NWO/Police State

In a letter to Edward Carrington in 1787, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “If once they [the people] become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves.”

Drip, drip, drip….

While Americans lull themselves into a collective coma with Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, and Lady Gaga, the liberties for which our Founding Fathers fought and shed blood are vanishing by the day. Forget about the foreign threat of Creeping Sharia. Here in the good ol’ U. S. of A., we have a more immediate threat — Creeping Big Brother-Big Nanny-Police State.

This page contains the posts Fellowship of the Minds have published on the encroaching Big Brother state. Here’s the color code:

  • Posts on Agenda 21, New World Order, globalization, EU, and TPTB (The Powers That Be) are colored dark red.
  • Posts on incursions into our privacy and loss of rights and liberty are colored pink.
  • Posts on the militarization of police, tyranny of petty bureaucrats, and 10th Amendment states’ rights are colored turquoise.
  • Posts on Greece’s and Cyprus’s debt crises, MF Global, and the govt-financial complex are colored green.
  • Posts on the National Defense Authorization Act on the detention of U.S. citizens without charge or trial, signs of the feds preparing for civil unrest and martial law, gun control and the feds’ gun and ammunition purchases are colored red.
  • Posts on the govt-IT (information technology), cyber-spying, cyber-security, gov’t-media collusion, social media censorship/tyranny are colored purple.
  • Posts on genetic modification, geo-engineering (or chemtrails), “green” nazis, transhumanism, and vaccines are colored yellow-green.
  • All other posts are colored blue.

WARNING: Many of the links to pre-August 15, 2018 posts are broken because on that day, WordPress burned our blog down — nearly 9 years of work, tens of thousands of posts, many of which involved original research and genuine investigative journalism. Although we are back on another hosting server, the posts that we were able to retrieve must be re-published one by one, each with a new URL. FOTM writers are not paid because there is no ad revenue. I, as the owner and administrator, have finite time and energy, which means that in all likelihood, many of the links will NEVER be restored.


Gallup Poll: Only 25% support a ban on handguns,” Nov. 17, 2020.

Vimeo goes to the dark side: Censors video on Black Lives Matter’s connection with Chinese Communist Party,” Oct. 30, 2020.

Tech Giants loom up as a threat to freedom,” Oct. 30, 2020.

Scottish bill would criminalize ‘hate speech’ in private homes,” Oct. 30, 2020.

UK police chiefs warn they will enter homes and break up Christmas dinners if families break lockdown rules,” Oct. 30, 2020.

The Commons Project: Tracking your Wuhan virus status through technology,” Oct. 12, 2020.

Microsoft can terminate its services to you for ‘hate speech’,” August 6, 2020.

New study finds soda tax has very little impact on soda consumption,” July 7, 2020.

New law in blue-state Virginia requires every child be vaccinated,” June 17, 2020.

Why we need our guns, illustrated in two tweets,” June 2, 2020.

Wuhan Virus Overreach: Salem, OR salon owner fined $14k; gets visit from CPS,” May 19, 2020.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signs nation’s first ‘anti-red flag’ law,” May 20, 2020.

15 years ago, Pentagon was told of viral vaccine that targets brains of religious ‘fundamentalists’,” May 20, 2020.

It’s come to this: Stylist goes to jail for defying order to open so she can pay her mortgage and feed her kids,” May 6, 2020.

Huntington Beach Patrolled By Helicopters Blaring Orders,” May 5, 2020.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Warns Stay-At-Home Violators: ‘We Will Take You To Jail, Period!’,” May 4, 2020.

Texas criminals released from jail while sting operations set up to catch those dastardly folk performing salon services in their homes,” April 27, 2020.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Urges European Countries to Censor Political Speech,” April 25, 2020.

It’s come to this: Criminals set free while mom w/kids playing in park is arrested,” April 22, 2020.

Never let a crisis go to waste: VA Democrat governor signs 2 gun control bills,” April 21, 2020.

B.A.T.F. Approves Drive-Through Gun Sales,” April 21, 2020.

WTH? US using Chinese drones to spy on and lecture Americans about Wuhan virus,” April 18, 2020.

Never let a crisis go to waste: Another gun-control bill HR 5717 in Congress,” March 28, 2020.

Backdoor gun grab/control via coronavirus ’emergency orders’,” March 24, 2020.

Virginia Tyrants Pass Assault Weapons Ban in Committee & REMOVE Pro 2A Citizens From Room,” Feb. 12, 2020.

Virginia Senate blocks Demonrat Gov. Northam’s gun-control bill,” Feb. 5, 2020.

UK teenager fined for shouting ‘is it a boy or is it a girl?’ at transgender police community support officer,” Jan. 30, 2020.

Congress gives $4 million to combat climate-change with weather-modification via aerosols,” Jan. 28, 2020.

Not content with destroying the 2A, Virginia now going after the First Amendment,” Jan. 27, 2020.

Virginia massive gun-rights rally: 22k attendants included Blacks and LGBTs,” Jan. 22, 2020.

Virginia anti-gun rights Gov. Northam (D) declares state of emergency,” Jan. 16, 2020.

Virginia Democrat bill will eliminate suburban single-family housing zones,” Jan. 6, 2020.

Why is the United Nations hiring a military disarmament officer for New York?,” Jan. 2, 2020.

Draconian bill in New Jersey to require $50k liability insurance to own a gun, registration & confiscation,” Dec. 26, 2019.

Brexit’s sore losers are contemptuous elitists just like the American Left,” Dc. 26, 2019.

Virginians form sanctuaries and militias against governor & state legislature gun grab,” Dec. 20, 2019.

Portland, OR to require all new buildings, incl. private homes, provide ‘rest and welcome’ to homeless,” Dec. 11, 2019.

‘Blue’ Virginia State Senate bill to confiscate ‘assault firearms’,” Dec. 3, 2019.

‘Blue’ Virginia senate bill to ban firearm and martial arts instruction,” Nov. 29, 2019.

(Globalist) elites’ contempt for America’s white middle class,” Nov. 21, 2019.

Elections have consequences: ‘Blue’ Virginia goes whole hog for gun control,” Nov. 7, 2019.

California wants to get rid of Ham radio communication; endangers lives,” Oct. 16, 2019.

California governor signs 15 new gun-control bills, incl. America’s worst red-flag law,” Oct. 13, 2019.

Another reason to not have Amazon technology in your home: Workers reportedly watching home security camera footage,” Oct. 13, 2019.

22-year veteran cop tells Congress she will not obey assault weapons ban,” Sept. 26, 2019.

NASCAR turns to the Left; rejects gun ads,” Sept. 17, 2019.

Pope Francis says we should obey the United Nations,” Sept. 16, 2019.

Senate Democrats introduce new gun-control bill: federal license, registration, red flag & gun confiscation,” Sept. 16, 2019.

California demorat calls for expansion of red flag laws: Employers, co-workers & teachers can petition to take away your guns,” Sept. 11, 2019.

50 state attorneys general launch antitrust investigation of Google,” Sept. 11, 2019.

DOJ wants Apple & Google to surrender names of 10k+ users of a gun-scope app,” Sept. 8, 2019.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors declares NRA a ‘domestic terrorism organization’,” Sept. 5, 2019.

Walmart to ban open carry, stop selling handgun ammo & wants more gun control,” Sept. 4, 2019.

Facial recognition software identifies 28 members of Congress and 26 California legislators as criminals,” August 27, 2019.

NeoMcCarthyism: University of California has a new ‘diversity’ political test for faculty hires and promotion,” July 31, 2019.

List of attendees at secretive Bohemian Grove,” July 23, 2019.

NYT editorial: Federal government should require Section-8 housing be built in ‘affluent’ communities,” July 19, 2019.

If elected president, Kamala Harris would use executive order for gun control, contrary to Constitution’s 2nd Amendment,” July 8, 2019.

School expels student for saying there are only 2 genders,” July 3, 2019.

Insider reveals Facebook is a deep state psych-op,” June 30, 2019.

How much silver iodide is enough?,” on chemtrails, June 29, 2019.

Joe Biden: Second Amendment doesn’t mean you’re entitled to own a gun,” May 19, 2019.

Texas is doing something about social media censorship of conservatives,” May 6, 2019.

Measles Vaccination: NYC sues 12 for defying mandatory vaccination; Times of Israel fakes photo of baby with measles,” May 3, 2019.

