Creation: Lily Moth

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Polytela gloriosae

Lily moth1lily moth2lily moth3Photos taken by YogeshSave in Maharashtra, India

H/t Project Noah

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0 responses to “Creation: Lily Moth

  1. Can you imagine the fun God had while creating all the different species. You know He has a great sense of humor when you see how some creatures look and act.

  2. So pretty!

  3. How absurd and self-defeating is genetic engineering, and all its vain products! No a single one has EVER been proven to have a good end, not one! Nor can they operate normally within the Creation: they are well and truly self-defeated by their presumptuous Satanic origin.

  4. And, some people can look at such an obviously beautifully designed creature and still claim it’s all come from some random cosmic accident?!–wow, will wonders, and willful ignorance, never cease.


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