see formerly soaring skyscrapers, hotel resorts, and gushing urban park fountains devolve into hollowed-out rubble and ruin. It’s the saddest 5-1/2 minutes I’ve ever seen.

And if you think it can’t happen here, think again. It has already happened to the city of Detroit:

Wake up, America. Wake up!
A huge h/t to Will for sending me the Venezuela video.

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4 responses to “Cry For Me, Venezuela

  1. The problem Steve that it is hard to wake up when you are promised free food, housing and other people’s money.

  2. cattle-prod Steve, makes no sense getting your hands dirty.

  3. Steve I am shocked…SHOCKED that you would have such a thing…got a spare?

  4. There are still some people with hope. I am venezuelan and I am studying my ass off, though I am young, I have a lot of hope. So one day I can go back to my country and give back all that it once gave me.


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