NRA may lose tax-exempt status due to internal corruption,” April 23, 2019.

WordPress canceled FOTM’s Jetpack Premium software,” April 16, 2019.

Coming to America: Canadian man fined $55,000 for ‘misgendering’ a ‘transgender’,” April 9, 2019.

Democrats file legislation to force all Americans to accept the LGBTQ agenda,” April 8, 2019.

Missouri bill will ban all federal gun-control laws,” April 1, 2019.

New York Rockland County first in nation to declare medical martial law, banning unvaccinated children from public places,” March 29, 2019.

FOTM under massive bot attacks, again,” March 24, 2019.

False flags work: New Zealand sheeple voluntarily surrender their guns after mosque shootings,” March 23, 2019.

New Zealand prime minister says, ‘Our gun laws will change’,” March 17, 2019.

German intellectuals call for end to gender-pronoun tyranny,” March 15, 2019.

Sandy Hook families can sue AR-15 gunmaker Remington, court rules,” March 15, 2019.

‘Child Abuse’? Massachusetts Therapy Ban Means Parents Could Lose Their Kids if They Try to Help Them,” March 13, 2019.

Britain’s Prince Charles is a descendant of Dracula,” March 12, 2019.

Anti-gun activist threatens to shoot GOP senator & the NRA,” March 12, 2019.

Kentucky sheriff warns citizens: ‘Lock your doors, load your guns, law enforcement will not exist’,” March 9, 2019.

Hawaii asks Congress to repeal Second Amendment right to bear arms,” March 8, 2019.

Oregon governor signs mandatory, statewide rent control bill,” March 4, 2019.

12 Washington state sheriffs refuse to enforce new gun-control law,” Feb. 14, 2019.

UK woman arrested for calling “trans woman” a “man” on Twitter,” Feb. 14, 2019.

Contractors in LA must disclose if they have ties to NRA to get city contracts,” Feb. 14, 2019.

Best & worst U.S. cities in economic freedom,” Feb. 9, 2019.

Call these legislators to stop California’s water tax,” Feb. 8, 2019.

Radical feminist kicked off Baltimore LGBTQ Commission for referring to male rapist as male,” Feb. 6, 2019.

Pronoun Tyranny: CA State Senate prohibits ‘he/she, him/her’,” Jan. 25, 2019.

In 1991, David Rockefeller spoke of a globalists-media collusion to install a world government,” Jan. 23, 2019.

Senator Feinstein Files Bill to Ban Nearly All Civilian Firearms,” Jan. 12, 2019.

Grandma fined $64 for ‘too long’ dog lead,” Jan. 7, 2019.

Anti-vaccination nurses in Australia will be prosecuted,” Jan. 5, 2019.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: nation-states must give up their sovereignty,” Jan. 1, 2019.

New York Times wants banks and credit card companies to monitor and ban gun purchases,” Dec. 28, 2018.

Spontaneous Yellow Vests movement’s domain name was registered a year before in May 2017,” Dec. 22, 2018.

Financial Times names George Soros ‘Person of the Year’ for promoting globalism, elitism and open borders,” Dec. 20, 2018.

France prepares “last resort” chemical weapon to control Yellow Vest protestors,” Dec. 19, 2018.

DOJ rule will reclassify bump stocks as machine guns in de facto ban,” Dec. 19, 2018.

Hey, Europeans! Meet your falling-down drunk President,” Dec. 18, 2018.

EU armored vehicles deployed against unarmed Paris protesters,” Dec. 10, 2018.

Virginia school board fires Christian teacher for refusing to use ‘transgender’ pronouns,” Dec. 11, 2018.

Totalitarianism: China will keep ‘social credit’ score on each citizen for reward/punishment,” Nov. 26, 2018.

Attritional strategy: Washington state wants to apply ERPOs to minors, prove you have no firearms in the family home,” Nov. 25, 2018.

New York state bill to require review of gun-license applicants’ social media & search history,” Nov. 24, 2018.

UN: abortion & euthanasia should be universal human rights; one world government in 12 years,” Nov. 16, 2018.

One-world-government Walter Cronkite: ‘I’m glad to sit at the right hand of Satan’,” Sept. 17, 2018.

Levi’s Jeans joins the anti-gun Left,” Sept. 6, 2018.

Tech giants meet secretly to plan 2018 election strategy,” Aug. 26, 2018.

U.S. tech giants are waging a war against free speech,” Aug. 24, 2018.

Who’s behind the tsunami of social media and blog censorship?,” August 23, 2018.

Democrat senator Ben Cardin calls for abolishing private gun ownership,” June 29, 2018.

FOIA emails reveal Obama White House exploited Sandy Hook for gun control,” June 18, 2018.

30 years ago, Jacob Rothschild predicted a global currency by 2018,” June 11, 2018.

Why is Vatican secretary of state at 2018 Bilderberg Conference?,” June 9, 2018.

California: New law will limit water use to 55 gal/day per person,” June 5, 2018.

Masked men fire AK-47s in strict gun-control France,” May 22, 2018.

Esquire magazine: We really do want to take your guns,” May 21, 2018.

Hillary Clinton directed U.S. diplomats to spy on and gather DNA of foreign officials,” May 15, 2018.
UK Police State: man arrested for carrying potato peeler; another gets 8 months for giving middle finger to traffic camera,” May 10, 2018.

Pro-gun control CDC suppresses its research data on defensive gun use,” April 23, 2018.

Bank of America to stop lending to some makers of ‘military’ firearms,” April 12, 2018.

Gun Hysteria: Oregon police called to disarm cat with ‘assault rifle’,” April 10, 2018.

Homeland Security to compile database to track bloggers, journalists and other ‘media influencers’,” April 7, 2018.

Midsomer Murders actor exploits fame to bash Brexit,” April 7, 2018.

Mirriam-Webster Dictionary changes definition of ‘assault rifle’ too include sporting rifles,” April 6, 2018.

Chicago suburb bans assault weapons and large-capacity magazines,” April 5, 2018.

Nearly half of all Democrats want to ban hand guns,” March 30, 2018.

Democrat sheriff candidate Daryl Fisher ‘jokes’ about killing legal gun owners if they resist confiscation,” March 28, 2018.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Stevens calls for repeal of Second Amendment,” March 28, 2018.

Gun manufacturer Remington files for bankruptcy,” March 26, 2018.

Protestors say ban assault weapons . . . whatever they are,” March 26, 2018.

WH petition to replace gun-control Citigroup/Citibank as provider of credit cards to U.S. govt,” March 25, 2018.

Oregon gun initiative would force surrender of ‘assault weapons’ or register them with the state police,” March 23, 2018.
Brexit betrayed: UK must obey EU laws and open borders until 2020,” March 20, 2018.

Illinois State Assembly approves gun confiscation bill,” March 19, 2018.

Gun Control: Seattle police uses new mental-health law to confiscate gun from non-violent man,” March 8, 2018.

Mike Huckabee forced to resign from Country Music Association foundation because of NRA membership,” March 4, 2018.

UK criminalizes carrying of acid and other corrosive substances,” March 3, 2018.

Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that Second Amendment applies to individuals, not militias, and may include military weapons,” Feb. 27, 2018.

List of anti-NRA businesses,” Feb. 27, 2018.

Millennials are no more liberal on gun control than older generations,” Feb. 26, 2018.
Insanity: Police called to Louisiana high school because of square-root symbol,” gun hysteria, Feb. 23, 2018.
House bill HR 4918 identifies ‘white supremacists’ and ‘right-wing extremists’ as domestic terrorists,” Feb. 22, 2018.
If you think Facebook is bad, here’s Nextdoor!,” Feb. 19, 2018.
California AB 1884 would punish waiters with 6 months jail for giving customers an unrequested plastic straw,” Jan. 28, 2018.
‘Explosive’ FISA memo: ‘Top secret’ source document details Obama NSA illegal spying/doxxing of U.S. citizens,” Jan. 24, 2018.

Thought Crime: California prosecutes man for criticizing Islam on Facebook,” Jan. 5, 2018.

Chicago WCKG radio station manager says UN troops already in Chicago. UN armored vehicles stored in State Dept warehouse in Maryland,” Dec. 22, 2017.

Cook County commissioner asks UN to send troops to quell Chicago’s gun violence,” Dec. 18, 2017.

Secret document kept truth about EU membership from Brits for 50 years,” Nov. 25, 2017.

