Animal cruelty by Wal-mart's pork suppliers

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Do you buy pork from Wal*Mart?
Do you know that the pigs from which came the pork you eat lived lives of sheer hell, unable to turn around in their tiny crates for their entire lives?
If you treat your pet cat or dog this way, you’ll be arrested for animal cruelty. But food-animal breeders get away with this cruelty.
If that doesn’t concern you, you should at least be concerned about the stress hormones you are ingesting along with the pork. Like humans, the bodies of pigs also release stress hormones when they are under stress.

Here’s a U.S. Humane Society alert:

Newly-released undercover video footage taken by The Humane Society of the United States at factory farms owned by Seaboard Foods and Prestage Farms—two of the nation’s largest pork producers—show appalling animal cruelty. Breeding pigs are locked inside tiny gestation crates, unable to even turn around for virtually their entire lives. Dead pigs were found inside these crates. Pigs were living amidst feces and urine with abscesses and injuries.

You can help today by using the form below to send a brief, polite message to Seaboard and Prestage and urging them to end their use of gestation crates to confine breeding pigs. We encourage you to add your own thoughts or comments about this issue in the editable portion, so these companies know how important this is to you personally.
To send a message, click here.

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0 responses to “Animal cruelty by Wal-mart's pork suppliers

  1. I wondered when this would hit nationally? We live 30 miles from Seaboards main offices. Everything about Seaboard is wrong!
    When the company moved into the Oklahoma Panhandle the majority of employees were illegal immigrants. I think that They were raided a couple of yrs ago. The company started drawing in Vietnamese as well and just like the pigs, the ppls living conditions were horrendous! Seaboard had moved a lot of trailer houses into Guymon, OK. For ppl to live. The small town began to notice that a few of the trailer house bills were strangely higher than the other, I can’t remember exactly. But something happened at one of the houses and while the police were there they discovered a hole cut out of the floor. Families of illegal immigrants were hiding under the trailers. Some were living under the trailers as well. It was a huge deal for Seaboard….I will try to find some media on it.
    You cannot imagine how many barns full of pigs they have in just this area.

  2. I never eat pork, and I never buy groceries, esp. meat, from Wal-Mart. It has a glittery shine to it. There is no telling where it came from and how it was packaged.

  3. I am not really in love with a confined pig operation. However having raised pigs and having both confinement and outside operations the confined pigs have alot nicer environment. This video is nothing short of outright lies. Just heard some lady talk about daily suffering, try looking out at sows out in the weather say on ice and having their pelvis split and the sow unable to get up. Also the typical sow will have a certainnumber of baby pigs that are either deformed small weak or dead. If outside those same sows would also eat those baby pigs. The tails being cut off is no worse than circumcision on male babies. Ask your boy friend how his life is affected.
    HSUS is against all animals including your pets and unfortunately the public is just
    ignorant to believe them. Very frustrating for a guy like me.

  4. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for exposing this cruelty. I will act accordingly! Shame on them!

  5. Poor oinkers…that’s a far cry from the way a homestead raises
    them. Always in twos,so they don’t get lonely and gain well.I use a
    16’x16′ fence panel (wattle)enclosure that’s moved along the ditch
    or garden spot that I want rooto-tilled and cleared of ‘weeds’ and
    grass (along with hutch for shade water and feed) but
    it’s back to a snug dry barn in the fall until it’s time for the freezer.
    Sure you have to take precautions when they farrow…the mammas
    tend to roll over on the babies if they don’t have a safe way to
    scamper out of the way and to keep her out of their food…but a
    friend of mine had the best philosophy :
    ‘You’ve got to let pigs be pigs’.

  6. I used to raise hogs for a living like I said both in and out. To talk about how cruel it is in a confinement compared to a pasture setting is a lie. Would you rather lay in a snow bank or in a heated building. Have you ever seen hogs fight over feed?
    Have you ever seen a litter of pigs consumed by a coyote? Like I said I am not in love with a confinement operation. Particularly operations the size of Seaboard and I think there might be options to gestation crates but they will be more expensive but to call them cruel is nonsense. In actually the crates will protect the more timid sows from the more agressive ones. This will in turn raise the cost of pork which will be passed on to the consumer or they will quit buying which is HSUS’s ultimate goal. Or worse yet pork might be imported. I just love the term factory farm heck I own a factory farm its call a grass fed 300 head cattle farm. It is still a factory we are talking grass and harvesting it with cattle which inturn produces beef.

