Creation: Jewel caterpillar

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A translucent caterpillar that looks like it’s made of glass, on a Red Mangrove tree leaf.

The Jewel caterpillar is about 1.18 inches (3 cm) long.

[Source: Project Noah]
According to What’s That Bug, Dr. Scott Miller of the Smithsonian Institution says the caterpillar is Acraga coa, and it’ll become this beautiful orange-sherbet colored moth:


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0 responses to “Creation: Jewel caterpillar

  1. Why? It’s the same critter, later stage of its life, same as we change our appearance….

  2. Terry-
    I wonder if orange dust would go every where when you smashed the creepy little thing? (like when you smash a brown one) YUCK!!
    I would have to agree with you. I HATE moths! So GROSS!

  3. Really neat. Would love to find something like that in my yard.

  4. On behalf of the Wonderful Gems, a big “thank you” to Grouchy & Terry, two Wonderful Gents!

  5. Magnificent! Creation speaks/sings/shouts of the glory of God.

  6. Thank you Grouchy and Terry!
    You are both such blessings! Both of you are too “cute and cuddly”!! It has been an absolutely glorious day! I am blessed to be a Mommie!

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this beautiful post! The jeweled caterpillar is stunning and the apricot colored moth is gorgeous! God makes such beautiful creatures! I remember Dr. Eowyn that apricot is one of your favorite colors! I will never understand people who have negative comments about such beautiful creation! All beauty comes from God, who is love! Take his gift with thanksgiving, humility and AWE! You need to look within yourself if you think of the word, “creepy” when you see such beauty. Something is wrong with you! Pray for help!

  8. Grouchy, that is awesome @ wintering over a caterpillar…moth… What a great idea. I,M gonna try to fine one to bring in next winter


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