Michigan mom jailed for refusing vaccines cultured from aborted babies’ cells for her son,” Oct. 30, 2017.

The Left’s Pronoun Tyranny: First-grader sent to principal’s office for ‘misgendering’ another student,” Aug. 31, 2017.

Trump signed into law unconstitutional House Joint Resolution 76 allowing search w/out warrant,” Aug. 29, 2017.
HR 3576 to prevent enforcement of state-local gun control laws more restrictive than federal laws,” August 1, 2017.
Roomba will sell interior map of your home to highest bidder,” July 26, 2017.
British government wants to outlaw knives,” July 25, 2017.
FBI: ‘spy’ toys record kids’ conversation and reveal their location,” July 21, 2017.

Are humans breeding with animals? Lambs born with human-like heads,” June 26, 2017.

Congressional Resolutions (HR 257, SR 118) will sic law enforcement on you for ‘hating’ Muslims, Jews, or blacks,” June 24, 2017.
How to delete Google’s tracking of your Internet search history,” June 19, 2017.
New Illinois child & family policy discriminates against Christians who are not pro-LGBT,” June 13, 2017.
New law allows Canadian government to seize children from parents who don’t support ‘transgenderism’,” June 10, 2017.
57 y.o. mentally-ill woman sentenced to 5 mos. for Sandy Hook death threats & belief in conspiracy theories,” June 9, 2017.

President Trump nixes Paris Climate Agreement; Hollyweird libtards’ & globalists’ heads explode,” June 2, 2017.

Why President Trump got U.S. out of bad-for-America Paris Climate Accord,” June 2, 2017.

Democrat operative David Brock’s chat shows NSA surveillance used to identify and disable online Trump supporters,” May 31, 2017.

Some thoughts on the globalist agenda, vaccines and population control,” May 11, 2017.

Globalist tax-evader Emmanuel Macron voted French president in landslide,” May 7, 2017.

French government doesn’t want its people to see presidential candidate Macron’s tax-evasion emails,” May 6, 2017.

Do you find this cool or creepy?,” (on Google Earth and mass surveillance), May 6, 2017.
Dutch banker Ronald Bernard blows the whistle on world’s satanic elite,” April 29, 2017.
Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children: From Antiquity to Today,” April 27, 2017.

Not a conspiracy theory: U.S. government has engaged in weather modification since 1953,” April 24, 2017.

Gender Pronoun Tyranny: Professor downgrades student’s paper for using the word ‘mankind’,” April 1, 2017.

California Senate bill makes it a crime for nursing homes to use the ‘wrong’ pronoun,” March 29, 2017.

How to prevent Windows 10 from sending Microsoft every keystroke you type,” March 25, 2017.
More and more states allow concealed handguns without permit,” March 1, 2017.

France outlaws pro-life websites,” Feb. 28, 2017.

4 times Bill Gates said vaccines would reduce world population,” Feb. 19, 2017.

Neo-con Bill Kristol finds Trump’s ‘America First’ vulgar and embarrassing,” Jan. 20, 2017.
With days to go before Trump’s inauguration, did Obama’s DHS federalize elections?,” Jan. 9, 2017.
Did Obama sign a law to criminalize Alternative Media?,” Dec. 26, 2016.

German government officials get ‘safer’ vaccines,” Dec. 26, 2016.

Obama administration’s DHS, not Russia, hacked cyber-networks of Georgia, Kentucky and West Virginia,” Dec. 16, 2016.

Facebook is going to use Snopes and other fact-checkers to combat and bury ‘fake news’,” Dec. 16, 2016.

NATO globalists sing ‘We Are the World’,” Dec. 8, 2016.
Those cryptic markings on John Podesta’s palms,” Dec. 4, 2016.
Threat to Alternative Media: House passes HR 6393 ‘Russian propaganda’ bill,” Dec. 3, 2016.

New study finds link between child vaccination and autism – CENSORED,” Dec. 2, 2016.

FBI confirms U.S. has a shadow government,” Oct. 20, 2016.

Why it’s not illegal to hack those WikiLeaks emails,” Oct. 19, 2016.
Someone is learning & practicing how to take down the Internet,” Sept. 18, 2016.
Secret U.S. Army memo on preparing for martial law?,” Aug. 23, 2016.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took orders from George Soros on how to handle unrest in Albania,” Aug. 13, 2016.

The Fruits of Globalization: Income of 81% of U.S. households flat or declined 2005-2014,” July 30, 2016.
Democratic National Convention calls SWAT team on Bernie delegates,” July 27, 2016.
Hacked messages of #BlackLivesMatter leader reveal Obama admin’s plan for ‘summer of chaos’ and martial law,” July 5, 2016.

Most signatures in petition to re-do Brexit referendum are fake,” July 5, 2016.

Tsunami of calls for Brexit referendum across Europe, including Germany!,” July 1, 2016.

Elitist “journalist” is hostile in interview with pro-Brexit MEP,” July 1, 2016.

Elite says given Brexit and Trump, elites must oppose ignorant masses,” June 30, 2016.

President of European Parliament on Brexit: contempt for will of the people,” June 27, 2016.

Democratic Party platform to call for prosecution of climate change deniers,” June 27, 2016.

Obama triggered the Brexit votes to leave EU,” June 25, 2016.
Millennials vent fury at baby boomers for voting Britain OUT of the EU,” June 25, 2016.
Political Earthquake: Brits vote to leave European Union!,” June 24, 2016.

U.S. Air Force assaults veteran for mentioning God,” June 20, 2016.

Satanic ceremony at Swiss opening of world’s longest railway tunnel,” June 7, 2016.

EU to impose pan-Europe tax system and tax ID number for every European — and wants to make it global,” June 7, 2016.

Facebook eavesdrops on your phone conversations & even tracks non-FB users,” June 1, 2016.

Harvard Law prof: Treat conservatives as defeated war criminals,” May 10, 2016.
North Carolina fights back: Governor sues Obama Administration on ‘bathroom law’,” May 9, 2016.

Say goodbye to your neighborhood: Obama ‘fair housing’ rule enforces racial, religious, income desegregation,” May 4, 2016.

Merging of German & Dutch military is beginning of an EU Army,” April 23, 2016.

Mysterious surveillance cameras being installed on utility poles across America,” April 22, 2016.

5 disturbing things about Apple Inc.,” April 17, 2016.

Thought Crime: 17 Democratic attorney generals go after climate-change deniers,” April 5, 2016.

Police reports on ‘Gray State’ scriptwriter David Crowley’s suspicious death,” March 21, 2016.

Thought crime comes to America: Obama admin is considering civil action against ‘climate change’ deniers,” March 12, 2016.

Personal information of millions of CA students, incl. Social Security numbers, released to non-government organization,” Feb. 16, 2016.
FBI arrests Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, ending Oregon standoff,” Feb. 12, 2016.

Award-winning biologist says Pope Francis gave his blessing to animal-human hybrids,” Feb. 6, 2016.

New search engine lets anyone spy on your webcam,” Feb. 4, 2016.

Xenogenesis: They’re growing vaginas in labs for transplant,” Feb. 3, 2016.

Would you want a tattoo embedded with all your medical & financial information?,” Jan. 2, 2016.
Oregon Standoff: Militia man killed; others asked to sign talent releases,” Jan. 28, 2016.
Newly-declassified report shows U.S. invaded Iraq with no hard evidence of WMDs,” Jan. 28, 2016.
White House and Alphabet Agencies Meeting With Tech Giants to Block ‘Paths to Radicalization’ on the Internet,” Jan. 8, 2016.

Speech Crime comes to America: $¼M fine for referring to trannies by their biological gender,” Jan. 4, 2016.

Gun controllers never sleep: Assault Weapons Ban of 2015,” Dec. 27, 2015.
“Maurice Strong, the communist billionaire behind global warming & Agenda 21, is dead,” Dec. 24, 2015.
Prof. James Tracy reportedly fired by Florida Atlantic U. for Sandy Hook research,” Dec. 17, 2015.

New law HR 22: If you owe taxes, your passport will be confiscated,” Dec. 13, 2015.

Obama & CT governor Malloy move against 2nd Amendment gun rights,” Dec. 11, 2015.
7 reasons why we should be skeptical about the MSM,” Dec. 6, 2015.
Mom faces jail for letting 4-year-old play outside alone,” Dec.3, 2015.
Smart phone apps drain battery and enable you to be tracked,” Nov. 27, 2015.

