Creeping tyranny…

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LA council urges curbs on derogatory radio speech

FresnoBeeThe City Council called on TV and radio broadcasters Wednesday to keep their hosts from spouting crude slurs, citing Rush Limbaugh’s reference to a woman as a “slut” and a KFI show calling Whitney Houston a “crack ho.”
The council voted 13-2 for a resolution urging Los Angeles stations to do everything in their power to ensure that their on-air hosts do not use and promote racist and sexist slurs over public airwaves.  The resolution also states that it’s important for stations to hire more women and minorities.
The measure has no legal force and Councilman Richard Alarcon said its message would be “mild and weak” in comparison to the reach of radio. However, he and other council members argued that it was proper for the ethnically diverse city to speak out against what they called hate speechGovernment has no right to suppress “hateful, vile, despicable speech,” but society should not tolerate it, Councilman Paul Krekorian said. “We can drown out that hatred with a loud chorus.”
The measure was sponsored by three black council members and supported by civil rights and minority media groups. It was broadened after originally naming only KFI-AM and its owner, Clear Channel, which carries Limbaugh and owns hundreds of stations nationwide.  Clear Channel said it supported the spirit of the council action.  “Clear Channel Los Angeles and KFI support the spirit of the LA City Council resolution regarding the need for diversity of personnel, inclusionary programming, and appropriate on-air language across all media,” Clear Channel said in a statement.
At the council meeting, speakers said the focus was on conservative radio shows such as the one hosted by Limbaugh, accusing them of trading in crude stereotypes of blacks, women and Latinos.  “It’s ugly. It’s violent. They’re inciting others to violence,” said Alex Nogales, head of the National Hispanic Media Coalition.  The resolution specifically cites recent remarks by Limbaugh and KFI’s John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou.
Spare me this selective outrage.  Where were these people when “hateful, vile, despicable speech” was coming from these liberals on the radio and tv?

  • Keith Olbermann calls Michelle Malkin a lipstick meatbag
  • Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin a “dumb t*at”
  • Ed Schulz calls Laura Ingraham a right-wing slut
  • Sly Sylvester (talk show host) said “…I had heard at one point Rebecca Kleefisch (Republican Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin) pulled a train, but that must have been a different story I was reading about.”
  • David Letterman calls Sarah Palin a slut
  • Keith Olbermann implied that female conservative commentator S. E. Cupp should never have been born
  • Jimmy Fallon’s drummer played “Bit*ch” song during Michele Bachmann’s appearance on his show (ABC called it “quite the trick”)
  • Cloris Leachman calls Sarah Palin a slut on the Wendy Williams show

And beyond that, since when did government believe it’s their role to monitor free speech?  Who gets to define “hateful”, “vile”, and “despicable”? Be very leery of any resolution that a government agency adopts concerning our First Amendment or any of our rights.  Because in this day and age it is nothing more than an attempt to silence you, especially if you are a conservative.

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  1. If you haven’t already seen “Agenda” you can see the trailer here >

    and you can purchase it from Amazon..

  2. Fight fire with fire. We can also play that game. The next time a Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, or Ed Schulz calls a conservative woman “a lipstick meatbag,” “dumb twat,” “right-wing slut,” “cunt,” we must raise hell.
    Conservatives are too nice. The worldviews of Left and Right are irreconcilable. The Left have known that for decades, which is why they play hardball. The sooner we realize that the better. We are in a war. It’s time to fight dirty.

    • You know we will! Maher has an op ed in NY Slimes claiming what he says is different as a comedian. And CNN backed him up w/segment today. Next time that pig slams a con woman (or man) it will be viral on con blogs, including ours 🙂

  3. Course there is a video called Kill Limbaugh, going around on FB and Youtube. Where are the libs decrying this act? Oh yeah….they probably made it. Free speech for me but not for thee…

  4. Howard Stern for President!!!!

  5. Could they apply this to left/liberal and/or racist minority figures from trashing conservatives and whites, too? Naw, that wouldn’t be liberal of ’em.

  6. “Could Peacetime Martial Law Be Near?” by L.L. Woodard, Yahoo! News, 20 Mar 12

  7. Tyranny is no-longer creeping up around us.
    It’s here.

  8. Bill Whittle lays it down about political correctness in media.

  9. Check this out… another reason to homeschool.
    “Homework at Virginia school: Do some oppo research on Republicans but not on Obama,” by Allahpundit, Hot Air, 22 Mar 12
    “The assignment was for students to research the backgrounds and positions of each of the GOP candidates for president and find “weaknesses” in them, the parent explained. From there, students were to prepare a strategy paper to exploit those weaknesses and then to send their suggestions to the Obama campaign… “

  10. I hate these opressive bas”””””””””


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