Creation: Moss mimic stick insect

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Would you believe this is an insect?


Look again ….


See how it’s perfectly camouflaged!

moss5moss6Photos taken by dandoucette, in Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

That’s a Moss Mimic Stick Insect (Trychopeplus laciniatus).
Here’s what dandoucette wrote about this amazing insect:
Description: One of the most amazing, mind blowing and camouflaged insects I have ever seen. Its body and legs have leaf/lichen like appendages growing out of it.
Habitat: Pacific coast rainforest
Notes: The only reason I spotted this was because it was on a leaf moving its body back and forth in a swaying motion. I’m not sure what it was doing but it made it much easier to spot. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Thankfully the insect was very calm and stayed very still even when it was on my hand. Spotted in San Cipriano forest reserve.
Source: Project Noah

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0 responses to “Creation: Moss mimic stick insect

  1. Oh wow!!!!! WOWW!!!!
    Thanks for this!

  2. I have them here . They look a little different , not quite as mossy. They are nasty. They secrete a nasty spray and can blind a dog or cat if you don’t get the eyes flushed quick. I just found this out last year. We were swarmed by them. I used to get right up close and look in amazement…good thing I never got sprayed. What a dope. LOL

  3. In the beginning GOD CREATED! A-MAZING!

    • kjl
      So-called Walking Sticks Are Seriously Toxic Bugs
      Q. Dr. Mader — I just spoke with my friend, Jeanie, this evening and wanted to pass the information on to you. My dog seemed to go suddenly blind, his eyes turned red and the lids were swollen shut. I think he was injured by an insect. The insect that I think caused damage to my dog’s eyes is called Anisomorpha Buprestiordes also know as the “stick bug” or simply, the “walking stick.”
      This insect shoots out a toxic chemical when approached and can cause severe eye damage. Jeanie was walking her dog on our street last week when one of these insects shot a chemical at it. Jeanie pulled her dog away quickly enough that it did not cause any harm.
      I have not been paying attention to insects in our yard but I sure will now, since my dog has had a close call with this bug. I just wouldn’t want other animals or children to go through what my dog has.
      Thank you Dr. Doug for passing this on to your readers.
      More HERE!!

      • Awww… no fair. They always looked cool to me.
        This was Jeanie’ dog, right? I am sorry for the pup.
        Good information to know!! Thanks!

        • surfer, me too no fair. I’ve been in Fla about 10 years and I’ve seen all kinds of weird stuff. I have a screen house around my pool…everyone does because at dusk mosquito’s with about a 12 ft wing span come out hunting. No way you can be out doors unless in cage. Any way I first saw one yrs ago and I was 2 feet away and thought it was a twig. I guess cause he was on screen I could see him. So there i am grabbing my so and we have a magnifying glass like 2 inches from it just staring in awe.. Every time we saw one we would put our face right there. I don’t know how we never got blasted. Last year there would be like 50 at a time on cage. My neighbor told me their dog got sprayed and explained they are not so nice..
          Oh as far as Jeanie. LOL I just googled some info on it and it was like a ”
          “Ask the Dr” Here is site

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most interesting post! This insect is so fascinating and it camouflages so incredibly with the bark from the tree. All praise, honor and glory to the Creator of our Universe!

  5. Evolution has produced such marvelous complexity and diversity of life!


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