Europe’s ‘refugee’ crisis and the Kalergi plan for white genocide,” Nov. 12, 2015.

Association of police chiefs advocates gun control,” Nov. 11, 2015.

U.S. banks are not sound, says federal report,” Nov. 10, 2015.
1961 law aims for elimination of U.S. military and all civilian arms,” Nov. 10, 2015.

German reporter says CIA and other intelligence agencies bribe journalists to write lies,” Nov. 5, 2015.

Proposed UN Tribunal of Climate Justice threatens U.S. sovereignty, while Antarctica ice is increasing, not melting,” Nov. 3, 2015.

Obama cedes U.S. sovereignty to international body via Strong Cities Network,” Oct. 19, 2015.

Obama’s DOJ considers ‘racist’ and ‘anti-government’ Americans to be domestic terrorists,” Oct. 18, 2015.
Scientists claim they can change your belief on immigrants and God,” Oct.16, 2015.

20 professors & scientists sign letter asking Obama to prosecute climate-change skeptics,” Oct. 12, 2015.

Facebook is censoring FOTM’s post on gun control,” Oct. 12, 2015.

Obama wants to bypass Congress for gun control via Executive Order,” Oct. 11, 2015
Gun control does not reduce gun violence,” Oct. 9, 2015.
1 in 3 Americans own guns; where they are by state,” Oct. 6, 2015.
Obama goes beyond mere gun control, hints at confiscation,” Oct. 4, 2015.

CDC admits millions of Americans given cancer virus via polio vaccine,” (on California’s new law mandating vaccination for all school children), Oct. 2, 2015.

In 3½ months, residents of 5 states must use a passport to board domestic flights,” Sept. 20, 2015.

Deep State: Who really rules America,” Sept. 19, 2015.

Beware! Windows 10 downloaded to your computer without your permission,” Sept. 15, 2015.
School Bans Child’s Wonder Woman Lunchbox – Considered Too Violent,” Aug. 29, 2015.
California city councilman threatened with criminal prosecution for opposing homosexual marriage,” Aug. 16, 2015.
Seattle’s mayor had a plan to do away with single-family homes,” July 28, 2015.

Obama-supporter Gen. Wesley Clarke: Disloyal Americans should be put in concentration camps,” July 23, 2015.

Greek debt crisis: Banks to stay shut, capital controls imposed,” June 29, 2015.
Judicial Tyranny: Dissenting opinions on Supreme Court’s ruling on homosexual marriage,” June 28, 2015.
PennLive/The Patriot-News will very strictly limit op-Eds and letters to the editor in opposition to same-sex marriage,” June 27, 2015.
Pope Francis goes after gun makers,” June 23, 2015.
After Charleston church shooting, Republican strategist Karl Rove joins chorus on gun control,” June 22, 2015.

UK Telegraph: Pope Francis is delusional about climate change,” June 22, 2015.

Pope Francis calls for a new global authority to combat ‘climate change’,” June 17, 2015.

Texas House repeals First Amendment to restrict citizen journalism,” May 29, 2015.
U.S. military becoming a separate warrior class, distinct from civilians,” May 28, 2015.
Rumor: U.S. Army colonel on Obama’s martial law plan,” May 27, 2015.
Majority of Americans, esp. Democrats, want to make “hate speech” a criminal act,” May 27, 2015.
U.S. military’s Oath of Enlistment, May 26, 2015.
Leader of U.S. veterans coalition renews Patrick Henry’s call to liberty,” May 25, 2015.

Bill Gates’ foundation funds permanent contraception for Third World,” May 22, 2015.

Editor of The Economist explains meaning of 2015 cover illustration,” May 20, 2015.

Top adviser to Australia PM: Global warming is a NWO fraud led by UN,” May 9, 2015.

Military guide website forecasts economic collapse & massive depopulation for U.S. by 2025, May 8, 2015.
FCC commissioner warns about political censorship of websites; is threatened for opposing net neutrality,” May 7, 2015.
Operation Jade Helm, Posse Comitatus, and why we should be concerned,” May 6, 2015.
Secret underground bunker for spooks in Virginia mountain,” May 5, 2015.
What is Posse Comitatus?,” May 5, 2015.
Mass defection of writers from Veterans Today. Alternative radio hosts in suspicious car accidents,” May 3, 2015.
Are we seeing part of President Lucifer’s end game?,”(on federal govt taking over local/state police), May , 2015.

Italians Take First Place in Global March Against Chemtrails,” April 28, 2015.

Is California being targeted by our shadow government?,” (geoengineered drought) April 27, 2015.

Is Ted Cruz an advocate of a North American Union?,” April 4, 2015.
World Bank goes queer,” April 2, 2015.

Facebook ‘illegally’ tracks all visitors to its site even if they do not have accounts,” April 1, 2015.

Police departments hire non-US citizens as officers,” March 23, 2015.

Kissinger: Obama’s task is to create a New World Order,” March 16, 2015.

IRS Agents Pretend to be Clergymen to Spy in Churches,” March 16, 2015.

The Communist Core Diversion,” March 9, 2015.
Couple denied role as foster parents over permits to carry guns,” March 9, 2015.
Schools go Gestapo over resistance to Common Core,” March 5, 2015.

Facebook locks page of 12-year-old black boy who says Obama hates America,” March 1, 2015.
SLC officer in parade controversy speaks out on religious liberty,” Feb. 28, 2015.
Chicago PD has a secret interrogation ‘black site’,” Feb. 28, 2015.
Gun Control! Obama to ban bullets by executive action,” Feb. 26, 2015.
Obama downplays blood-thirsty ISIS but targets right-wing Americans as extremist terrorists,” Feb. 22, 2015.
Big government: Kids who want to shovel snow need to get a permit – or watch out!,” Feb. 21, 2015.
Parents of Obese Kids Could Be Fined $800 if New Law Passes,” Feb. 13, 2015.
Southern Poverty Law Center Puts Dr. Ben Carson on ‘Extremist’ List,” Feb. 11, 2015.
Your Smart TV listens, records & transmits your conversations,” Feb. 10, 2015.
Who’s writing the script for TV news across America?,” Feb. 9, 2015.
Are you a potential terrorist? Take this quiz to find out!,” Feb. 6, 2015.
U.S. Navy base in Southern California is shaped like a swastika,” Feb. 4, 2015.
TSA will require “Real ID” with background checks to board all commercial flights next year,” Feb. 2, 2015.
Fourth-grader suspended after using magic from The Hobbit,” Feb. 2, 2015.
Stockholm hi-tech office implants microchips under tenants’ skin,” Jan. 31, 2015.
Why elites and the Left want gun control: U.S. is first in the world in per capita gun ownership,” Jan. 27, 2015.
Masonic truck transports FEMA coffins in Wisconsin,” Jan. 27, 2015.
Gray State, the movie: Was David Crowley killed for this?,” Jan. 23, 2015.

Rothschild-owned The Economist’s 2015 cover full of unsettling symbols,” Jan. 20, 2015.

Script writer of movie on America in martial law found dead in murder-suicide,” Jan. 19, 2015.
Gun controllers change tactics to mimic those of homosexual movement,” Jan. 17, 2015.
Seattle bans throwing food and food waste in trash,” Jan. 8, 2015.

New Facebook policy allows government to collect info on you,” Jan. 5, 2015.

U.S. Army to launch 2 blimps over Washington, DC against missile attacks,” Dec. 20, 2014.
Washington State deputy says military tanks to be used against Constitutionalists,” Dec. 20, 2014.
Something wicked this way comes,” Dec. 12, 2014.
Austin police chief calls on citizens to snitch on ‘gun enthusiasts’,” Dec. 5, 2014.
What happened to the Ebola pandemic?,” Dec. 4, 2014.
Devil’s Night in Ferguson: paramilitary men set car on fire,” Nov. 30, 2014.
Are Ferguson riots a planned event?,” Nov. 29, 2014.
Pentagon pressed to change program arming police with military gear,” Nov. 15, 2015.
TV reporter threatened with arrest for filming exterior of EMPTY upstate NY prison,” Nov. 13, 2014.
British prime minister says 9/11 ‘truthers’ are just like violent ISIS extremists,” Oct. 12, 2014.
Ebola “Patient Zero” dead; 2nd patient hospitalized; and FEMA coffins,” Oct. 8, 2014.

