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What woman dances around like this?
Like gay men’s lisping, I betcha Takei’s ridiculous prancing is also contrived — a parody of feminity.
According to Dr. Caroline Bowen, a speech-language pathologist:

“Many gay men are effectively bilingual, and can elect whether to sound gay or straight, depending where they are or who they are with.

Just as an African-American individual may switch from Ebonics to standard English, or the other way around, gay people can switch from ‘straight’ to ‘gay’. This is an example of code-switching (see above). […]

Some gay men report code switching to gay production only when they are in the company of other gay men. Indeed, some say that their parents, employers and workmates, for example, have never heard them ‘talk gay’.”
Star Trek reruns will never be the same for me….

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  1. Yikes!


  3. That is some seriously freaky deaky stuff!

  4. Dang, now this makes sense after 43 years…


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