    • Nothing in your comment answers my question of what’s the evidence showing the HSUS video to be lies. Nor did you address Wal-mart’s pork suppliers confining their pigs in containers so tight they can’t even turn around. Why are you taking this critique of Wal-mart pork suppliers to be an attack against your hog-farm?
      By setting up a false choice between either (a) Raising pigs “in confinement”, or (b) Having pigs roam in “a pasture setting” which you equate with lying in mud & manure, and being preyed on by coyotes — you make (b) seem like the height of cruelty. But if I were a pig, I’d take lying in mud and manure any day to spending my whole life confined in a cage so tight I can’t even turn around. And yes, I most definitely call the latter animal cruelty.
      You’ve had your say — and nothing you’ve said actually refutes my post.

      • Eowyn…farmers and ranchers are rather defensive
        (oh-no…pun alert) because the larger the operation, the
        more impersonal it becomes. I prefer to enjoy and honor my
        food as well as it’s Creator…and the nice thing about intensive management is there’s little mud and no smell in the field. That
        snug barn can get a little intense if you don’t change the bedding
        and it’s not exposed/opened to sunshine and fresh air whenever
        possible….and I’ve never had a problem with predation despite
        wolves,coyotes,bear and bobcats…but the pine martins and
        wild hogs,cats seagulls and crows are sure tough on the

        • Thanks, dan. It would have been much more productive if, instead of defending the cruel practices of huge food-factory farms like Seaborg, Ben points out how it’s better for us to buy our meat from small operations like yours and his.

    • I hear you Ben…BIG difference in commercial operations and
      ‘hobby’/diversified/small farms. Economies of scale and all that…
      and hog fights are about as noisy as when my sled-dog got
      ‘aholt’ of the tail of that piggy that backed up to the fence
      for an itch. Factory farms and feedlots are the mass -production
      answers to to people being crowded together in the population
      centers…efficiency at the cost of …
      I had to quit raising beef because I couldn’t stand the thought
      of putting them on a truck and scaring them half to death after
      having grown up trusting me to cater to their every need…
      besides not being up to baling hay ,anymore. Some
      people don’t feel that way same as some clear cut a forest crop
      instead of selectively culling or harvesting…and some raise fish
      in pens. Some folks get upset that I eat my pets…but they were
      given the best care that I can give the same as you do, Ben. I’d be
      the first to thank you for your efforts because I like an inexpensive
      hamburger just as much as anyone….and I’m not about to give
      up an occasional steak 🙂
      …but I’m determined to be a nice guy and show all critters the
      compassion,respect and dignity that they’d show me if they had
      thumbs and were trying to eat me….except chickens. 😉

      • i used to harvest hay a month late (thus giving me only one
        crop instead of two per year) just to spare the little birds that
        made nests in the field. If I didn’t wait until they could fly…the
        seagulls would catch and eat them as they ran from the fields
        to escape the mower….I’d, even then, cut in strips to herd them
        to the edges of the field but waiting was best for them.
        I always thought training one of my bulls to a yoke would have
        been fun…but I never got to it. I had draft ponies and sled-dogs.
        Maybe someday….

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  8. Your small time farmers and ranchers are much more in touch with the welfare of their critters than the factory farms. I’ve never been a fan of them. Also raised a lot of beef, pork and chickens in my time and everything was always treated well. The livestock get’s feed and watered before you get breakfast. The farrowing crates are only to be used for a short time after the litter is born. The problem is the factory farms.

  9. Where is your proof that Walmart uses this company?? I want to see documented proof that they use them!! So many stories and so many lies with nothing to back them! I just don’t trust stories put out like this without documentation!

    • What a fitting gravatar WordPress selected for you! Since the U.S. Humane Society evidently isn’t “documentation” enough for you, how about this “documentation” from Wal-Mart itself:
      Wal-Mart spokesman Dianna Gee said that Walmart expects all pork suppliers to meet regulatory requirements and animal welfare industry guidelines set by the American Meat Institute. “As soon as we were made aware of the allegations, we immediately reached out to Seaboard to begin investigating the issue,” she said. “Pending our review, we will take any action necessary.”

  10. Who the hell would buy any kind of meat, chicken or pork from that hell hole Walmart anyways!?!?!!?



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