Associated Press: 8 ways Obama admin restricts press freedom,” Oct. 4, 2014.

Reporter banned from talking to audience at Michelle Obama campaign speech,” Oct. 3, 2014.
Not content with bullets, U.S. Dept of Agriculture now buys submachine guns,” Sept. 29, 2014.
A drone that can turn door knobs,” Sept. 24, 2014.
Vote-rigging in referendum on independence for Scotland; 1 in 4 Americans favor secession,” Sept. 21, 2014.
I want this on my Chevy! (just in case),” August 25, 2014.
Government should use microchips to deny births to the ‘unworthy’, Aug. 16, 2014.
NJ cop says police don’t have to follow the Constitution,” Aug. 7, 2014.
Obama signs Executive Order for detention of Americans showing signs of ‘respiratory illness’,” Aug. 3, 2014.
Who is the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights?,” August 3, 2014.

Bill Gates funds contraceptive/abortion microchip that’s remote controlled,” July 10, 2014.

Did Obama really declare a NWO at Bilderberg?,” June 28, 2014.
Obama plans gun confiscation in DOJ memo?,” June 2, 2014.
Suspension for student who chewed pop tart into shape of gun should be upheld,” July 3, 2014.
Obama directive to use military against U.S. citizens,” May 29, 2014.
Another false flag? Atlanta Craigslist solicits crisis actors for mock disaster,” May 22, 2014.
Obama’s stealth gun-control by driving gun sellers out of business,” May 19, 2014.

Pope Francis endorses redistribution of wealth by the state,” May 13, 2014.

Obama’s ATF is planning a nationwide gun registry,” May 11, 2014.
Hate crime’ bill seeks to muzzle free speech,” May 4, 2014.
NSA spies on top civilian-military officials, incl. Obama, for blackmail?,” May 4, 2014.
Bundy’s beef with BLM is about Federal vs. State ownership of land in Nevada,” April 21, 2014.
Police State U.S.A.,” April 20, 2014.
Leaders of 9 western states meet to take land back from federal govt,” April 19, 2014.
Sheriff Mack: federal snipers at Bundy ranch are mercenaries, hit men,” April 17, 2014.
Obama strips U.S. state National Guards of combat Apache helicopters,” April 16, 2014.
It isn’t over: BLM says it made no deal with Bundy,” April 15, 2014.
Dirty Harry Reid Has His Hands All Over Bundy/BLM Dispute,” April 15, 2014.
Eyewitness says BLM “scared crapless” by THOUSANDS of patriots supporting NV rancher Bundy,” April 14, 2014.
Victory! BLM Feds back off from Nevada rancher,” April 12, 2014.
Wayne Allyn Root on the Nevada Standoff,” April 11, 2014.
Standoff between armed BLM feds vs. Nevada ranch worsens,” April 11, 2014.
200+ armed feds declare war on Nevada rancher over desert tortoise,” April 10, 2014.
NY gun owners join other states in defying gun control laws,” April 8, 2014.
ATF goons raid California gun store,” March 16, 2014.
A former Navy SEAL on Connecticut government’s gun grab,” March 13, 2014.
Californians defy new gun-control law inspired by Sandy Hook,” March 12, 2014.
Movement to break away and form new states gains traction,” March 5, 2014.
Connecticut’s unregistered gun owners must surrender their weapons,” March 4, 2014.
City & court won’t allow Florida woman to go off-the-grid,” Feb. 27, 2014.
Here’s why you should NOT get a credit card from Capital One,” Feb. 21, 2014.
Why I Want a Microchip Implant,” Feb. 15, 2014.
Ohio National Guard has satanic Baphomet in its logo,” Feb. 13, 2014.
The most powerful man in the U.S. military,” Feb. 10, 2014.
Cash-hungry governments across the world seize inactive bank accounts,” Feb. 2, 2014.
Beware of Obama’s new scam, the MyRA,” Feb. 1, 2014.
Your smart home appliances can be hacked to spy on you,” Jan. 27, 2014.
Civitas news conglomerate denies plan to build massive database of concealed carry gunowners,” Jan. 25, 2014.
Federal appeals court says bloggers have same 1st Amendment rights as journalists,” Jan. 19, 2014.
FBI’s primary focus is no longer law enforcement,” Jan. 8, 2014.
Will the U.S. military put down a Veterans’ March on D.C. in 2014 as in 1932?,” Jan. 7, 2014.
Colorado county sheriffs refuse to enforce state gun control laws,” Dec. 16, 2013.
U.S. Spy Rocket Has Octopus-Themed ‘Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach’ Logo. Seriously.” Dec. 8, 2013.
California mega church requires group leaders to register their fingerprints with the FBI,” Dec. 1, 2013.
Made-in-China home appliances contain spy chips,” Nov. 8, 2013.
8-year-old threatened with expulsion for drawings,” Nov. 5, 2013.
Obama’s civilian army and secret police: DHS Protective Security Service,” Oct. 28, 2013.
It’s coming: Tax on your car mileage,” Oct. 27, 2013.
Marine Exposes Homeland Security Military Build Up: ‘Is Everybody Blind?,” Oct. 21, 2013.
Sheila Jackson Lee brings up Martial law,” Oct. 9, 2013.
President Lucifer’s Brown Shirts at Yellowstone Park,” Oct. 8, 2013.
Florida city bans God Bless America,” Oct. 4, 2013.
Does Obama’s 2014 Budget nationalize retirement accounts?,” Oct. 3, 2013.
Definition of Tyranny: You can’t quit Obamacare,” Oct. 3, 2013.
President Lucifer signs UN gun control treaty,” Sept. 26, 2013.

VA school suspends boy for playing with toy gun in his own home,” Sept. 25, 2013.

Complaining about water quality is an act of terrorism,” Sept. 19, 2013.
National Park Service Goon Shoots Unarmed Man on Houseboat,” Sept. 17, 2013.

40 federal agencies have armed divisions,” Sept. 16, 2013.

President Lucifer’s police are training on soft targets (for now),” Sept. 8, 2013
A dam good letter,” Aug. 26, 2013.
Dangerous trend of increasing militarization of U.S. police,” Aug. 19, 2013.
Many in U.S. Army are secret members of Anonymous; more leaks are coming,” Aug. 14, 2013.
EU puts the screws to “insured” bank deposits,” Aug. 12, 2013.
Army threatens chaplain’s assistant for criticizing homosexuality on her personal Facebook page,” Aug. 8, 2013.
President Lucifer’s Police in Action,” Aug. 6, 2013.
The Few Banks that Own All,” Aug. 1, 2013.

It’s now illegal to pray in Jesus’ name in this NC county,” Aug. 1, 2013.

FEMA camp in Texas,” July 31, 2013.
San Antonio may ban Bible believers from city employment,” July 24, 2013.
Google wants to implant chips into our brains,” July 21, 2013.
Police scanners record location and movement of every car in America,” July 17, 2013.
President Lucifer’s version of ‘No Child Left Behind’,” ( microchipping of Texas school kids), July 17, 2013.
Nevada family arrested for not letting police use their home as lookout,” July 5, 2013.
RCMP seize guns from High River homes,” June 29, 2013.
San Diego man faces 13 years in prison for using children’s sidewalk chalk on public street,” June 28, 2013.
NFL bans seat cushions,” June 28, 2013.
No bird feeder for you!,” June 24, 2013.
Smile! You are being watched by your cable TV,” June 23, 2013.
Obama’s minions can watch you at home via your webcam,” June 17, 2013.
Why Microsoft is slow to fix the bugs in Windows 8 & Vista,” June 15, 2013.
New England man refused medical treatment because he declined to answer gun ownership question,” June 14, 2013.
Why are IRS agents training with AR-15 assault weapons?,” June 13, 2013.
Pres. Lucifer’s SS “visits” a no-name anti-Obama critic,” June 12, 2013.
Rush Limbaugh: America is in the midst of a coup d’état,” June 9, 2013.
Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations,” June 9, 2013.
Big Brother’s secret NSA Data Center in Utah,” June 8, 2013.

Secretive Bilderberg global elite meet in England,” June 7, 2013.

