Creation: Violet-backed Starling

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Cinnyricinclus leucogaster

Violet-backed Starling1Violet-backed Starling2Photos taken by FaredinAliyevski in Frederiksberg, Region Hovedstaden, Denmark.

The Violet-backed Starling (Cinnyricinclus leucogaster), also known as the Plum-coloured Starling or Amethyst Starling, is a relatively small species of starling in the Sturnidae family.

This strongly sexually dimorphic species (which means the males and females of the same species look very different) is found widely in woodland of mainland sub-Saharan Africa.

Here’s a female Violet-backed Starling:

female Violet-backed Starling

H/t Project Noah

See also my account of the European Starling I’d rescued, “A starling named Oliver.”


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0 responses to “Creation: Violet-backed Starling

  1. Thanks, You know I copy all these pics and are in a folder which makes up my screensaver. Tank you berry much. 😆

    • Wow, what a bird! And great idea, Steve, re the screen-saver part. I’m sending this to members of my Meeting for Worship, as most are long-time animal lovers and birders.

      • joseph, I have several folders and change it depending on mood.
        I get the most comments from these though. People who visit just sit and stare. Very peaceful and beautiful.
        Then I have my Military ones. A personal favorite is
        “The women of the I.D.F.” All Pretty Women Most staring down a Sniper barrel. LOL
        Also Dr has some post on Hubble space shots.And Igor sends me alot of those.
        OK speaking of rotten children…lol I know we weren’t but we are now My Son is forever changing my desktop background pic.
        So I go to desktop and this is what I see this AM..
        Actually it’s so ugly it’s kinda cute.
        Most times it’s like bloody Zombies. Like I said rotten kid.. ;lol:

  2. Oh darn. Beautiful bird. I thought maybe Obama might be taking a side trip to see it instead of killing lions and cheetahs. Maybe he wanted a loincloth so the next time he makes a state of the union address, he could swing on artificial vines in his cheetah loincloth and lion mane cape. I just adore the visual I’m getting…

  3. Must have quite a many “accidents” to bring this beauty from pond scum.

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most beautiful post! What a gorgeous bird! God is such a magnificent artist!


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