Crossdressing summer camp for confused boys

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Think back to when you were 6 years old . . . .

As a 6-year-old, did you — a male reader of FOTM — have a clear and definite self-awareness that you were a boy? Did you — a female reader of FOTM — have a clear and definite self-awareness that you were a girl?

I can honestly say I didn’t. At six, I had just completed 2 years of kindergarten and starting first grade. I was so innocent, I didn’t even know what the differences between boys and girls were, other than that my best bud in kindergarten was this cute boy who sat in the seat next to mine. We used to chatter so much in class that we were regularly “punished” by having to stay behind after school. Of course, we just used our “punishment time” to chat more! LOL

But we are to believe that children as young as six today already know they’re transgender (aka gender dysphoria)! — that they really truly are the opposite sex trapped in the “wrong” body.

To top it off, some of those preternaturally precocious 6-year-old transgenders actually go to a cross-dressing summer camp — but boys only! Happily, feminists need not bristle. There’s always transgendered Girl Scouts!

crossdressing campTransvestite boys frolicking in summer camp. Photo by Lindsay Morris.

Kirsten Andersen reports for LifeSiteNews, July 17, 2013:

Young boys preening in front of mirrors putting on makeup, picking flowers in skirts, and prancing in heels and dresses at a talent show: all these are depicted in controversial photoessay, featured on Slate this week, documenting an annual summer camp for gender confused boys. The images are drawing praise from gay activists, and criticisms from pro-family leaders.

For the last three years, photographer Lindsay Morris has attended the four-day-long camp for “gender variant” boys from 6 to 16 and their families held in an undisclosed location in New England.  Morris refers to the camp by the pseudonym “Camp ‘You Are You,’” although her description of the camp closely matches the one given on the website for Camp Aranu’tiq for “transgender” boys, which was featured last year in the Boston Globe, and which makes campers and visitors sign a confidentiality agreement.  According to the Globe, it is the only camp of its kind in America.

Morris, who recently published the photoessay on her website, told Slate that the camp is aimed at “parents who don’t have a gender-confirming 3-year-old who wants to wear high heels and prefers to go down the pink aisle in K-Mart and not that nasty dark boys’ aisle.”

She said that the fashion show was one of the highlights of the camp, and something that many boys and their families worked to prepare for all year.  “Some … create their own gowns with their mothers or friends of the family,” Morris said. “The focus and enthusiasm is really pretty incredible.”

On her own website, Morris describes the camp as “a temporary safe haven where gender-variant boys can freely express their interpretations of femininity alongside their parents and siblings.”  Adds Morris, “Here, they can be true to their inner nature without feeling the need to look over their shoulders.”

On the website for Camp Aranu’tiq, a parent testimonial offers similar praise, claiming the camp gave her son “the BEST experience” of his life.

“[S]he [sic] grew into a confident and more outgoing girl during her [sic] time there!!” the anonymous parent raved, adding that her son has “been empowered through the validation and acceptance she [sic] received at camp.”

But senior fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council in Washington D.C., told the Christian Post that he fears well-meaning parents may be doing more harm than good by bringing their boys into an environment that reinforces and celebrates their gender confusion.

“There is a risk of locking children into a life course, which, if they had been left to develop naturally, they would have outgrown,” Sprigg told the Christian Post.  “You’ll have children who are going through natural periods of confusion and experimentation with their sexuality and all of a sudden you have adults telling them, this means you’re gay, you were born gay, you will never change.”

He told the paper he worries that parents who allow their children to attend the camp “run the risk of putting them on a path, and locking them in a transgender identity when that may not have been the natural course of their life at all.”

Dr. Kenneth Zucker, chairman of the American Psychiatric Association subcommittee on gender identity disorders, would seem to agree with Spriggs on that point.  Zucker told LifeSiteNews in December that he believes allowing children to act out their gender confusion can have lasting harmful effects.

“I think that when people…label a child as transgendered, it kind of has the connotation of immutability,” Zucker told LifeSiteNews. “I take a very developmental approach to the treatment of gender dysphoria.  I don’t think that gender dysphoria is something that is only going to respond to biomedical treatment. The real question is, when in development does the desire to be the other gender become locked in or fixed?”

According to Zucker, young children experiencing gender confusion may respond better to therapies that help them embrace their biological sex.