Obama regime is spying on every phonecall, email, bank transfer, travel record of every American,” June 6, 2013.
The 46 senators who voted in favor of the UN gun control treaty,” June 5, 2013.
What Pres. Lucifer’s IRS did to one woman,” June 5, 2013.
Obama signs UN gun control treaty,” June 3, 2013.
Who is Adam Kokesh? – the man calling for an armed American revolution,” May 28, 2013.
US military gives itself authority to police America without permission,” May 20, 2013.
Benghazi, I.R.S. And Now For Your Viewing Pleasure, Scandal # 3: The A.P.,” May 15, 2013.
Groups & individuals targeted by Obama’s IRS witchhunt,” May 15, 2013.
Immigration reform bill will create a national biometric data base,” May 11, 2013.
Florida county sheriff wants Americans to inform on anyone who “hates government”,” May 8, 2013.
Iraq war veteran plans armed march on Washington on July 4,” May 6, 2013.
How multinationals like Apple avoid paying taxes,” May 5, 2013.
Federal Reserve governor: If large financial institution fails, there’ll be no bailout of depositors,” May 2, 2013.
3 of 10 registered voters think U.S. needs an armed revolution,” May 2, 2013.
DHS training video depicts gun-owning militia as terrorists,” May 2, 2013.
Pentagon may court martial soldiers for sharing their Christian faith,” May 1, 2013.
Homeland Security uses 1,000 more rounds per person than the U.S. Army,” April 26, 2013.
Hitler Bloomberg: Boston Bombing means Constitution will have to change,” April 23, 2013.
Psychiatrist confirms Obama’s plan to confiscate guns from military vets,” April 15, 2013.
Who had insider knowledge of the impending Cyprus bank confiscation,” April 11, 2013.
State of Illinois wants a record of your gold & silver purchases,” April 8, 2013.
Obama takes first shot at retirement IRAs,” April 8, 2013.
Injustice Rising in America,” (militarization of US police), April 8, 2013.
Protect yourself from a bear, and go to jail,” April 7, 2013.
President Lucifer’s new terrorist list,” (US military has Evangelicals as #1 terrorist threat), April 5, 2013.
How bankrupt govt steals your money in 8 steps,” April 3, 2013.
UN passes gun-control Arms Trade Treaty,” April 2, 2013.
Texas wants its gold back from Federal Reserve,” April 1, 2013.
Cyprus now says 80% of “large” bank deposits can be confiscated,” Mar. 30, 2013.
CT police confiscated firearms from disabled Navy veteran,” Mar. 28, 2013.

Eurozone chair says personal bank accounts of other countries can also be raided,” Mar. 26, 2013.

Govt confiscates 30% of all large bank deposits in Cyprus,” Mar. 25, 2013.
DHS denies buying mine-resistant armored vehicles,” March 21, 2013.
The Left approve of stealing your bank savings,” March 21, 2013.
Cyprus copycats: NZ and Spain talk wealth tax on bank deposits,” March 20, 2013.
Confiscation of bank deposits: Can it happen in America?,” March 19, 2013.
The “devil” wants to open your mail,” March 19, 2013.
Eurozone confiscation of Cyprus bank deposits: Fallout & Analyses,” Mar. 18, 2013.
Unelected Eurozone ministers to confiscate 10% of bank deposits in Cyprus,” Mar. 17, 2013.
Obama wants to replace your car with public transportation,” Mar. 17, 2013.
Obama regime to allow intelligence agencies spy on our finances,” Mar.14, 2013.
Tucson declares state of emergency & effective martial law,” Mar. 6, 2013.
Why does Dept of Homeland Security need thousands of mine-resistant armored vehicles?,” Mar. 6, 2013.
Alabama city backs off on disarming citizens in a “disaster”,” Mar. 2, 2013.
Obama regime prohibits disabled veterans from owning firearms and ammunition,” Feb. 22, 2013.
Nanny Bloomberg still at it…,” Feb. 15, 2013.
5 tools to protect your privacy online,” Feb. 18, 2013.
How the super-rich avoid paying taxes,” Feb. 18, 2013.
Minnesota state Democrats introduce bill to confiscate firearms,” Feb. 17, 2013.
Constitutional Crisis: Democrats introduce bill to confiscate firearms in Missouri,” Feb. 14, 2013.
PA police chief invites citizens to join 2nd Amendment Reserve Force,” Feb. 14, 2013.
Man arrested by TSA for peanut butter; sues for $5M,” Feb. 13, 2013.
NY Congressman wants to ban 3D gun magazines,” Feb. 13, 2013.
VA Senate passes bill to tax without public vote,” Feb. 12, 2013.

Frontrunner to succeed Pope Benedict 16th had called for a World Political Authority,” Feb. 11, 2013.

Obama regime supplies military-grade arms to police,” Feb. 10, 2013.
Obama’s secret DOJ memo on killing US citizens,” Feb. 5, 2013.
Truck carrying “Martial Law” signs seen in Missouri,” Feb. 4, 2013.
Warnings from the Left and the Right about Obama’s plans martial law,” Feb. 4, 2013.
White House says “Don’t photoshop this image!”,” Feb. 3, 2013.
Obama backs off from anti-religious freedom HHS mandate – Update,” Feb. 1, 2013.
Delaware leads nationwide move to strip county sheriffs of power,” Jan. 31, 2013.
State nullification laws threaten feds with felonies on gun controls,” Jan. 31, 2013.
Couple fined for rescuing baby deer,” Jan. 31, 2013.
NY gun owners plan mass civil disobedience,” Jan. 30, 2013.
Military drills frighten residents of Miami and Houston,” Jan. 29, 2013.
TSA agents told to “save yourself” in airport checkpoint shooting,” Jan. 29, 2013.
2nd Amendment Showdown at Oak Harbor, WA City Council,” Jan. 27, 2013.
North Koreans driven to cannibalism from famine and govt mismanagement,” Jan. 27, 2013.
A Tribute to Aaron Swartz,” Jan. 27, 2013.
Electronic ‘tattoo’ tracks patients’ vital signs,” Jan. 25, 2013.

Illinois women arrested for blocking Smart Meter installers,” Jan. 24, 2013.

Good Idea or Violation of Fourth Amendment?,” Jan. 24, 2013.
U.S. County Sheriffs say “no” to Obama gun control,” Jan. 22, 2013.
Pentagon: Protests are ‘low level terrorism’,” Jan. 22, 2013.
West Point study demonizes “far right” as terrorists,” Jan. 19, 2013.
Obama to announce most aggressive gun-control plan in 45 years,” Jan. 15, 2013.
It’s open season on gun rights,” Jan. 10, 2013.
Right to bear arms: The American Rebellion of 1946,” Jan. 3, 2013.
2014 Nevada Governor candidate will defy gun ban,” Jan. 3, 2013.
U.S. Marine says “No” to Sen. Feinstein’s gun ban,” Jan. 2, 2013.
Don’t let freedom slip away: A Nazi survivor warns America,” Dec. 29, 2012.
Hobby Lobby stands up to Obama,” Dec. 28, 2012.
Senate bill to ban “assault weapons” incl. handguns,” Dec. 27, 2012.
The magical mind reader,” Dec. 26, 2012.
Arkansas town to have martial law, armed police patrol streets,” Dec. 18, 2012.
Obama’s America: You’re being watched EVERYWHERE,” Dec. 17, 2012.
Beware of hospitals asking for your palm print,” Dec. 5, 2012.
Senate passes amendment to limit NDAA!,” Nov. 30, 2012.
PrisonPlanet misleads readers on Brzezinski and New World Order,” Nov. 30, 2012.
How Free is Your State?,” Nov. 30, 2012.
Ben Swann: Obama Demanded Power of Indefinite Detention,” Nov. 29, 2012.
Planned Parenthood Doctor Spilled the Beans in 1969” Nov. 23, 2012.

There really are sex orgies of the global elite,” Nov. 20, 2012.

General Motors is pro New World Order,” Nov. 14, 2012.

Woman opts out of Smart Meter, has electricity disconnected by armed men,” Nov. 14, 2012.

