Creeping Islam at Mall of America

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pastor persecuted in Mall ofAmerica


Minnesota Prosecuting Ex-Muslim For Preaching Jesus At The Mall of America

Imagine being an outcast in your own country because you left Islam to follow Jesus Christ.

And imagine fleeing the home of your youth to new, unfamiliar country desperately seeking the freedom to practice your faith openly.

Now imagine arriving in this new, unfamiliar country, only to get arrested and prosecuted for telling people about your faith?

That’s exactly what happened to this ex-Muslim at the Mall of America…

Read the article at

If you read the story you will find it gets much worse.

That all the news for now from Mall of Americastan,
where all the mall-cops are pigs,
and all the sheep are nervous.

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12 responses to “Creeping Islam at Mall of America

  1. I’d like to see all of these assholes dead, then we could play the CocaCola theme song, ” I’ like to teach the world to sing.
    Here’s the song, E. Enjoy.

    Nothing will happen until these goat humpers are dead.

  2. All of them

  3. All by design. They hate Christianity. If he told them he was there to start a “Church” of Satan they would be escorting him around the mall. The Odor is going to continue to act like they are in charge. They ARE if we don’t stop them.

    After reading this can there be any doubt who controls the Mall? Is it Christians?

    • The mall is owned by the Jewish Ghermezian brothers, who don the signature black fedora hats worn by Orthodox Jews in at least one family portrait. The father/grandfather came from Iran to Canada or the States in the mid-60s, and according to wikipedia the family controlled Iranian rug exports. Those mall and municipal cops deserve a spread ‘em award for taking it up the arse and calling it their duty.

      • Well shut my mouth. What a surprise! Who’d a thunk? They’re getting close to their goal. Are we already “second-class” citizens? Is my willy brown?

    • And it sure makes you wonder, are these the people that OBama brought here in the middle of the night and fast tracked them to citizenship and most likely most are living on our dime.
      That is not the Mall of America any longer.

      • And our taken over government have been using our military to assist “radical” Judeo-Muslims against secular Muslims & Christians like Bosnia, Kosovo, Syria, Iraq, (Lebanon) etc etc and importing and planting them here since their operations to convert Black criminals in the prison systems has not worked out for them

    • Thank you for sharing this video. It shows Mall of America in far worse condition than I had imagined even after reading about the abuse of this innocent pastor. I am flat out disgusted with the former POS who relentlessly undermined our culture with the most toxic version of islam out there.

    • Good grief! As a white American, I would be afraid to shop there. Minnesota is now Little Somalia.😎

  4. I believe I’ve heard Parsa before, sometime last year. Off the top of my head, either Alex Jones or Hagmann & Hagmann had him on. If this is the same man, I’d say he’s real. I read the post you cited, and I find the “sign” to be questionable, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I would advise Parsa to hire the best attorney he can afford and sue the Mall of America.

    And we have George W. Bush—at the least—for all the Somalis in Minnesota: He brought them in here first. Nothing to see here, Folks. Right.

  5. Importing in Judeo-Muslims & various other Turd World invaders is a very big part of their (K)alergi Plan to destroy our peoples, cultures, environments, societies, economies, & nations. (Also take note of Cloward-Piven plan)

    “Their plan has long been public. As Saul Alinsky taught Obama, “[An] organizer must shake up the prevailing patterns of their lives—agitate, create disenchantment and discontent with the current values, to produce, if not a passion for change, at least a passive, affirmative, non-challenging climate. [You must] fan the embers of hopelessness into a flame of fight.”

    “The tactics of the Trump #Resistance were developed decades ago by Leninists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven along with Alinksy. They were taught by Barack Obama as both a community organizer and a University of Chicago lecturer. There’s a photo of Obama standing before a blackboard teaching Alinsky. Obama never taught constitutional law—he taught three courses on “race, rights and gender,” exploring the legal basis for reparations, the history of lynching and the failure of the Bill of Rights to redistribute wealth.”

    It’s time to get real about our enemies


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