“With young children, I think there’s much more pliability,” he said. “Often, the gender dysphoria remits, for whatever reason. These kids don’t grow up wanting to be the other gender. People need to be cognizant that there are other developmental trajectories.”

See also “Psychiatrist says scientifically, there is no such thing as transgender.”


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0 responses to “Crossdressing summer camp for confused boys

  1. I went to a YMCA camp from age 13 to 16.
    I wish we could have had a transgender camp in America back then.
    There would have been less of the little fruits in our camp.

  2. This is sad and pathetic. Instead of teaching boys the difference between boys and girls, let’s just let them be junior drag queens? I understand that girls are curious about the world of boys and vice versa, but at the end of the day it’s a parent’s responsibility to reinforce gender identity. Boys should be encouraged to embrace their masculinity and to be comfortable and happy with their body as well as their gender roles. Girls should be encouraged to embrace being feminine and to be comfortable and happy with their bodies and gender roles as well. It’s not healthy or realistic to deny biology and physiology and play along with gender confusion.

    It should be a no brainer- if you have the female equipment, you’re a girl. If you have the male equipment, you’re a boy. Encouraging boys to dress up and act like girls- or encouraging girls to dress and act like boys- is simply going to confuse them and make life difficult later on.

    • Your joking. Right? I understand, this maybe a little bit too much in terms of helping the recognized mental issue that is, Transgender. Like, I would say give them a little bit more time. But this? “if you have the female equipment, you’re a girl. If you have the male equipment, you’re a boy.” No. Not at all.

      You can have, the female mindset, whilst having the equipment of a boy, and vice versa. Just because you were born into a body doesn’t make you that person, to say that is close minded and ignorant. If they say, they are a girl for example, when they are 6, and they are actually a boy, and keep it up persistently. To constantly shoot it down with “No your a boy.” can be degrading and can lower self-confidence. Mental and physical are two different things, making it not just a no-brainer. It’s far from unrealistic to “Play along” with gender confusion cause what happens if they joined, being unsure, and came out knowing? and to say it’s not healthy to deny biology is stupid, cause for one, biology is very closely linked to chemistry and the way the brain works, and can allow the person to express who they want to be.

      Please understand that, Transgender, and other gender related issues are recognised and deemed mental issues which can be addressed. To deny their existence shows lack of knowledge and a closed mind.

      • I respectfully disagree. I think it is very unhealthy to play into gender confusion, and that boys should be taught to be happy with being male and girls should be taught to be happy with being female. One’s gender is not something one picks and chooses such as hair color or clothing.
        If there are hormonal or chromosomal anomalies involved then those issues should be addressed, but a child who is physically and chromosomally one gender should be taught to be happy with his or her biological gender.

        • I can’t help but further disagree, to play on gender confusion at a young age maybe wrong, but to out right say that if someone who has the mindset of a girl in the body of a boy or vice versa AFTER they’ve made the decision for themself is again closed minded. I reinstate the fact that transgender, and gender dysphoria (Gender disorders to do with the mind and not with the body) are recognized illnesses. You’re essentially a girl in a boy’s body or vice versa if you have these. You can’t force someone to be happy with a gender they think they are not.

          Also, you don’t “Pick and choose.” No one does, that’s like saying gays choose to be gays. The mindset of being a girl or boy in the other genders skin is something that happens at birth and regardless of when it shows itself it will always be there. To teach someone who clearly isn’t happy with their gender on a personal level to basically “Deal with it.” Can have several adverse affects on them socially and mentally as well as pretty much suggests your complete disregard for an internationally recognized mental disorder.

          • Okay I’m butchering this:

            I can’t help but further disagree, to play on gender confusion at a young age maybe wrong, but to out right say that when someone who has the mindset of a girl in the body of a boy or vice versa AFTER they’ve made the decision for themselves is again closed minded. I reinstate the fact that transgender, and gender dysphoria (Gender disorders to do with the mind and not with the body) are recognized illnesses. You’re essentially a girl in a boy’s body or vice versa if you have these. You can’t force someone to be happy with a gender they think they are not.

  3. What a cruel development for the innocent children subjected to these sick adults, and their utopian schemes.

    • Oh! How right you are. The gays are “waiting in the wings” to get their hands on these young men. That’s why they are so in tune with it. This is a travesty, pure and simple–life is confusing enough to all young people during the growing up years. Does anyone have a “barf bag” handy?