Where are the Obama FEMA Blue Shirts?,” Nov. 3, 2012.
IRS closes in on Ann Barnhardt,” Nov. 1, 2012.
FEMA prisoner box cars with shackles and guillotines in America?.” Oct. 26, 2012.
Obama’s Blue Shirts: Homeland Security graduates 1st class of FEMA Youth Corps,” Oct. 20, 2012.
Petty tyrants across America try to ban the American flag,” Oct. 1, 2012.
No big smile for you!,” Sept. 22, 2012.
State attorney generals sue powerful fed agency blocking bank lending,” Sept. 20, 2012.
The Federal Reserve Was Created to Bailout Banks,” Sept. 20, 2012.
Ben Swann – QE3 = QE Infinity Until the Crash,” Sept. 20, 2012.
Heavily-armored DHS vehicles seen on road,” Sept. 20, 2012.
QE3: The next ripoff of the American middle class,” Sept. 15, 2012.
U.S. govt confiscates family’s rare gold coins worth $80 million,” Sept. 10, 2012.
Agenda 21- Smart Growth Gurus are Freaking Out,” Sept 9, 2012.

FDA just approved pill with computer chip inside,” Aug. 26, 2012.

Stellar Wind – The Program That Tracks You,” Aug. 25, 2012.
No salt shaker for you!,” Aug. 25, 2012.
Govt waste: Will a $16 million hangar ever get finished?,” Aug. 23, 2012.

The invasion of the white UN vehicles!,” Aug. 22, 2012.

Big government knows better than you…,” Aug. 22, 2012.
Federal agencies scramble to allay fears about their ammo purchases,” Aug. 19, 2012.

London Olympics’ offensive occult closing ceremony,” Aug. 19, 2012.

We have a pic of DHS’s domestic terrorists!,” Aug. 18, 2012.
Note to Smart Growth Urban Planners and Local Officials,” Aug. 16, 2012
US Army targets Tea Party movement as extremists in 2016 civil war scenario,” Aug. 16, 2012.
Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities,” Aug. 15, 2012
2 more federal agencies (Soc Security, National Oceanic & Atmospheric) buy hollow-point bullets,” Aug. 15, 2012.
Armored military vehicles to patrol in Wisconsin,” Aug. 14, 2012.
DHS orders yet another millions of rounds of ammo,” Aug. 13, 2012.
No bunny for you!,” Aug. 13, 2012.
Rumor of a fake assassination attempt on Obama,” Aug. 12, 2012.
Bobbin’ For Apples? …I Don’t Think So!,” Aug. 12, 2012.
Agenda 21 and Bankruptcy,” Aug. 9, 2012
National Guard ask police for names of gunowners and military vets,” Aug. 8, 2012.
Eyewitness says Sikh Temple killing by 4-man team, not lone gunman,” Aug. 6, 2012.
Sikh Temple shooter is former US Army psy-op,” Aug. 6, 2012.
NSA whistleblowers: Govt is spying on every single American,” Aug. 6, 2012.
Washington State Candidate Clint Didier Tackles Agenda 21” Aug 2, 2012
Betrayal: House GOP leaders refuse to defund Obamacare,” July 31, 2012.
UN gun control treaty is dead!,” July 30, 2012.
Nanny mayor forces moms to breastfeed,” July 30, 2012.
Greece’s economy sinks into a black hole,” July 27, 2012.
Think you are being watched? Here come spy street lights!,” July 26, 2012.
Judge rules no anonymity if you make online defamatory comment,” July 25, 2012.
DHS adds high-powered battle rifles to its arsenal,” July 20, 2012.
Agenda 21: The Rocky Road Between Rhetoric and Reality,” July 18, 2012
America’s broke but Federal Reserve loaned $95B to Eurobank,” July 18, 2012.
We are insane if we sign the UN “Arms Trade” gun control treaty,” July 13, 2012.
Do you love freedom? Obama just designated you a terrorist,” July 5, 2012.
Another Obama executive order declares state of emergency,” June 28, 2012.

Powerful Bilderberg Group’s Tax Returns,” June 26, 2012.

What about those U.S. Army tanks in the streets of St. Louis?,” June 25, 2012.
Army tanks on streets of St. Louis,” June 24, 2012.
Agenda 21: Rio+20 and ICLEI Hypocrites,” June 19, 2012
Indiana empowers citizens against police state,” June 15, 2012.
Is Agenda 21 the End Game of the New World Order?”, June 13, 2012
The Face of Agenda 21,” June 5, 2012
First American to shoot down a drone will be a folk hero,” June 4, 2012.
Tennessee Water and UN Agenda 21,” June 2, 2012

Bilderberg meets to decide US presidential election,” May 31, 2012.

Agenda 21 population control map for USA,” May 27, 2012.

Barnhardt warns about Penson stock collapse,” May 24, 2012.
Armed drones are coming to your city,” May 24, 2012.
Agenda 21- Huffpo Hack’s Bias Exposed by Rosa Koire,” May 23, 2012
What happens when Greece defaults?,” May 23, 2012.
Judge blocks NDAA U.S. citizens detention law!,” May 17, 2012.
Bank run in Spain,” May 17, 2012.
Banks runs in Greece as country spirals out of control,” May 16, 2012.

Insanity: Federal law makes it a crime to violate any foreign law,” May 14, 2012.

Florida urban residents awakened by 1 a.m. Special Ops “training exercise”,” May 11, 2012.
JPMorgan announces shocking $2 Billion loss,” May 10, 2012.
US Army has a Field Manual on Civilian Internment,” May 8, 2012.
Rumor that Obama administration is preparing for civil war,” May 7, 2012.
Government Tentacles Reaching Into Home Schools,” May 4, 2012

Secret plan by Eurocrats to abolish Britain,” May 4, 2012.

Cass Sunstein – Euphoric Over North American Union,” May 2, 2012
Armed U.S. troops in residential streets of Crookston, MN,” May 1, 2012.
CFR – How To End Terrorism – Get Rid Of Cash,” April 30, 2012
TSA goons terrorize 4-year old girl,” April 26, 2012.
63 Active Drone Sites in USA,” April 24, 2012.

Tupac ‘rises’ from the dead and Project Blue Beam,” April 18, 2012.

