Crowd Control- Manual for Successful Candidates

According to Wikipedia, Hitler and Mussolini had a secret weapon in their climb to the political heights, they had a book. 

It is a manual that explains the art and science of the psychology of crowds, “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind” by French psychologist, Gustav Le Bon written in 1895.    

In hindsight, this book appears to be  Barack Obama’s “bible” in terms of  the style and substance of his campaigns and governing strategies.  I’d say his entire political life is based on this book!            What do you think?   ~LTG


”  It is of primary importance that the candidate should possess prestige. Personal prestige can only be replaced by that resulting from wealth. Talent and even genius are not elements of success of serious importance.

Of capital importance, on the other hand, is the necessity for the candidate of possessing prestige, of being able, that is, to force himself upon the electorate without discussion. The reason why the electors (aka voters) , of whom a majority are working men or peasants, so rarely choose a man from their own ranks to represent them is that such a person enjoys no prestige among them. When, by chance, they do elect a man who is their equal, it is as a rule for subsidiary reasons — for instance, to spite an eminent man, or an influential employer of labour on whom the elector is in daily dependence, and whose master he has the illusion he becomes in this way for a moment The possession of prestige does not suffice, how- ever, to assure the success of a candidate. The elector stickles in particular for the flattery of his greed and vanity. He must be overwhelmed with the most extravagant blandishments, and there must be no hesitation in making him the most  fantastic promises. If he is a working man it is impossible to go too far in insulting and stigmatising employers of labour. As for the rival candidate, an effort must be made to destroy his chance by establishing by dint of affirmation, repetition, and contagion that he is an arrant scoundrel, and that it is a matter of common knowledge that he has been guilty of several crimes. It is, of course, useless to trouble about any semblance of proof.  (aka It’s all Bush’s fault)

Should the adversary be ill-acquainted with the psychology of crowds he will try to justify himself by arguments instead of confining himself to replying to one set of affirmations by another; and he will have no chance whatever of being successful.

The candidate‟s written programme should not be too categorical, since later on his adversaries might bring it up against him; in his verbal programme, however, there cannot be too much exaggeration. The most important reforms may be fearlessly promised. At the moment they arc made these exaggerations produce a great effect, and they are not binding for the future, it being a matter of constant observation that the elector never troubles himself to know how far the candidate he has returned has followed out the electoral programme he applauded, and in virtue of which the election was supposed to have been secured. (pgs 135-136)

… An orator who knows how to make use of these means of persuasion can do what he will with a crowd. Expressions such as infamous capital, vile exploiters, the admirable working man, the socialisation of wealth, &c., always produce the same effect, although already somewhat worn by use. But the candidate who hits on a new formula as devoid as possible of precise meaning, and apt in consequence to flatter the most varied aspirations, infallibly obtains a success.  (pg 137)

Entire Book as PDF :  “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind

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The more I study the rise of the Third Reich, the more appalled I become at the similarities found in today’s politics.


Obama’s life is a bad comic book. Let’s rework that strip and write him out!


obama the huckster, snake oil salesman, shyster, zvengoolie, he mesmerized the dumb ass class and hopefully like many other scam artists before him the facts of his deceits will catch up to him and he gets his just rewards a one way ticket out of town tarred and feathered and sent out on a rail.. or impaled which i think would be more suitable for his crimes against humanity his whole family impaled on the white house lawn…


Whudda you know, Saul Alinksy is a plagiarist.