Gorgeous snow crop circles

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OK, now this is Kule. Dude has way to much time on his hands.  😀
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By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 8:10 AM on 23rd February 2012
No, aliens haven’t chosen a more wintry medium in which to leave their mark.
These snowy ‘crop circles‘ are in fact the work of a lone artist who has spent hours, and a whole lot of effort, trudging around a French ski resort.
The patterns, some of which span the size of six football pitches, come in a range of designs from intricate snowflakes and spirals to cubes and rather more abstract creations.

Simon Beck uses what he describes as a ‘kind of reverse orienteering’ to plot his intricate paths before walking along the route in a pair of snowshoes.
‘The main lines and points are surveyed using a sighting compass (as used for surveying orienteering maps) with distance (established) either by pace counting or string,’ explains Mr Beck on his Yahoo Groups! page.

‘The main reason for making them was because I can no longer run properly due to problems with my feet, so plodding about on level snow is the least painful way of getting exercise.
‘Gradually, the reason has become photographing them, and I am considering buying a better camera.’
More of Mr Beck’s handiwork can be seen on his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/snowart8848
And the Man himself.

Many more pics HERE!!!!!

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0 responses to “Gorgeous snow crop circles

  1. Way too cool… he, he

  2. And mind that he does it all in spite of pain, as it’s his best exercise! Heaven ALWAYS allows us more than we formerly did, as soon as we BELIEVE:
    Just trust:
    do not the flowers of Spring
    open just like that?

  3. Most impressive!

  4. Those are footprints? Absolutely Amazing! Well I feel worthless, I guess I could do some art with the Cereal spilt on my kitchen floor right now! Let me see what I can whip up and then I’ll send a pic. ;).

    • Hey Steve-
      Hahahahaha!……..I try! Guess what!
      I totally put it back in the box and my kids ate it for breakfast! 😉 ! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
      I know, I know aweful right? But it was a brand new box and I am such a cheap skate……

    • Ok, ok…….that last part was a lie…..I have a weakness for shoes……especially expensive ones!
      How else do u think I could afford them? I adore shoes! U should see my closet, it is fabulous! I lock myself in it when I need a breather! Luuuuvvvv it! 🙂

  5. My new snow-angels are looking a bit inadequate,sigh…
    …and cereal is out because Milo hoovers them up before
    they bounce on the floor,lol’s.

    • Shoot a monkey Dan! That was actually a fight that I won! My hubby wanted the dog inside and I threw a fit….might have to rethink that one. 🙂


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