TSA doesn’t want to see you naked,” April 18, 2012.
Canada to Create Digital “Currency“,” April 17, 2012
National ID – In Cell Phones!!,” April 16, 2012
Creeping tyranny: New law expands free speech restricted zones,” April 11, 2012.
God Hates Agenda 21,” April 8, 2012
Why does the USDA need 300,000 rounds of ammo?,” April 6, 2012.
Big Govt holds newborn baby hostage,” April 1, 2012.
Big Brother is watching you via social media,” March 30, 2012.
Creeping tyranny,” March 22, 2012.
UN Agenda 21 & the NDAA, Fredinburg Interviews Rosa Koire,”Mar. 20. 2012
TSA Nazi pats down 3-year-old boy in wheelchair,” March 19. 2012.
Democrat lawyer calls Obama’s Executive Order ‘martial law lite,” March 19, 2012.
2013: The end of privacy in America,” March 19, 2012.
Why did the DHS just order 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition,” March 18, 2012.
Obama issues Executive Order of effective Martial Law,” March 17, 2012.
Insider exposes venality and arrogance of Goldman Sachs,” March 16, 2012.
Defeating the Delphi Technique,” March 15, 2012
No Insurance?  No Gas for You!!” March 15, 2012
FBI director not sure if Americans can be assassinated on U.S. soil,” March 13, 2012.
From whom does our military get permission? Simply astonishing,” Mar. 9, 2012.
History Lesson 2- How to Nationalize a Police Force and Deal with Political Dissent, ” Mar. 4, 2012
Virginia says No to anti-Constitution NDAA,” Mar. 2, 2012.
Smart Meters-More Bad Stuff Confirmed,” Feb. 27, 2012
Madness: Police arrest dad for a drawing of him holding a gun,” Feb. 26, 2012.
Smoking ban on private property?,” Feb. 25, 1012
History Lesson -Hitler and His Secret Partners” Feb. 22, 2012
Food Nazi goes after school lunch and frosty flakes,” Feb. 21, 2012.
The Most Important Video-Charlotte Iserbyt Puts It All Together,” Feb 14,2012
State and local governments fight NDAA,” Feb. 13, 2012.
Agenda 21 – Life in the 21st Century,” Feb. 13, 2012
Agenda 21 + Food Police + Walmart,” Feb. 9, 2012
140 U.S. sheriffs meet to take back America,” Feb. 2, 2012.
Agenda 21-ICLEI Citizens Have Their Say,” Feb. 1, 2012
New Jersey’s pre-crime ‘Minority Report’ red light,” Jan. 23, 2012.
Agenda 21 New Hampshire Fights ICLEI” Jan. 22, 2012
Fellowship is joining the protest against Internet censorship,” Jan. 17, 2012.
Schools spying on fat kids,” Jan 16, 2012
Updated Defeating the Delphi Technique,” Jan 14, 2012
Those Diabolical Tea Partiers Ruin Our Meetings” Cries Urban Planner,” Jan 14, 2012
Agenda 21-Rosa Koire Videos Reposted by Special Request,” Jan. 13, 2012
Agenda 21 – A Victory for Property Rights”  Jan. 11, 2012
Agenda 21 is Ready to Rumble,”  Jan. 11, 2012
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Agenda 21 – Joan Veon Explains Public Private Partnerships,” Jan. 9, 2012
Obamacare’s neurosurgical death panel for Americans 70 and over,” Jan. 9, 2012.
A ray of light on that new ‘Detain US Citizens’ NDAA law,” Jan. 9, 2012.
Agenda 21-Sackett v EPA on Supreme Court Docket Tomorrow,” Jan. 8, 2012
Agenda 21 Strikes Back – Stacy Lynne Arrested-Son Taken,” Jan. 5, 2012
Agenda 21-Stacy Lynne Explains UN Takeover of American City Councils,” Jan. 5, 2012
Obama signs U.S. citizens detention bill,” Jan. 3, 2012.
Here’s How the Tea Party Fights Agenda 21 in Texas,” Dec. 18, 2011
U.S. Citizens Still Subject to Detention w/out Trial in Final Version of Defense Bill,” Dec. 14, 2011.
There Really Are FEMA Camps,” Dec. 14, 2011.
Agenda 21: Atheist Sha Zukang Wishes God will Bless Rio+20,” Dec.14, 2011
Obama Proposes Preventive Indefinite Detention of American Citizens,” Dec. 11, 2011.
Agenda 21: Take Action Against Smart Growth-Tell Congress to Defund EPA,” Dec. 10, 2011
Allen West is on the National Defense Authorization Act Committee,” Dec. 10, 2011.
Jon Corzine’s Sergeant Shultz Defense,” Dec. 9, 2011.
Agenda 21: Smart Meters-What’s the Big Deal?,” Dec. 9, 2011
Agenda 21: Affordable Energy Hearings,” Dec. 9, 2011
Judge says blogger can be sued for defamation,” Dec. 8, 2011.
Why Obama Wants to Veto S.1867,” Dec. 7, 2011.
S. 1867 Legalizes Sodomy-Bestiality in U.S. Military,” Dec. 5, 2011.
S.1867’s Bad vs. Good Senators” Dec. 6, 2011.
Sen. Feinstein Confirms S.1867’s Detention of U.S. Citizens w/out Trial,” Dec. 6, 2011.
Agenda 21 Presentation for Public Officials,” December 4, 2011
Senate passed S.1867 bill that may give President power to arrest U.S. citizens w/out trial,” Dec. 3, 2011.
American Democracy Endangered by a Govt-Financial Complex,” Dec. 2, 2011.
Land of the Free or Police State?,” Dec. 2, 2011.
Is Senate Bill 1867 Even Legal?,” Dec. 2, 2011.
Conflict-of-Interest/Corruption in Govt Oversight of MF Global,” Dec. 1, 2011.
About that Senate Bill Giving President Power to Arrest U.S. Citizens w/out Charge or Trial,” Nov. 26, 2011.
Why the Collapse of MF Global Should Frighten You,” Nov. 23, 2011.
Charlotte Iserbyt’s Video with Transcript is Here!” Nov 21, 2011

Who’s Writing the Script for TV News Across America?,” Nov 11, 2011.

Frightening Agenda 21 Chart,” Nov 6, 2011.
Nevada Sheriff Stands Tall Against the Feds and the Feds Backdown,” Nov 4, 2011
Fast and Furious Fallout: Feinstein Seeks National Gun Registration,” Nov 3, 2011.
Agenda 21 – 8 Sheriffs Stand Up for the Constitution, ” Nov 2, 2011
Agenda 21 Targets Rural America – Obama’s EO 13575,” Nov 2, 2011
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Agenda 21: American Ma title=”Agenda 21 Nuisance Abatement Teams Evict Property Owners” href=”https://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2011/08/27/agenda-21-nuisance-abatement-teams-evict-property-owners/” target=”_blank”ayors Sold Out the the UN,” August 11, 2011
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Dept of Education buys shotguns,” March 13, 2010.

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9 years ago

Big brother wants to police my wife’s womb too.

9 years ago

This is the scoop on an Iowa town’s businesses having to allow the fire department access to their property. Although I don’t agree with the city council’s decision, your post here is misleading.

Dr. Kenneth Tennant
Dr. Kenneth Tennant
9 years ago

US District Court Judge (Southern Iowa) Charles R. Wolle dismissed several Scott County District Court “Judges” from a case (3:10-cv-00144) reasoning that judges are above the law. These “judges” violated their oaths of office, violated the state & US Constitutions and harmed the civil rights of the plaintiff, while allowing the Davenport police to illegally seize and keep property they falsely claimed was banned. They offered no proof in court and lacked the required Verifiable Complaint under City of Cedar Rapids vs. Astinger (Iowa 2000). I filed two pages of case law that holds judges civilly liable where there was… Read more »

8 years ago

The Good Ole’ Boy Cronyism at its best!!! If you are one of the “chosen” the rules don’t apply!!

8 years ago

Excellent Post! thanks Eo, so many people don’t have a clue.

8 years ago

i watched the video– nothing new here. But it only shows a small part of what’s going on. The fear of the intrusion of the UN in the US is impossibly funny. The UN lives on half a budget supplied by the US, and the UN was invented by the US and is housed in NY. The UN makes resolutions all the time–requiring Israel [US] to get off of occupied Palestinian land, fore just one ex., and the US ignores them. The UN is powerless unless US supports its moves, which is rarely ever does. The UN can never intrude… Read more »

8 years ago

“Lockbox law”: I’m all for it. Especially in jewelry stores. Makes it easier for us “undocumented property transfer agents” to do our job. tjacqui : It’s true that the UN is underfunded (one of our better ideas), and perhaps the world’s most dysfunctional organization (see today’s news for “Robert Mugabe asked to be UN ‘leader for tourism'”). The problem is that is passes regulations, many of which are detrimental to our country, and many of which are unconstitutional (almost by definition), and all of which are not passed by our elected representatives. Yet if Congress bows to international pressure, they… Read more »

8 years ago

FrontPorchPolitics.com has an article that Indiana just passed a NRA backed law that gives citizens the right to fight back against police using excessive force!!!!! Police Unions encourage excessive/deadly force by giving cops $10,000.00 cash and paid time off when the ‘investigation’ is happening…on what happened…and we all know that these police officers seldom get much more than ….well..as stated above…$$$$ so please when these incidents happen in your community …call your City Counselors and Mayor!!! Please also call202-224-3121 the Washington D.C.switchboard,ask for your states reps. office and request that your states Reps. have a Bill proposed to have a… Read more »

7 years ago

I’m going to follow this. My blog is strictly humorous, but I am an infowarrior.

6 years ago

The only 100% Guaranteed Top Secret way(s) to stop the Police State / Martial Law in each and every single small town U S A. Please make this VIRAL FOR ALL FREE PATRIOT CITIZENS to keep our freedoms. One example – Know your #1 enemy; who is surprisingly your very own local neighbor Police Officer. When your very own community starts to mass together for any reason, your local Law authorities will be doing the same, in order to counter and gain control over their community. But if each single town can peacefully keep each of your neighborhood police officer(s)… Read more »

3 years ago

Reminds me of an old (but very apropos) saying I hear every now and again – ” Blindly back the badge and you will get a police state.”

2 years ago

Dr. Eowyn,
I’m very good at finding links & free PDF’s online, in nearly all topics. Research is my best game for valid sources, or from regular news article links.
On my 5-6 at home days, each I can easily find 10 or more of your previous articles, and send you the links, if you wish. I just now found 3, one back in 2012 here… Heavily-armored DHS vehicles seen on roads across the country – https://massprivatei.blogspot.com/2012/09/heavily-armored-dhs-vehicles-seen-on.html
Just let me know, you have my email addy. I respect what you do at FOTM.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Feel free to ask. I sure do know you have been reposting. I get about a dozen “New Posts” emails daily. And that is okay too.