  4. This is how kids are at that age. Totally normal & has nothing to do with their sexual development… Though what will skew sexual development in a negative way is the mental abuse they’re suffering from these idiots in charge.
    One of my step- daughters, Jessica, was such a tomboy that when she was little she wore her hair in a buzz-cut, wore clothes “just like Dad’s” & was one of the top players (& only girl) in little league..(Even had to wear a ‘cup’).. At that age everywhere we took the kids,, people naturally assumed she was a boy. The whole thing of course was a phase that she grew out of at about age 11.. Then she went really girlie for a while.
    Now she’s a tough & beautiful 22 year old new Mommy to the sweetest little boy (who I adore).. She has a really special connection with him thanks to that tomboy part of her personality.. (She can still out pitch & out belch any male or female I know)..But when it comes to her gender ‘identity’, she’s definitely a stereotypical female.
    These people are child abusers, plain & simple. Kids that age aren’t even developed to the point of feeling a valid attraction to another person for pete’s sake!.
    Those on the left that would lecture us on not being ‘open minded’ enough are really the most small minded & discriminatory people of all..Making kids pick a gender identity’ when they don’t even have the hormones, let alone the knowledge to understand what that means is really, really sick & will cause lasting damage.

  5. As I told you a long time ago; i have a grand child who is transgendered. But “he’s” now entering his 21st year of life. It all began at age 2. We sloughed it off as an aberration. We all treated him like the girl he was, and tried to ignore his proclivities towards the male identity, and his insistence that he was a boy. Ok, fast forward to now, and he is his own person, and has not changed his mind. . He’s had his breasts removed two years ago, and began taking testosterone.
    We’ve all gone through a lot, but never did we ever give in to this while he was growing up. We tried to allow everything to happen naturally. Well fi you can call it that. But never ever would I have allowed what is going on with these kids above. Not all kids who think they are the opposite sex when they are growing up continue to feel that way. Some outgrow that. And to ecnourage it to continue is dead wrong.

    • Lindarm, you speak to a legitimate problem, and I applaud your honesty. It must have come with a great amount of emotional pain.

      And thank you for delineating the difference between facing a genuine medical condition and prescribing a misguided solution like the one spoken of here.

  6. Wow, this is really weird. Can’t believe parents would actually send their kids to this.

  7. Here we finally have the proof that we have gone insane! We had five sons and I can’t imagine what their dad (THE male prototype himself at 6’3″!) would have done if some nutball tried to pull this on any of our sons. Whatever happened to being proud of being male? I think the thing that bothers me the most about all this is the fact that kids that age aren’t even thinking about sex (at least when our boys were little back in the 50s and 60s). Our kids were into sports, trying to figure out 8 + 11 +23 – that kinda stuff. Now they’re having sex and all its perversions shoved at them. Leave the little fellas alone – let them have a normal childhood. Sometimes I think the world has gone totally bananas and we keep slipping on the peels of others’ craziness!!

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  9. This is borderline child abuse. The parents of these kids need to have their heads examined.

  10. Here is Linday’s gallery of the camp, which is not easily found by searching

  11. Has anyone ever noticed how all of these stories are overwhelmingly about boys wanting to be girls? Rarely the opposite. Now factor in the fact that boys are underachieving in school, while girls are excelling. Than add in the social environment where girls are given extra encouragement and told they can be or do anything – while boys are not. Now let’s not forget that because every man is a pedophile, men can’t be trusted to be teachers, so we have a school system with less than 20% male teachers. Boys can often go through school from infant to the end of high school and never have a male teacher. So much for role models.

    Boys are not given the same treatment in society either. Girls can join boy scouts, yet boys can’t join girl scouts. Equality only exists if you are a girl. In the media men are often portrayed in a negative stereotypical manner. If a man is charged with a sexual crime against a girl, the girl is seen as a victim. If a woman does the same with a boy, is that boy seen as a victim? No. Usually people think the boy should glad for having been molested by a woman. That’s why the vast majority of female molestation events go unreported. (same for the rape of men by women, which DOES happen but is rarely ever reported)

    There is no benefit to being a boy in today’s society. NONE.

    It’s no wonder these boys want to dress up as girls.


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