Creation: Monkey revives electrocuted friend

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We humans like to flatter ourselves that we are the only creatures on Earth with complex emotions, and that non-human creatures have neither feelings, nor free will (have you watched your pet dog or cat deliberate between two choices?), nor moral sentiments.
This is how narcissistic humans justify our disregard, neglect, abuse, and outright cruelty toward non-human creatures.
But science more and more is discovering that animals not only love and mourn (elephants would return to elephant graveyards to caress the bones of dead family members), have a sense of right and wrong, of justice and fairness (see “Animals can tell right from wrong“), they are also capable of acts of altruism — selfless acts to advance the wellbeing of another.
How else are we to interpret the selfless act of a mute turtle in the Taipei Zoo patiently laboring to flip another turtle whom (some malicious human?) had flipped onto its back?

Now we have more evidence of animal altruism, from India.
monkey revives electrocuted friend
The AP reports on Dec. 25, 2014, that onlookers at a crowded train station in northern Indian city of Kanpur watched in astonishment as a monkey (#1) came to the rescue of another monkey (#2).
Monkey #2 had made the mistake of touching some high-tension wires on the railroad track, was electrocuted, knocked unconscious, and appeared to be dead.

The good Samaritan monkey #1 administered monkey first aid to his friend by biting and sucking its head and neck, lifting the friend’s motionless body, shaking it, then dipping his friend into a mud puddle.

Finally, after 20 minutes of first aid, the electrocuted monkey, now covered in mud, regained consciousness, opened its eyes, sat up and got its back massaged by hero monkey.

hero monkey massages electrocuted friend

Watch this extraordinary event for yourself!


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0 responses to “Creation: Monkey revives electrocuted friend

  1. Monkeys are smart enough that several people have them as companion pets. This one would be a great candidate.

  2. This is great!

  3. It certainly shows the love, compassion and intelligence of these animals. I wish we could get a whole herd of them and replace the “dillweeds” in the Congress that need to be replaced. I cannot see that we would be any worse off!!!

  4. I agree with your comment. Monkeys are smart enough to do things like this-so what excuse is there for Democrats’ behavior? I guess this shows that a trained monkey COULD replace a Democrat. If nothing else,the monkeys have better MORAL character.

  5. I saw this on its original site and was very moved by the –well, I can’t say the humanity of it– but the compassionate awareness is the same. Very smart of the rescuer to keep trying multiple options until something worked: s/he didn’t just do the minumum!

  6. Excellent article and video. To be more accurate, the monkey should be described as having been shocked, not electrocuted. Electrocution is death by electricity.

    • Thank you, Thad.
      I used the word “electrocute” in the meaning according to Wikipedia:
      “Electrocution is death or serious injury caused by electric shock, electric current passing through the body. The word is derived from “electro” and “execution”, but it is also used for accidental death. The word is also used to describe non-fatal injuries due to electricity.


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