Crooked Journalist Returns to Broadcasting

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0 responses to “Crooked Journalist Returns to Broadcasting

  1. The liberal media mentality. Time cures all things; can turn lies into truth, or forgotten past; liars into……well, can give em a clean slate…..for more lies.

  2. It’s a travesty that a mere slap on the wrists is the sum total of William’s censure for his lying. I just hope that the American people will take some action against this nonsense; such as, find out who buys ads on the news shows he anchors–write them and let the sponsors know they will boycott their products as long as Williams is representing them on this or that specific tv program. Just keep up the pressure, until Williams becomes a hot potato that is not viable. The very idea that decent, hard working people would have to sit in their front rooms and have the likes of Mr Williams yakity yaking at them is a gross affront. If we don’t rise up and let them know, then we don’t deserve people of better character on tv news shows.

  3. Nobody watches MSLSD. Williams is just another loser on a loser station at this point.

  4. He’s back…

  5. Brian Williams has all of the sincerity of a prostitute’s kiss!

  6. Ok, I’ll weigh in on this despite my better sense. The media want to control our thoughts, emotions and way we think. Recall why we are in the financial positions we as a country are in now? Recall TARP1 and TARP2? Recall receiving 0 interest on your savings? Recall that Ex-President George Bush almost bankrupted this country, which allowed a rush of the other party into our Government? Recall the current party trying to regulate, remove and otherwise cry that all law-abiding citizens must give up their guns, or file a lot more forms, or do more hoop jumping as criminals are shooting innocent citizens. Certainly more laws will help, as only honest citizens follow them, and criminals by definition do not.
    It all comes down to this. We as a nation have to say enough is enough and raise enough of a protest that the network throws this guy out. We need to vote based on the facts, not what the media feed us. We need to become more informed, not blind followers of those who would lie, cheat, and otherwise try to blind us to the truth.
    Brian Williams, as a Veteran of 2 foreign wars, and dedicated patriot, I will raise the flag and salute it and you may go to hell.

  7. NBC = Nothing But Crap!


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